Blue Pill Alpha

Krauser gave a useful summary of masculine topology in the seduction community in his podcast #16 of Womanizer’s Bible: “Breaking Gamma Habits”. (Listen before the SJW scum takes offense to the provocative title.) There are two popular versions: the Roissy/Heartiste system of alpha, beta, omega that may be further subdivided; and the Vox Day system of alpha, beta, delta, omega, sigma, gamma, lambda.

No system is a substitute for your authority and judgment as your own man.

Inferior men, if by definition without critical thinking skills, are necessarily unfit to lead even themselves and so are given a system, a narrative, but liberation from moral accountability. They are the disposable of the disposable sex.

The Heartiste system is the female perspective of masculine utility. Use it to understand female behavior towards you as a man but don’t let it be you as a man. It derives from the alpha fux-beta buck female strategy. Women are extremely competitive about life to the exclusion of everything else. For a woman everything is about her survival and reproduction through the proxy of relative rank. For all practical purposes, women ‘liberated’ from survival concerns by government extortion of unseen producer males place men in three categories: (1) sperm providers, (2) all-but-sperm providers, and (3) rejects.

That is the woman’s view not the realistic view. Through government force many rejects subsidize women with non-sperm provisioning. The Heartiste purpose is to selectively reap and evade female behavior by predictive diagnosis of her native female mindset. Again, XX is clueless about culture.

The Vox Day system is a Christian masculine perspective of masculine utility. Use it to understand male behavior towards you as a man but don’t let it be you as a man. It derives from the culturally cooperative male strategy. Culture leads to not just economic specialization but political specialization, i.e. hierarchy. Not everyone fits into the cultural machine or the political hierarchy, but then Christianity per the NT is akin to socialism.

Notice: I don’t follow the Vox Day system and I can’t say how accurate it is. I instead follow my own system of cultural sophistication: Civilized, Barbarian, Savage, Animal/Woman. As always, beware of the r/K model as a false universal dichotomy and of universal inclusiveness.

In fact, instability of political hierarchy like instability of ecology is a feature not a bug. We all have various traits from the various archetypal roles. It would be abnormal if you did not. A model is for understanding certain aspects of a system at the expense of considering other aspects. A model is for analysis. Multiple models can be good for synthesis.

To try and fit an archetype as an ultimate goal is to live for others rather than yourself. My goal is to live my life for my #1 self first and then for friends and other allies second and lastly anyone else if at all.

The difference between calculation and computation is that computation is calculation with interpretation. It is liberating, but with enough rope for the practitioner to hang himself.

The existence of your intrinsic value is not subject to opinion. That is your potential. The realization of your potential is something else.

I have learned, much too late, that I AM BETTER than everyone else. My intrinsic value belongs to me not you, and I have more than most. I was ‘paranoid’ because I was in fact under attack from sheeple who are everywhere and who instinctively know I am better. I was occasionally admonished as arrogant because I am a thinking rationalist not a feeling sheeple.

I know I am not literally better than everyone else, but in my life it’s about me. I would have gladly given my fellow Americans 20% of my productivity if I could have counted on them to be multipliers of my realization, but they would rather have 100% of my productivity as a loser completely under control or dead. FTW. I have found the social bottleneck was never me, it was them effing sheeple and their traitorous pied pipers.

Don’t aspire to be alpha per se. In my youth and prime adult years I never wanted to control others. I have always wanted control of myself. I now realize to control myself I must control all cultural inferiors who can potentially influence my welfare.

There is a time to blend in. There is a time to stand out. There is the wisdom to know the difference. There is overt conquest from the outside in. There is covert conquest from the inside out.

Alpha is an office assigned to a man. The office does not make the man. The man makes the office, which is why the West is going to shit.

Theoretical models of human motivation are just maps to chart your entrepreneurial path to victory.

For everything there is a season; earn, turn, spurn, burn, intern. For every target there is a tool. Use the right tool for the target in the right season. The interpretations are your responsibility and privilege if high-culture freedom is your game and goal.

Read. Map. Write. ↓

Patriarch > Self-Actualized Man > Alpha.

Pussy is Politics. It takes a patriarchy to realize your full potential as a man. If women realize their full potential, humanity is a bunch of abject animals. Culture that is not constructive synergy is not culture or worth keeping.

Always check your maps against empirical results. It’s the planning not the plan.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 November 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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