Diagnosis of the Doggie Test

I thought I’d pass on an interesting logical connection I made today. As Neil Strauss related in The Game (p. 130), David DeAngelo recommended reading Dog Training by Lew Burke early on in the PUA movement. Now that I am able to ‘generate attraction’ in women by a lizard-brain-to-lizard-brain mind meld that works on women under 25 well but not so well on women over 30, and I’m okay with that, I can tell you that the idea is not crazy.

So it occurs to me today that women with a dog often go by the dog’s assessment of prospective men, and it makes perfect sense. If a woman wants a man to lead and if the woman and her dog are in sync, then it ought to be easy for the man who can lead her to lead her dog.

The trick to making the connection is the supposition of a woman’s instinctive desire to be led like a pet dog. The lesson, or at least the field experiment, indicated is to treat a woman like you would treat a pet dog. More precisely, as will be evident with practice and serendipity, you must communicate with her in the way you would a pet dog. Body language is everything, and keep it simple in terms of logic. Women like emotional variety so don’t hold back on range there, just be certain about yourself and fit the situations as they come along, or she instigates them. Don’t take a pile of instigation.

Stop using logic. Stop using reason. Coax, chide, and pet to get what you want, but make sure everything works out (in the scope of your life not hers) and you have her trust in your lead. If it can’t work out, next it. If you don’t have the connection, you have no reason to be there unless you are gaming a fresh set.

Can you go straight into such a social relevance? Sometimes, but not always. If direct does not work or seems inappropriate, go indirect and fish lazily for the lizard brain bite.

If you don’t go too far too fast with the connection, her hamster will have time to rationalize a narrative script for how you fit into her movie of a life. The trick is to not be needy as you escalate. After that, beware of buyer’s remorse (casual kissing can thwart casual sex). If she tells or shows you the narrative she has in mind, you can follow it or attempt to revise it.

If she gives you a green light in her mind and you miss it, she will close down. In that case, reframe as the prize she has to earn. I think sometimes the correct response is to try to escalate so she can reject you so that you can demonstrate the rebuff does not bother you by staying right there for the inevitable true yes. My guess is that older but more experienced women would more likely play that game. Women know plenty of manipulative techniques by 25.

Men aren’t dogs as much as women are. XX project like projectors and lie like rugs. Ruff.

Dogs smell fear. So do women.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 27 November 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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2 Responses to Diagnosis of the Doggie Test

  1. olivermaerk says:


    Dog training can tell you a lot about how to influence other people and even “seducing” them. There are a few wonderful ideas which can be applied to women. I have tried them out many times – they always worked.

  2. whorefinder says:

    Funny—I independently noted that the “Dog Whisperer” TV series was a great way to learn body language and how to act around women, as well as more psychological truths. Despite the fact that the show was geared towards housewives, it had great nuggets.

    First, look at the star, Caesar Milan. He’s a short, rather unremarkable looking Mexican dude. Neither handsome nor ugly, his appearance would be quickly forgettable.

    Yet his body language around dogs (which he instructs people in) is head up, shoulders back, legs forward, and you walk ahead of the pack. You lead the dog, the dog does not lead you. In fact, if the dog tries to get ahead of you, you should quickly yank it back and correct it. Caesar even had to do this on well-trained dogs (like his famous old pit bull Daddy) to make sure Daddy knew Caesar was boss.

    Next, when approaching a new dog and owner, Caesar made it a point to ignore the dog completely (no touch, no eye contact) and converse with the owner—letting the dog know it was beneath Caesar’s concern, and that the owner was better than the dog.

    Third, Caesar didn’t bother talking to dogs much beyond yes, no, or sit. Why? They were dogs; they didn’t understand words or even their own name. They understood leadership. In keeping with this point,Caesar taught that dogs didn’t belong on furniture or at tables—he told people to treat dogs as dogs, not as people. If you treat a dog like a person, the dog becomes confused, upset, and territorial. If you treat a dog as a dog, it becomes happy and complacent.

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