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Universal Redemption Is the Stock Beta Bait Form of the Natural Sin

In the comments of the last post, Keoni Galt and I have been getting deep, deep, deep into the morass of autodidactic code of behavior. There the dimensions of ethics, morality, philosophy, and theology swirl and collide with the personality … Continue reading

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The Matrix Is a Multiverse Smorgasbord for the Metal Invalid

I may have lost my blog roll privilege at Hawaiian Libertarian. If so, that’s fine. I can work on my ZFG. It was a great run. [Update: Some hours after posting this, still the same day, I see this post … Continue reading

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The Fed’s New Policy of Goldilocks Psychology

Ma Yellen and da boyz decided today, Wednesday, 16 December 2015, to raise the federal funds rate from against 0.0%–0.25% to 0.25%–0.50%. Now let me explain how that feels and then you will understand. Imagine your domineering, manjaw wife not … Continue reading

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Herd Spirituality Is the Force

I was writing a comment to “The Force Abnegates” dated 14 December 2015 by David Grant. It grew big enough to become a freestanding post. Once again we have the axiomatic issue of frame control, meaning social interpretation. The Christian … Continue reading

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The Animal Mind of XX

If you have been following this blog, then you know about my chart of ranked socio-ecological gravity. Humanoids have preferences for their social environment, the realization of which is the byproduct of their liberty and success. Liberate savages and you … Continue reading

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Feminism Is Chimpanzeeism with Sex Drive Manipulation

Once upon a time some libtards of the printing press puppet masters invited chimpanzees to the political table as equals. Two little girls never forgot the magic power of diversity. Let’s call the rocket scientists Sandra Herold and Charla Nash. … Continue reading

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The Orderly Capitulation

US policy has crossed a threshold. You won’t like the anticlimactic tipping point. As of December 2015 Americans are being role reassigned from useful idiot to useless eater. Statistically the numbers are insignificant, but the universal policy is crystal clear. … Continue reading

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Dark Age Fatalism Is Presumptive Retreat

There is a disturbance in the force. The neo-masculine, alt-right types are fatalistic about the winter of the second dark ages upon us. The funny thing is they are calling for a return to medieval Christianity but their fatalism comes … Continue reading

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