Dark Age Fatalism Is Presumptive Retreat

From a recent tweet by @ReactionaryTree

There is a disturbance in the force. The neo-masculine, alt-right types are fatalistic about the winter of the second dark ages upon us. The funny thing is they are calling for a return to medieval Christianity but their fatalism comes from…it would seem…the laws of nature. Aurini says, “A Dark Age is coming, right on schedule.”

I’m pretty sure the Gawd of Abrahaminstein has His own the Schedule. I think I detect cognitive dissonance. Otherwise, why pray? (Scroll down to the bottom of Aurini’s post, for example.)

If we are facing ‘evil’ that has no plan of its own human design, then, yes, we are up against supernaturally defined natural processes set in motion by horrid humanoids who are either: (a) natural processes themselves or (b) agents of the devil. Prayers are more likely to help if you believe non-fatalistic (b) rather than fatalistic (a). It is possible to have prayers work in case (a) if Gawd will intercede based on prayers, but apparently that is not Gawd’s track record over nearly two millenniums if there was the whole first Dark Ages and if we can use it as a reliable template to be sure of living at the eve of the second dark ages.

If we are facing an evil more human, as in an evil but consciously man-made plan, then we can narrow down the possibilities of machinations and identify actions we can take and not take to serve our needs against this much more predictable and vulnerable ‘evil’. Suppose then we are up against mortal globalists who are social engineering our demise. They would lose power in a thorough balkanization and technological collapse of the world. Obviously they don’t want that for themselves, and they can’t maintain a comfy standard of living without some administrative technologists.

I see three possibilities (in this case of natural enemies acting naturally of their own nature): (c) a second dark ages—everyone loses, (d) a dictatorship—some elite win and a fair fraction of the peons lose less, (e) a more or less orderly depopulation that preserves technological means. Case (c) is mutually exclusive with cases (d) and (e), but (d) and (e) could happen together or separately.

When you compare the cost of the Dark Ages to the costs of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler, it is clearly better to have a dictator. This is a late epiphany for me. But for the principle of freedom (certainly in the masculine sense), do or die might be a better option. There might be long-term costs in the case of a dictatorship, but in terms of immediate costs alone, a dictatorship is better: that is simply a lemma preceding my relevant point.

More importantly for any social engineers of our lives, dictatorship allows for some maintenance of centralized social order and technological prowess. Obviously, ghouls are incompetent and the bureaucrats are progressively debased as a side effect of their social engineering program, assuming that there are global elites acting rationally enough to conquer the world from the inside out through you wife, daughter, and the savage thugs they love.

I am not religious, and I don’t think the social engineers that can pull off suicidal cannibalism of most white men don’t have some sort of an exit strategy to avoid a second dark ages. What I see currently is the systematic creation of fear, abject fear, that will usher in some stooge dictator, or stooge council. Depopulation and especially of those who might rival them intellectually is a bonus. Maybe they have learned from Napoleon and Hitler that a stooge dictator is not feasible. Maybe they can control an autocrat stooge adequately this time. They know some people take better to domestication than others, they want to have cheap mind control, and they have evidently been working on the technology.

If you are red pill, then so have you.

I am not sure that living off the grid is a great idea except temporarily to escape a massacre. On the grid is much more powerful than off. One crop failure could be the end of survivalists. Without an economy there is a lack of survival wealth. Without property rights and a mass of people to create and manage wealth, then you are hoping that hunting and gathering will be enough. It could be enough after a major depopulation, but not before. If globalists remain, they could make the wilds uninhabitable temporarily to eliminate unauthorized survivors. A big supply of game animals is not a sure bet.

Funny how the Manosphere is all about seduction, and all the red pill alt-right wants to do is get off the grid and pray!

If you are being logical about this, you realize that playing their game with red pill seduction is an indispensable element of a coping strategy. There is no better time for counter husbandry than right now, within the system and without.

If there is a dictatorship, you would be better off higher up in the political food chain and with a bug out option. Ultimately, there will be mass suffering, mass casualties. Among the sliver of humanity who counts to me, there is already mass suffering. The question going forward is only style and scoring, winning and losing. Planning personally for every possible contingency is not living and is not possibly effective. There is no substitute for, duh, winning. Play to win; don’t play simply to not lose. Even women don’t do that once you understand the bitch.

Pussy is politics.
Seduction could save your life.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 05 December 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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