Feminism Is Chimpanzeeism with Sex Drive Manipulation

Once upon a time some libtards of the printing press puppet masters invited chimpanzees to the political table as equals.

Two little girls never forgot the magic power of diversity. Let’s call the rocket scientists Sandra Herold and Charla Nash. As two adult women, seasoned voters who ‘made a difference’, they had a little tea party with their trophy diversity friend named Travis.

On his last day, at age 14, and morbidly obese at 250 pounds, Travis seemed agitated after a lunch of fish and chips and ice cream cake. Sandy popped a Xanax in his tea and called her friend Charla to ask her to come over and help settle him down.

Travis thought or felt or instinctively determined that freedom was not settling down his big, fat diversity assets.

The 60-year-old was left fighting for her life in February 2009 after a friend’s pet chimp launched a brutal attack on her.

The monkey called, Travis, seriously disfigured her and she sustained extensive damage to her eyes, nose, lips and hands. Two years after the assault Charla underwent reconstructive surgery and was given a new face.

Doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston also fitted the single mum with a glass eye but were unsuccessful in attempts to transplant a hand.

Recently she was fitted with teeth that allow her to chew tougher foods, such as chicken.

Perhaps things aren’t really that bad. lmfao. Perhaps Travis was only 200 pounds. Perhaps Charla Nash was only 56.

Herold’s 200-pound domesticated chimpanzee Travis mauled Nash in February 2009, leaving her clinging to life.

Nash, 56, was discharged from the Cleveland Clinic earlier this month where she had been treated since the attack and is now being evaluated by a team of physicians in Boston to determine if surgery can replace her nose, lips, eyes and fingers.

I know what…let’s debate the details of the stories of our lives together whilst we rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You stupid Democrats, why can’t you be like us Republicans?! You stupid Republicans, why can’t you be like us Democrats?! You stupid not-Christians-like-us, why can’t you be like us?! There might be some God damn good reasons in the fucking DNA, sparky.

I mean fuck, bitch, everybody knows an ape ain’t no monkey, or should we invite all the fucking monkeys now too? Ah-hah! I knew there was no such thing as a fucking 250-pound monkey, and now I’m going to tell every fucking ape and monkey I can with endless tweets and posts and brochures, all at my own fucking expense like everything else, except I volunteer on this because it makes me feel so goooooooooooooood.

The country you libtards and cuckservatives took from my hands before I was born and used to enslave me with psychologically abusive lies is going to get a new look, and because of you there is nothing I can do about it. I would not save you if I could.

What is the point of freedom of speech that defends speech that ends freedom of speech?

What is the point of freedom of religion that defends religion that ends freedom of religion?

This is basic rules for radicals, beating up civilized patriarchy with its own rule book. We are not all equal, fucktards!

Look at the ‘after’ pictures of Charla Nash. That is the country and the prosperity you elevated inferiors deserve, and I’ll get the same thing but in exchange for profound misery rather than shallow pleasures during all my vital years as a child and young adult. You completely wasted my efforts and love. FTW and FU.

Women are not men. Savages are not civilized men.

Conquest always makes meat but rarely makes affordable modern medicine. What establishment do you support? What conquerors?

Why are you trying to be inclusive with your political arguments, any man of worth? Only you and any true brothers matter if you matter at all. Spend your vitality and your time selfishly vis-a-vis all manner of Chimpanzees if you are better, if you are right, if you are being held down and held back. You will be glad you did.

Net producers don’t need net consumers if they are free. We are not free as net producers.

If you live for yourself, you are going your own way. Enters seduction because straightforward logic does not work.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 December 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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