The Fed’s New Policy of Goldilocks Psychology

Ma Yellen and da boyz decided today, Wednesday, 16 December 2015, to raise the federal funds rate from against 0.0%–0.25% to 0.25%–0.50%. Now let me explain how that feels and then you will understand.

Imagine your domineering, manjaw wife not sucking your dick for the last 6.5 years. You’d get pretty crabby. Your taxable production would plummet. Her swarthy lover would need new shoes. Now if your ugly wife decided to raise your take-home pleasure from nothing to 0.25% of a satisfying blow job, you would not feel any difference.

She doesn’t want to feel anything either, but that part does not work for this analogy. The Fed can hire all the squat illegals, female or whatever, to do the jobs they don’t want to do with all that extra money they make.

But, if the bitch tells you things are headed back to the way they were on your honeymoon, albeit in a measured way…well, nose to the grindstone, hubby.

The monetary control disconnect is permanent. There is no calibration without relevance. We can’t produce under these circumstances. Sure, they can kill us by atrophy, and the global elite would like that. But they can’t suck blood out of a turnip. If they need turnip blood to keep this going to their big, new order, it won’t happen like the epic misery will yet again.

The physical reality is not right for this supposed goal. That is why the rate hike is so fucking puny. They could seriously tank the global economy if they put it under any real stress, like say a half-hearted single suck that might let us know somebody in Washington cares about the little guy. You know how many dry demagogue lips would crack brutally under the alien stress of public service?

As I said before, they can’t raise rates. It’s over. This is the exponentially new normal, an ever deepening death spiral of corruption. I mean that the new normal is over and the new, new normal is just here, for now.

We have the Bluffington Ghost doing a cursory but recognizable Captain Capitalism analysis with the post “3 Charts That Show Why The Fed Should Have Waited To Raise Rates — And The One Reason It Didn’t” dated 16 December 2015 by Ben Walsh.

Who the fuck is Cappy Ben Walsh, lieutenants?

This is what the puppet spin doctor stated as the reason the Fed raised rates:

Because crisis-era policy has to end at some point. And now that the crash and Great Recession are over, and the Fed wants to move on from the zero interest rate policy those twin catastrophes necessitated.

This is a case of assuming the sale. The cause and effect are reversed to manipulate our dumb tax unit minds. The Great Recession is not over, but if we all work like it is, then magically it is. But then we die in droves without a fuss, all according to plan, Stan.

The interest rate ‘hike’ is Goldilocks propaganda not Goldilocks economics.

Don’t be a sucker and start making speculative ‘investments’ in ‘your future’. lmfao

—‘Reality’ Doug, 16 December 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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