Universal Redemption Is the Stock Beta Bait Form of the Natural Sin

In the comments of the last post, Keoni Galt and I have been getting deep, deep, deep into the morass of autodidactic code of behavior. There the dimensions of ethics, morality, philosophy, and theology swirl and collide with the personality of weather. Since this is a public dialog getting very long, since this installment is post length, I thought a fresh page would be nice.

Keoni referred me to his post “The Synergy of Symbiosis” dated 3 April.

He makes the distinction, and a very fundamental one, of symbiosis vs. parasitism. I think it is a great start but too coarse in granularity to be a sound guide. I admit explicitly that I am reading between the lines written by a man I’ve never meet and hardly know. That read was the catalyst for this post, but it is not the crux of this post. This is meant to be constructive to anyone interested in the dilemma of ethics, and it is a dilemma in these interesting times. It is a worthy topic of itself.

Propaganda works best on those with high IQ and big hearts. We are the ones who can ‘make it work’, ‘make it fit’. Stop doing that. Philosophy gives us the Socratic method and Occum’s razor. Cut that shit out.

Woody Allen said, “I wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member.” That is the mindset of a social relativist. That is most people, if you want to call them that. It is easy for the naive natural producer and cooperator to identify parasitism in the abstract or impersonal but when looking squarely into the face of any person who appears respectable by conventional standards to not dare to feel, and rightly down to his cockles, that that is a fucking parasite.

You need Game, and Game requires field experience.

The problematic assumption of universal salvation at all, even as an ultimate goal way, way over the horizon, is the universal nature of humanity, not fucking true, including the competing propensities for symbiotic and parasitic behavior.

These are the excerpts from Keoni’s post from which I will read between the lines (with all bold emphasis having been added by me):

The problem is we are now surrounded by a parasitic culture set up and purposely designed to feed off of us all.

I know I will continue to reflect upon the message of Christ as I have been for months now. I now know for certain what FAITH is, for he came to teach us the Truth, so as to set us all free. In my estimation, he was basically preaching the gospel of symbiotic living through loving, repentance, forgiveness, charity, goodwill, and striving for enlightenment by cultivating uplifting attitudes and thought processes, and to excise hatred, revenge and the darkness of wickedness from our hearts and minds.

There is no us. We are not bound by the force as one morality. Any club with everyone in it is ripe for exploitation. Universal morality is a race to the dregs of human nature. Any club with everyone in it has no standards, certainly in this mortal coil given enough time. If heaven in heaven is not for everyone, the omnipotent god of heaven is a vindictive prick not worth serving. An omnipotent god does not actually need anyone’s service, anyone’s worship.

If you believe God gives a damn about our worship of Him, you are hiding the fact that you need an all-powerful Lord over all of us.

The only way out of that fact is if you worship a god that is NOT omnipotent. No one does that. It’s too scary to have kinda good life insurance.

It is no accident that the Jewish God is a superman Lord, anthropomorphic, a king of kings—and hell yes, OMNIPOTENT. Christianity and Islam started as movements within Judaism and their conceptions of God are basically identically. The conception of ‘God’ is quite different in Confucianism, Buddhism, Greek paganism, Amerind spirits, Spinoza’s true faith, humanism, socialism, etc.

But every oppressive religion worth its salt—is that you Abraham?—inculcates the natural sin of absolute guarantee to the adherent. (FYI, Jews have the ironclad covenant of being #1 on earth.) What every goodhearted coward wants to believe, what every first-class manipulator wants you to believe, is not merely that individual accountability can be escaped, but that it is virtue to escape it.

To have no accurate individual accountability in a socially cooperative context, i.e. cultural context, is to have more or less than you deserve, and to be less for it. Because of the law of conservation, any club that advocates escape from individual accountability necessarily advocates robbing Peter to pay Paul. It also prevents people from solving actual social problems because involuntary wealth redistribution requires compliance out of fear of retribution.

To wish to suspend accurate individual accounting is to wish to have value rather than to be value. Life is about change. Change requires instability to push us forward and keep ‘us’ alive. Stimulation and stress can be constructive or destructive. Destruction can be fast or slow. Overt or insidious. Covert parasitism is, of course, the most effective. What better way to hide it than to make it a virtue of ‘love’.

Masked fear is the fear best for mass compliance.

Sexual reproduction means that human beings are randomized prototypes. Nature is hedging bets. Nature does not have a universal morality other than might making right. Resources are limited. Virtue is getting the resources and using them to be organizationally more in some way. Nature does not care if parasites are more successful. We do.

Any morality we live here on earth, any code of behavior, any code of justice, any culture, must, must, must be some form of might making right. If we want to bend the rules of nature, we must respect the rules of nature. If we want to believe the impossible, we must be delusional.

Natural selection filters out those randomized organism designs, for humans both in genes and memes if culture matters. Culture does not matter for vagina tingles. If we want memes to get better, the genes must be adequate to support that. If we want memes and genes to meet a standard of civilization, of truly progressive culture, of win-win social behavior, there must be surgical use of win-lose behavior.

The free pass is the natural sin if you are making a universal (or too common) pass with that big heart. The pussy pass in not any natural sin for the holder because morality ain’t got nothing to do with it because culture ain’t got nothing to do with wymminz.

The threshold of civilized standards is the boundary between win-win and win-lose standards.

Here’s the rub. Civilized standards are not natural or healthy for those who are not civilized, at least not according to their inner workings. Furthermore, it is theoretically possible (at least I am not ruling it out right now) for two men to have civilized values but to be culturally incompatible, even to the point of being natural enemies.

Treat people like what they are not what you are.

It is a trap to believe it is virtuous to treat others like you would have others treat you. The golden rule is simplistic but pernicious. Would you like to be treated to tea? Then why don’t you invite Travis the chimp for some tea?

I could keep on with this, but you can only lead a man to a philosophy, you can’t make him drink. Let me cut to the chase that comes to my mind right now.

The behavioral code of culturally virtuous masculinity is not being in cooperative fellowship with everyone. The behavioral code of culturally virtuous, socially productive, truly progressive (with memes-genes) masculinity is the development of the ability in yourself and secondarily in your political brothers to obtain, maintain, and improve your social capacity to have and effectively use sovereignty as a patriarch in a patriarchy.

There is no context-free behavioral code.

A code of ethics that is true to life need not be easy to compile a priori in your mind. What I stated is a goal state of masculinity in functional purpose rather than static form. A code of form is stifling. Life is about change. If you want stability amidst change, try purpose, try principles, but not form. What nature rewards with success is virtue. What nature rewards with failure is vice. Weakness is sin according to nature. The prison of form is the evil essence of the big natural sin, and I mean bargaining for the absolute guarantee no matter what accounting nature or existence puts on you.

Progress happens because what was good enough to win in the past is no longer good enough. Humans are an apex species. We compete mainly against each other. Whether we have the discipline to make that constructive to whatever degree depends on who, really, what sort of who, is in charge.

The moral question of the ends justifying the means is a guilt trip meant to enslave. The context justifies the means. The goal is often unavoidable because by the sweat of someone’s brow… Context is half the truth and variable. You notice the media puppets never speak in full ideas, never give the full context.

Thus, there are code goals of abstract function not concrete form. A bird can’t be a fish. A fish can’t be a snake. A man of civilized potential cultivates his civilized masculinity. That has to be his goal: any other goal is not ‘his’.

The key to healthy masculinity is patriarchy. A moral code of behavior is the behavior that cultivates the social order that is desired. Obviously, it is not one size fits all. Sorry. It is not immoral for a woman to manipulate. It is not immoral for a savage to kill for fun or respect. That’s what they are. That’s their freedom.

The key to corruption is the divorce of privilege from responsibility. Corruption requires the expectation, the promise, but the credit and so vulnerability of restraint in social behavior to restrict social results to win-win results and to refrain from win-lose interactions and results. Not everyone has that expectation at heart. Social relativists only care about relative social rank, pecking order. They are primitives compared to rational men that seek to live in a civilized order that is higher in quality than the animals. Civilized men are social absolutists. They don’t resent the Jones’ doing better. They resent moochers and saboteurs injuring to their personal welfare, to include their personal social order.

If you have responsibility for ‘your’ country but not the privileges, it’s not your country. If you have the responsibility for ‘your’ marriage but not the privileges, it’s not your marriage. If you have the responsibility for ‘your’ children but not the privileges, they are not your children. Sons should become their own man one day.

Don’t defend property rights not yours. Don’t defend assets not yours.

The key to the cultivation of higher-order relationships and so to progressive civilization and the growth of human value and affluence is using quality social materials where they fit and not otherwise, to wit:

  1. dispatching natural and situation enemies,
  2. farming naturally useful inferiors,
  3. partnering with politically valuable and trustworthy men in the defense of common political rights, and
  4. exploiting situational alliances of compatible interests.

Your threshold for response will depend, if you do it right, on what is yours and what is theirs in terms of property, property rights, sovereignty, and culture. Your threshold, if you do it right, will depend on your grasp not your reach or interest, and it will depend on the interest, reaching and grasping of others in your sphere of grasp. If a concern is in ‘your’ sphere of grasp, by definition you can impose your will. If you can’t, their grasp or threat of grasp has reduced your sphere of grasp.

Your grasp is not universal in reach. No human has universal grasp. The democracy of ecology is always in effect, manipulated but in effect.

The bad news is that your focus should be on the 4th item because the first three require sovereignty, supreme power out in the open. The 4th is how to get there. The first three we may call the golden rule of three. Know with whom you are dealing and adjust to the context. If your hands are tied,if your position is relatively weak, patience and opportunism are no luxuries.

Human stupidity is a force of nature. He who controls the masses controls the human world. Saving everyone will never, ever purge the social relativists that make that unavoidable reality. Strive for improved quality in your little part of the world and go by the real rules of the matrix not the fake ones.

That is your behavioral code as a mentally sovereign man: to function like a masculine human serving his own welfare.

You would think that the rational man would have the competitive advantage, but civilized potential requires more skill development and civilized order has more structural elements that can fail or be made to fail.

There is an ‘I’ in teIam. Team spells slavery. Those who can’t be a part of a teIam are not worthy of anything more than livestock or enemy status unless they are contained by the isolation of distance they cannot cross.

Husbandry of women and children and any other useful inferiors as expedient is absolutely necessary in a civilization.

There is no civilization without patriarchy, and there is no patriarchy without husbandry and culling.

Random reproduction is a bitch that can visit upon anyone’s child, but right behind the pussy pass contrivance is the parent pass card in instinctive potency. Still, it is the natural sin. Instincts are not culture and should not be treated that way. It works the other way: shit can occasionally produce magnificence. 😉

Sorry, that is the ugly truth of what made us, makes us, permeates us, will kill and recycle us. We cannot escape our context. At best we can order our context more and more to our liking, after we take the freedom to do it, by cooperation with some and imposition on others.

There’s no place like home because a home is equipped with a personally sovereign space with property rights.

Now if you actually want to have a nuclear family in that home, if you want to transmit culture to your sons and cultural limits to your daughters, then you must have bros before hoes. XX must be respected property or of no responsibility to the patriarchy, to producers. Bastards are ‘illegitimate’ in the sense of deserving the cultural investment of the biological father according to what is fair in having civilization. Bros first is a corollary of the golden rule of three (above). We don’t have that situation of patriarchs first, and ‘your’ family is an illusion, more beta bait from the Nu Wurld Oder. You’d just better hope your wife and children think and feel it’s your family. Red pill knowledge but performance will help that. If your wife or child answers to another authority, think twice about holding on to the responsibility of that person’s welfare sans the privilege.

Birth rates are down in whites only because white men are penalized to do it and white women are rewarded in status, as they feel it, to not do it. It happens among the natives in every decline of a leading society. White reproduction will rebound as sharply as conditions improve for civilized behavior.

Yours in patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 December 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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2 Responses to Universal Redemption Is the Stock Beta Bait Form of the Natural Sin

  1. Keoni Galt says:

    Wow…our little discussion brought out quite the treatise from you.

    If heaven in heaven is not for everyone, the omnipotent god of heaven is a vindictive prick not worth serving.

    If heaven is for everyone regardless of how they live their life and what they do unto others, than heaven wouldn’t be heavenly.

    The behavioral code of culturally virtuous masculinity is not being in cooperative fellowship with everyone.

    This is what I think is the essence of your argument against Christianity? That the golden rule is foolish and delusional?

    Understanding what Jesus taught has to be done in the context of the forum for his words. What he did to the money changers in the temple is evidence enough that he did not believe that the golden rule has to be a suicide pact or a pacifist code. His admonishment to “turn the other cheek” in the context of who he was preaching to, was about freeing people from being consumed with anger, hatred and revenge…not to just let anyone assault you without defending yourself. That is the freedom his message offers if you are willing to accept it.

    Finally, I certainly do apply the Golden rule to everybody, and I think it works out just fine for myself. When I determine that a person of unsuitable character (a parasite) for me to deal with, I treat them exactly as I want them to treat me – I leave ’em the hell alone.

  2. An unoted scholer says:

    The Golden Rule, as commonly given, is contradictory because it is not universalizable. Do unto others as you would have others do to you is a presumption. I like a good argument, but not every body does. In that case, the GR is not a good guide to behavior. But the original form of the rule, “What is hateful to others, do not do” (Hillel the First). That is universaizable, and is always a least lower bound as a guide to good behavior – you can’t do wrong following it. Can you better than this preemptive rule? Certainly, but the GR as commonly given would not be that. Instead, we want a rule that says “Do unto others as others would want you to do”. That requires some investigation of what others need and want. Jesus should have stayed with what his master Hillel taught.

    [RD: Solid subtle sophistry to put down Christianity relative to Judaism. The last line was the point all along.]

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