True Libertarianism Defines Philosophically Sound Morality

This post is a comment that grew too big to post in the comment thread of “Freelance Comment Of The Week: Priorities, White People!” by Chateau Heartiste dated 25 February 2016. Specifically, this is a response to the comments following my comment that starts: “Civilized people are reciprocally libertarian with themselves.

If the government gives you anything, you don’t own it. To own yourself or anything else you must BE government with risks and responsibilities united, i.e. cultural order per a free market of VIOLENCE. Institutional order (that won’t fail before economy and people) blocks the winning of superior producer-cooperators, but in each turning point natural individual agency is exposed and more or less determines the next law and order. Culture > Law. God is the best policeman. Any social engineer knows that, or why should we debate anything here.

Example: California taken over by Americans from failed Mexican management, policed by vigilantes, and organized into a state before getting permission or recognition from the US gubberment.

I don’t think all institution can be avoided. My desire is that all institutions can die of natural causes (bankruptcy) and can be overthrown (retaliation) per the intent of the 2nd Amend. I want bureaucrats to fail before producers who “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

I want reciprocity of good and ill according to the natural agency of each man.

I want the bondage of consequences for all because we are all slaves of the natural world.

Cows are edible because they take heartily but reciprocate only as steak.

In practice per our natural agency, any leader who pushes beyond the Overton Window defined by our aggregate constitution of social norms (culture for those not animals) will lose. The drift of the Window is the evolution of social norms. The more-than-institutional problem is the composition of Western populations dominated by animals and savages and cosmopolitan social norms. The United States was founded not on law and order but illegal culture and (dare I say) philosophy. The freedom of individual accountability (responsibility wedded to privilege) always works well, just not for parasites but good riddance. Civilization is only for the civilized. Purge the rest, but productive men with individual political and economic agency with perfect overlap would do that.

There is an evolutionary battle between human tiers of cultural ability, and women are at the bottom.

The strongest potential is with the highest cultural value, cooperative synergy, but it also has the highest talent and maintenance requirement; hence, the rise and fall of civilizations.

Let’s work on eliminating the lower socio-ecological gravity by eliminating any nonessential inferiors. Evolution is direction blind and you have a vested interest. As the apex species the long-term bias is culturally progressive because technology is powerful leverage.

No one deserves liberation from his (or her) own nature and limitations. No one deserves freedom from exploitation if he or she is too stupid or inept to live separately. All that judicious bias by nature is ruined by abusive government power (impossible without financial credit and superstitious fools holding delegated political power). The illegals problem would go away if Western men were viable men. Male popular sovereigns are the best of walls.

I am not defined by your whiteness. I define the white I am if that’s what it really is. Not all white people should thrive or survive, or can survive. That is how evolution works, and we can’t be freed from it. Greg Elliot wishes I were a troll because my arguments shiv his group-think identity.

Libertarianism that is pacificism is not true libertarianism. Liberalism, conservatism, justice, womanhood, etc. are abused concepts to enslave your mind. The term originally defining the idea which would free your mind and define morality without religion has been perverted, but it is intuitively obvious to the philosopher. Think like a philosopher. See the video “Philosophy of Liberty” I posted below. The commentary I had with that video is hung up in mod. It follows:

Per Wiki: “The term libertarianism originally referred to a philosophical belief in free will but later became associated with anti-state socialism and Enlightenment-influenced[9][10] political movements critical of institutional authority believed to serve forms of social domination and injustice.”

The original form was basic to people belonging to themselves. Voluntary interactions are win-win and constructive. If only voluntary are allowed, moochers starve. Libertarianism originally was simple and made no provisions for those who would do ‘wrong’, but it did define proper boundaries and therefore right and wrong based on respecting those boundaries or not. The problem with American men is that they don’t recognize and defend their proper personal boundaries: emasculation. With so few of us who want to defend our boundaries and realize our superior potential, it is illegal and impossible. Most men would not think of hitting a woman no matter what, which is insane. Men who can put bitches in line can drive off barbaric hordes. Those who can’t, can’t. It is basically the concept of Expansive Energy per J. D. Unwin.

This is more or less the original, unperverted concept:

I add that an alternative video play (without random access) is at Also, if sex is the end-all and be-all of a man, he is not civilized. Sex and nuclear family is a stepping stone to civilized greatness. How much should sex cost? To be more than an animal is to be more than a hedonist of gene evolution. I recommend mooching and casual sex as the sex prize under the circumstances of cultural exhaustion and societal decline. I recommend winning to rebuild one day.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 February 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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