An Exercise of Applied Game Theory

Applied theory: that’s where it’s at. My comment at CH in response to “Reader Mailbag: Putting The Scruz To A Cooz” dated 29 March 2016 is in moderation or the grave. If you have some Game, you should have some ideas on the various scenarios. For what it’s worth, my two cents:

#1: “bernieciz” – The best response in this one case is obvious if you have been following this blog. Modify that Jap character’s line: “Get better. I have plans for you, and you don’t get to say no.” That way, you let her know you are not needy because there is no time constraint or expectation. You assume the sale and let her handle her business, which an alpha does not care about. Attitude is more important than a line. Attitude is full of good lines. If my body language is good and I can’t think of anything, I just say, “I’m hitting on you.” and look her in the eye. If I have presence she will rationalize and say I don’t need a line or the direct truth is best. Is short, you don’t know if she is really sick, and you don’t care. She is a commodity or you are doing it wrong. Let her know she is a commodity to you. Done. She texts you later or she does not. Gaming fresh is better than trying to fix what is broken. You can’t know or care if the frame is alpha or broken, which is part of a true alpha frame. DGAF, except you care about making your penis happy without needing to verbalize it.

#2: “Club Monster” – You have no idea if you want this female. If you do, you must now cross into the relationship zone. The alpha way is not exclusive and does not talk about that fact one way or another. She is not a fuck buddy. She wants something more. See my comment on #7. The only acceptable beta behavior is to be an emotional tampon, for situations like yours and for just enough to put her at ease. If the more she wants is necessarily monogamy, you must decide. The logical response is next if you don’t want the system to debt slave you through her vagina.

#3: “Cunt Wrecker” – I can only guess that you need big asshole game. But remember, wild alpha is a coveted social position for which you must compete. You will actually have to be an asshole to no small extent to get prime stripper snatch. The female nature is effective in reality in its own twisted way and not everything about vag tingles is an illusion. She may be too much for your asshole level. It is always a good idea to work on asshole little by little. I have given this some deep though on my blog. You will learn more by gradual growth than by grasping beyond your reach and having no idea what went wrong. Whether or not this stripper is in your grasp is for you to decide, and play accordingly.

#4: “Mr. Sadist” – That is why men invented patriarchy and marriage. Since you are not able to claim a woman as property, the chances that she won’t fuck any other dudes is like kunt-hair-from-zero interest rates that the Fed had not long ago.

#5: foreign guy – You said, “she creates the situation.” You can’t handle her freeze outs and she knows it, but she is giving you all the at-bats you can handle. Fall asleep in her room. She will pull your pants down while you are sleeping. She wants control a la the establishment propaganda. What you need is to be ‘cool’. Frame yourself as high cast value but don’t take a role in her cold one-on-one script. Be James Dean and just hang out as the cool guy with a cool chick. Doing nothing on purpose and having no concern makes you cool. She must chase you. That will take a long time. This will be a good test of your patience. A whiff of neediness is a three hour setback, assuming she will bang at all. I would use this situation to test and develop cool guy frame control. It will pay off in general.

#7: “Known here as Squibby” – You have a Fuck Buddy on your hands. The narrative is normal bf/gf, but that is a lie. Enjoy the sex and don’t believe she wants something more, because she does not. Fuck Buddies are rare. Enjoy it for what it is but do NOT invest emotionally! Sharing passion is okay?, yes; but let your lust and sex surely be full payment for her lust and sex; that is the deal of fuck buddies! Only protect the poon tap situation for as long as it’s good for you by showing respect for her sexual value and cover story with her friends. Let her marry some schlub after you become an icon in her mind from the patina of fading real world details on liberated sex.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 March 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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