A Mother’s Day Dream, Part 1 of 6

Part 1: Discovery of the Belligerent Primal Male Archetypes

This Mother’s Day Dream series is a description of my ‘Game’ development in an area not addressed elsewhere: pack animal social skills to handle socially relativist men employing physical terror and injury. This multi-part post is an autodidactic analysis of male rivalry for, whether successfully consummated or not, the resource vagitables as it exists now on free-range life support in leading (downward) Western nations, that ex-civilization in a sorry state of post-feminism decline. The interpretive lens or framework will be, as my usual, evolution featuring evolutionary psychology. Tentative lessons learned will be peppered throughout. My goal, besides helping myself, is to help certain geeks and nerds to become more dominant among the subhumans. Specifically, the reader I have in mind besides me is a man able but limited within the world of abstract reality per the cerebral cortex. Use your whole mind, brothers. I will do my best to summarize my journey of personal development thus far in man handling with generic abstractions that are useful guides.

The opportunity and in fact developmental necessity of this post comes from the opportunity and practical necessity of my self-reflection with a new data set while it is still fresh in my mind. There’s this guy Joe I know, and there is this figment of my imagination named Joe too. I sometimes get them confused. Joe got involved in an ‘altercation’. What makes this incident significant is that in Joe’s 4.5 years of red-pill aware self-directed PUA/VA (Venusian Arts) training, coincidentally concomitant with my personal development, is that I, I mean Joe—silly figment—is that Joe actually chose, as in a logically and coldly calculated way informed by prior reflection of his boundaries and capacities as a man, to accept a territorial fight with a bar belligerent.

Joe has noticed that in his development of non-cultural, as in extra-cerebral, social awareness and interaction skills, necessarily the seductive sheeple skills, is that those new skills include a platonic facility with men. Primitive intelligence is all about relative rank and seizing opportunity in the form of attacking the weak per the raw animal perspective. Liberated and subsidized women determine the social framework of our lives on the IMF farm. First in my development, and I think for Joe’s too, I was challenged by other men as I competed without convincing congruence, as manifested mostly by body language, for higher rank. Second, I was at times not infrequent respected and accepted by other men as a peer, not always of course. There will always be men who will be socially disinterested period, and men who will rival you for vag, even the illusory whiff of vag, at the prime watering hole areas known as bars and clubs. That is just the way nightgame is. As you develop, your relevance to others will increase if you are really developing sheeple or husbandry skills. As social organisms compete in life, they navigate the possibilities of cooperation and conflict, to include the insidious faux cooperation form of conflict that is highly evolved in xx.

If you don’t know the difference between xx and xy, you really ought to figure it out if you are going to read my blog. Use that search engine.

The bluff is a very cheap form of conflict implementation, and the payoff can be huge. The job of the PUA-in-training is to not pay off like a sycophantic slot machine. Calling a bluff is usually cheap as well, but not always. The critical and more or less the latest developing skill is the read. The read and write of body language can be observed within the cerebral cortex but our instinctive and emotional brain facilities are more acutely sensitive to body language. Congruence for the rational player (and the well-adapted rational man is a player, for whatever self-serving purposes as is his natural right) is to put all of his mental machinery (cf. triune brain model) together in masculine harmony with an ultimate but not strict locus of control in his cerebral cortex. Blah, blah, blah. An intermediate understanding of theory and practice about modern seduction or Game is assumed to avoid newbie boilerplate and get to the fun stuff. Here it comes without justification. I am giving my summary opinion for what it is worth.

There are two primary beta (as in not alpha) archetypes of men who fight over pussy and are thus a threat to your physical well-being in the quest for poon therapy in a cruel anti-cultural world of wasted femininity:
1. Insatiable Bully.
2. White Knuckler.

The insatiable bully fights for the thrill, to include the thrill of validation and social proof. Women are duly impressed, sorry. In the raw wild, bullying is an acceptable behavior for winning relative rank; and in the wilds of societal decline it is increasingly acceptable by the downward advance of social norms to that socio-ecological gravity center of xx. What makes bullying beta is lack of marginal utility and greater ends. Culture requires cultural cohesion, and even herd rank requires herd cohesion. The insatiable bully is maladapted for his lack of social utility even for his own benefit. The incorrigible bad boy of ruinously intoxicating sex appeal for liberated xx is admittedly alpha in the wild sense, but I am identifying a insatiable beta neediness compensating for social ineptitude and failure, all operating mainly in the primal sphere.

The white knuckler is a mate guarder motivated by a lack of property rights as opposed to an abundance of property rights that patriarchs have by definition. Today we are wise to pursue abundant breadth rather than abundant depth and admit a lack of personal sovereignty.

It is not beta per se, and is not wrong per se from a high cultural perspective, to enjoy the fight. Enjoyment improves performance if well managed. The mental aspect of fighting can take average physical fighting skill to a higher level untouchable by mentally average men with anything other than extraordinary physical endowments, which steroids can provide for the aspect of strength alone which is not the aspect of physical coordination. It is not beta to mate guard if cheaper alternatives are not available for a man to protect his welfare. In decline the man does not own the woman and therefore her welfare is not his welfare except to the degree she is within the bounds of his welfare by her purposeful choice. The wise man precisely defends HIS estate, at least as a theoretical guide. I allude to the crux of marriage 2.0, as the intermediate level PUA(-in-training) would know.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 11 May 2016

P.S. I have not posted in a long time. For some reason the regular text font in my browser on my WP pages now looks like shit. I tried adjusting the options in FireFox 46.0 without satisfaction. I hope it reads as well as ever for you. If you have the same problem and want to share your relevant details, please post it below as a comment.


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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