A Mother’s Day Dream, Part 2 of 6

Part 2: An Archetypal Theory

The best choices in a primal conflict with other men for relative rank and the social perks thereof are per natural law (this is not legal advice or even legal opinion): (1) leave cleanly or (2) win cleanly. Cleanly can mean many things. Let us agree that it encompasses the entirety of direct repercussions for said man and means the avoidance of seriously negative consequences to him but especially catastrophic consequences.

In all cases the critical primal man handling skills to have are:
1. Seduction Skills (non-contact body language skills).
2. Technical Fighting Skills (contact ‘body language’ skills).

Read skill develops with a lag time behind the sister social skills of theorizing and writing:
Read. Map. Write. ↓

Seduction skills are also fighting skills to the degree they are used to select or set up a fighting technique. Therefore, there is overlap between seduction and unqualified fighting skills, which xx exploits compulsively and covertly in plain sight by interpretive conditioning to create mental self-bondage as license for emasculative depreciation.

Selection and calibration of skills from those two skill sets is critical. Selection and calibration both involve but are not limited to the aspect of timing. Thus, with unavoidable redundancy necessary per the limitations of English expression:

The skills of seduction and fighting should be utilized on the comprehensive basis of selection, calibration, and timing.

Enters the Insatiable Bully.

He fights for the reaffirming stimulation à la the pleasure principle. His motivation can be addictive. He could be high on a stimulant.

There is no reasoning with this type. Weakness is his invitation. Weakness is known by the scent of fear as well as physical characteristics unalterable by body language. Since weakness invites the chase of the hungry predator, discretion and efficiency are critical for the escape to avoid the physical contest. Believe it or not, there is some instinctive pack honor that the insatiable bully will observe as protocol. He is seeking the public fight, by which he is seeking some sampling of the thrill of danger and social proof of higher value that is never high enough. The fighting gets more positive reinforcement from female sexual interest than anything else he does, but it never garners sexual conquest. The bully as always overcompensates for a lack of personal development.

As always, standing up to a bully and not showing fear is how the target’s problem is best solved, but perhaps with an additional requirement of an ass kicking by target, especially if the bully is on drugs, but what is an insatiable appetite if not dysfunctional brain chemistry? Thus, a social breakthrough to the mind of the insatiable bully takes more breaking than typical of the bully, being defined by some underlying insecurity. Though the insatiable bully is looking for a fair fight start (to exercise and demonstrate his awesomeness), he is hungry for the fight itself. He may not have a clear distinction between the social high and the combative high. Any physical assertiveness with be met with immediate escalation. If you are going to fight the cocksure bully, remain calm, perhaps let him instigate by being passive but staidly firm, and attack at the maximum of intensity you believe is appropriate as suddenly as possible. Once the insatiable bully gets a taste of your fight, he will feast. The taste will not change that. Give him a feast that will disagree with him or just leave expeditiously.

If a belligerent male is not seeking social validation or a fight that is fair as far as being forewarned goes, then the situation is dire to the targeted man. True psychos or terrorists, two distinct types themselves, are beyond the operative bounds of insatiable bullies, and so the socially acceptable means of dealing with them is much more liberal at least per sheeple instincts, but beware the propaganda is engineered to maximize the social constraints on and punishment of men of superior cultural potency.

The read of the belligerent male is critical. If you escalate in means you run the risk of looking like the psycho aggressor who is the true danger to the herd. If you are too little or too late in your response, you run the risk of physical damage. That is in part why I recommend social experimentation in the field by degrees. It pays to be nice from a position of strength, the prepositional qualifier being strict. It is a mistake to try to dominate a room without the experience of coming close to it at least, and better yet, having the experience choose you a few times by fortuitous chance supplemental to dubitably adequate ability. There is certainly a time to play the average cog in the herd. Pick your spots and set up your opportunities. For example, Christian McQueen’s game is all about having a club ‘on lock down’. Joe had the place of altercation on lock down, as in the bouncers knew what kind of a friendly and respectably dangerous man he was, at least as I am dreaming this. Consider the potential benefits and liabilities of the social structure in effect before sarging. Avoid places with overbearing bouncers. Chicks dig assholes, and having a viable inner asshole on call is necessary to bed liberated Western women with any regularity as mean as one sexual encounter a month in the biggest cities or one a year everywhere else (which is essentially true in quality but the figures are a Scientific Wild Ass Guess or SWAG and YMMV). Asshole problem solving is necessary sooner or later every now and again just to check hurtful treatment.

Enters the White Knuckler.

He is a pretender that his commitment-minded girlfriend thought could be maintained as an alpha with the appropriate prodding and direction. The white knuckler thinks he is driving the relationship, but he is not. If he loses face as an alpha, if she cannot convince others (particularly the women familiar with her) that her trophy man is the real deal, she will by degrees become disgusted and engineer an exit from the relationship. The man is not far from being alpha: he is the greater beta in Heartiste terminology. The woman is hot for her age if not plain hot, and unusually commitment-minded for a liberated woman of her unqualified and legitimate SMV. He knows instinctively that if he loses her he will probably experience an unavoidable decline in his effective SMV as a man and in his sexual living standard. The white knuckler can’t hold his partner’s vag too tightly, or display too proudly as prompted to perform by her subtle signaling. She often pretends to be the peacemaker of limited influence. Thus the white knuckle beta thinks he is actually leading and acting like his own man.

If you are dealing with a white knuckler, combative weakness especially as self-reported via fear will stall a full-on assault but invite a sample salvo to the face. The reason is that the social valuation of violence varies widely per the instincts, as rated by the herd platonically as well as by females sexually in play. Female instincts in general set the myriad of instinctively derived social standards in a post-feminism environment, but there is the proviso of perversion: the survival instincts are severally muted with the exception of anti-male ‘stranger danger’ per the narrative of isolated encounters and the sexual instincts so liberated and amplified have a platonic expression hell bent on higher relative rank.

Calibration of the self-expression of combative fitness is key in dealing with the white knuckler. The insatiable bully has already fixated on a target per some compulsion or obsession. As can be seen throughout the animal kingdom, males will fight to establish rank and mating rights and largely avoid all-out fighting. So too with the white knuckler. Show a willingness to fight emotionally per body language but physically leave at the behest of your aggressor, if the clean retreat is your strategy. There will be a window of opportunity because the white knuckler wants the territorial kudos from a specific woman or the pool of women specifically in that vicinity that is a ‘watering hole’ but also the prize key to slaking his sexual thirst.

The white knuckler is a much more common threat than the insatiable bully, and a less dangerous one as well. The white knuckler is identified by the emotional expression of righteous anger. The insatiable bully wears the air of menacing humor. Unprepared newbies should probably just retreat from white knucklers until they can progress no further with sex appeal AND access themselves critically with the benefit of comprehensive preliminary development. The developmental limit will find you if you are living the PUA/Red Pill identity and lifestyle (which is about being the prize of your life and pursuing your success in general with your mind wide open and brave; and not pursuing wastes of your time and vitality). Proceed with caution or not at all depending on your abilities.

If you get a stranger’s finger prodding your cheek, usually with a playful twisting action, you are dealing with the insatiable bully. Unprepared newbies should probably just retreat from insatiable bullies too by the same logic. The difference in retreat is that the retreat itself appeases the white knuckler but not the insatiable bully. Defending yourself with your arms against strikes that will be telegraphed by the white knuckler is appropriate, as is showing territorial deference. Raising your arms against the insatiable bully will probably trigger escalation. It is a risky gamble, but offering no fight at all to include not having your arms in a ready position, not trying to push past the bully, and taking his abuse up to a point while making acceptable progress in retreat for the relatively low cost in physical abuse might be prudent. No direct physical harm might be a reasonable maximum on acceptable cost if progress of extrication is completely halted. It pays to know your limitations and to decide beforehand at what point a specific reprisal is warranted. With the insatiable bully the selection, calibration, timing, and execution of suddenness and brutality is critical. The reprisal of the white knuckler has similar but not identical concerns.

Preparation designed to win optimally is preparation that pays best on average and over the long run. The long run with the herd is indicated by the expression: What a difference a day makes!

I have given an analysis with the assumption that the aspiring man is out on his own. Sarging by yourself is great and necessary for a man’s development. Being your own man means being your own man. Simple in the logical kind of ideation. The aforesaid is not contravened by the fact that social skills are wasted if not used and networking is a natural use for social skills. Using an old and reliable but weak social network as a security blanket has real cost. Real allies could be invaluable, whether they are garden variety sheeple you deal with as a sheeple avatar, true brothers, or figures of authority motivated by their own interests to help you. The intrinsic humanoid nature and the prevailing social narrative are the rules. Don’t forget that your nature is power, and might makes right. Success is powered from the inside, though luck may assist. Don’t hold on to losers unless that is what you want to be forever.

As my bitch grandmother correctly advised me, it turns out, “You are your friends.” Husbandry not friendship is the correct relational understanding to have privately and unilaterally with cultural inferiors. Your social avatars are your truest friends in a world of sheeple.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 May 2016

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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