A Mother’s Day Dream, Part 5 of 6

Part 5: Contest for Outcome and Consolidation

Joe decided to cooperate with trust in his friendly neighborhood bouncer. He chilled on the sidewalk. In a little while blood dripped across Joe’s field of vision.

Joe: “Hey, I’m bleeding!”

Some Old Black Guy: “You gotta big gash on your forehead.”

Joe: “No I don’t. That ain’t nothing.”

Those were the odds from what Joe knew. He did not feel or see the cut. Likewise he was unaware of the bloody elbow he had until he got home and saw his jeans with soft blood stains in the light.

Lancelot became investigator and judge. Joe wanted to stay on good terms. The two club bouncers communicate by the usual earpiece and mic ensemble. It could be that the friends of Herb and Broadway were directed to Lancelot by the other bouncer, or it could be that celebrity Joe was seen in the club through the windows. Joe does not know when Herb and Broadway presumably left. He never saw them again, but Joe’s friends were soon there on the sidewalk, two couples. Joe did not realize they were friends until they responded to his testimony. It seems that the two chicks were the same as had been at the 4-top table, but Joe was not interested enough or fresh enough to notice. The two guys Joe did not recognize, and he probably did not see them inside.

Lancelot stated that Joe was hit first and wanted to know Joe’s story of what happened. I…I mean Joe…could not immediately recall how the fight started. After having a confused look for a few moments, Joe remembered and explained that Broadway told Herb something that made him very angry, and he did not know what that was.

Mother Hen: “You said, ‘blah, blah, blah, mugged, blah, blah. That’s not cooooool!”

Smooth Joe: “Not cool?! Let’s just beat up people you think are not coooool! Whatever princess.”

Tall Bf (of Hen?): “You want another scratch on your face.”

Joe was relieved it was only a scratch.

Smooth Joe: “Let me get this straight. Your threat is another scratch on my forehead. You can’t even bully right. What a retard!”

Tall Bf threatened Joe in his body language and cautiously edged closer. Joe could sense he was not 100% after his previous exercise, but he was more right to avoid a second exercise partner than he knew. Joe would avoid another fight if he could do it without cowering, retreating, or taking punishment. Lancelot stepped in between.

Lancelot: “The police are right there. Just walk away.”

With a little protest he did.

Medium Bf: “What are you looking at?”

Joe enjoyed mentally fucking with this guy. He ignored the rhetorical argument and fully focused on the brain-stem-to-brain-stem communication. I think Medium Bf would have fought if Joe defiantly pressed any more than he did initially. Joe backed off then smirked. The tension was too much and the bluffer was trembling a bit in fear.

2nd Gf: “C’mon, let’s go.”

Another failed hero from the bitch wedding brigade.

Bear in mind that the anger of the four friends was not anger on the principle of what I had said. Some bitch, specifically Broadway in this case, made a power play using her man as a tool. She egged him on and played the kindhearted but conveniently feckless pacifist. What angered the friends was that Joe won, convincingly. They wanted to change that by addendum and reinterpretation. Joe labeled them as fools and let Joe’s buddy bouncer handle things, which he did quite well. Joe tried to smooth things over with Lancelot who had a displeased and mildly frustrated expression, but also with a touch of growing resignation. Joe never let Lancelot’s instincts, or the instincts of the four sheeple, see Joe as vulnerable on any primal front of physical or narrative combat. Joe presented confidence and positive energy, and goodwill to everyone not his adversary. He left like a champ with a fist bump for Lancelot.

Understanding the social topology and human motivation is fundamental to success in human conflict. Conflict is becoming more common and primal. Learn the fundamentals.

I am not sure how evolutionary psychology can explain why sometimes the crowd will break up a fight and sometimes they won’t. I do know from experience that if the crowd intervenes it is to smooth over the turmoil with no concern for the individual outcomes they will alter as expedient. The herd mind doesn’t care about justice. There is no substantial fact finding phase, no defense of constructive human value, no penalty to deny reward for culturally destructive behavior. Besides immediate victory, a combatant will need a socially clean break to avoid triggering the reprisal of self-identifying authority.

Win early, win decisively, gtfo smartly.

Leave (or not) in a manner calculated to win herd favor and avoid retribution. Leaving demonstrates deference to prevailing authority. A tree does not make a sound unless a cop hears it, ya dig? If you can’t align with prevailing authority, don’t get caught as a public display of nonconformance.

The bonus discussion on this short installment is about that conspiratorial, sinister look that Broadway gave Joe. For clarity I am giving my opinion as if it were fact, as I have been. It’s not the analysis: its the analyzing. You will need to get your own data in the field and try to explain it along with supplemental observations from shared conversation, historiography, etc.

From my experience, the stages of alphaness are: (1) Beta Impostore, (2) Passable Passive Alpha, (3) Dynamic Alpha. Joe is transitioning from passive alpha cred to active alpha cred, and maybe there was enough incongruence that Broadway wanted to test it. Perhaps Broadway is a broken woman in the sense that she has adaption hardened, more than most subsidized Western xx of her SMV, into someone aggressively manipulative, addictively thrilled by emasculatory control, backed by the state, relieved of accountability by white knights, and ultimately impossible to please.

In the first stage of developing into an alpha, the goal is to vibe and broadcast an alpha persona and get women to mistake you for alpha at all. In practice, because women are extremely particular and insightful with their preferences, the newbie is trying only to be identified as a possible alpha because he can’t do better. The shit tests don’t come right away. First, the rare women caught in an odd moment of cosmic alignment of her neediness, her alcoholic buzz, her glimpse of a man in a lucky moment of alpha body language, etc. will metaphorically peak around her mask of propriety and beta narrative. She will give some insider body language per AF/BB. It is the job of the PUA-in-training to recognize the insiders’ world of social behavior regulated by much more liberal rules for alpha. Then there is passing shit tests to gain admission to fringe alpha recognition and deeper field data. Then there is being accepted as a passive alpha, or maybe a lesser alpha, such that the illusion will be broken upon trying to interact. Then the intermediate student gathers himself with a comprehensive look at his life and masculinity in light of the evidence “the way it is” and attempts to take his social life to the next level.

It is in transition from passive alpha persona to the dynamic that the practitioner learns to project alpha authority. This is when a man gets a next new view on women for the first time. It is a seminal moment in his player development, as is the prerequisite of seeing a woman peek around her mask for betas just that split second and entering the new world of alpha at all. A next seminal moment on the path to alpha awesomeness is when a woman allows a man to see her sinister nature openly, which comes with working through the consequences of a functional familiarity with female attraction. The female shit-eating grin is disturbing to any man of high culture. If it were not for having already resolved the identity crisis of what women find attractive and repulsive in men, this first open look at female sadism would trigger that same existential crisis of his need for sexual gratification in the monopoly of the complementary female design by nature vis-a-vis the disgust of expressing what is necessary to gain access to the sexual value of liberated woman. But that was resolved at an earlier stage, the stage of consolidating and internalizing the skill of triggering attraction to get social interaction per the insiders’ AF rules. The man moving into dynamic alpha has been prepared for this, as far as it goes. It’s gonna sting.

The question is then: What is the theoretical explanation of the conspiratorial, sinister look of Broadway. Was Joe ‘in the club’. It felt to Joe like direct brain-stem-to-brain-stem communication. The conspiratorial feel, as far as I know, is necessary to create actionable attraction if not attraction at all. I posit that women who are ‘broken’ by the liberation cult are, more accurately, condition hardened into dysfunction. I posit the broken woman’s for-betas and for-alphas narratives are not working together properly, as an effective anti-cultural animal adaptation in particular. Perhaps Broadway wanted to dominate like a man in the for-betas narrative but that precludes submission to a real alpha if she takes it seriously as the real story. The conspiratorial look at Joe could indicate mating interest, but if Herb was only a replaceable tool, why defend him? Why invest in him? Is Herb an insider or clueless outsider? His white-knuckled territorial behavior at the behest of a single pussy provider yells clueless outsider.

I don’t have a good understanding of that look from Broadway to Joe. Maybe it becomes clear as seen higher on the mountain that is the SMV hierarchy. Neither Joe nor I want to get into regular fights just to have a shot at casual sex, the best available in decline. I don’t post very often because I need to move up to an attractive income and vocation status level, and that is my main purpose these days. Since writing this helps me squeeze value from Joe’s experience while it is fresh in our minds, mine being a delusional fantasia based on input from Joe, I took the time as an investment in myself.

The main lesson yet to be examined concerns the primal mano-a-mano skills practically required sooner or later of any PUA not regularly ensconced by personal body guards, and moreover required of any high class man who dares to take personal success on the IeMeF tax farm.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 May 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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