A Mother’s Day Dream, Part 6 of 6

Part 6: From Geek to Punisher

Only the damage report on Joe is available to me from my friendship with Joe supplemented with my imagination. The contusion on the orbital edge lower and to the outside on one eye was hardly noticeable at first but the bruise grew over the next several hours. In the morning a blotch of blood had collected beneath the effected eye in the muscle ‘valley’. It was the worst looking injury but only the bruise at the point of contact was sore, and very slightly. The cuts on the forehead did not hurt. A day later a bruise was visible just below a knee. It had felt off a few hours after the fight but with no discoloration. Another bruise became visible on the upper forearm just above but clearly separate from the mild elbow scrapes.

What hurts the most has no visible mark. Hours after the fight, when Joe was trying to sleep for the first time thereafter, his left pectoral muscle felt funny in a spot. It was slightly lumpy and slightly sore. It just felt funny. The second night that Joe was in bed trying to sleep, he turned onto his stomach and extended his upper arms out sideways spread eagle and relaxed. Something in his left chest area snapped and made an audible sound. The snap heralded a feeling of movement, warmth, and a mild pain following a linear shape of orientation suggestive of the pectoralis minor. It does not exactly feel like or unlike a pulled muscle. It is a different feeling than anything else Joe has experienced. Rest is the first method Joe is employing to recover the health of his chest and shoulder girdle. Nothing in the external skin contour over the musculature indicates a muscle tear, but time will tell if rest is not enough. After two weeks it is the only injury that might not be resolving with rest.

On day four after the man handling Joe noticed skin around his red and purple skin near the eye had turned yellow, a fair area too. The same day he discovered a patch of yellow skin with a few small red ‘islands’ on his left chest just medial to (inside) the nipple. The discoloration on the chest was about the size of 2 or 3 quarters. Interesting. The yellow has since resolved itself, gone.

Good thing Joe did not fight a second time with a chest injury nearly ready to become definitive. Possible causes, not mutually exclusive: Joe’s chest training movement could have been overextended, or maybe he did some damage swinging his left cross, holding down Herb’s head, or fending off the hold on his left forearm. The later onset of the first perceived soreness indicates a lag time and the possibility of a cumulative damage effect, especially swelling. I had to tell Joe that if he was knocked onto his ass by a body charge from Herb, it had to hit somewhere. It is mostly likely a muscle contusion by pure impact, the injury of which is only aggravated by the muscle’s movement. It will either heal with time or not.

Joe and I have done some thinking about what it takes to be a good fighter in the herd environment with a view to helping rationalists transition from low status geek to respected punisher. We believe it comes down to these four things:

1. Spacial Awareness.
2. Primitive Social Awareness.
3. Technical Fighting Awareness.
4. Physical Fighting Proficiency.

Item 1 depends on the functional strength of a person’s brain and may be strongly dependent on heredity. If you are able to solve or could learn to solve at least two of the layers of Rubik’s cube (without disassembly and reassembly), you have great spacial awareness.

Primitive social awareness and the mental state control that comes from Game therapy heavy on field work will make for mental efficiency and accuracy, which is to say proficiency, which comes with an increase in effective mental speed. The self-improvement lifestyle based on studying human nature as it is with empirical testing will lead to a stronger mind in synergistic reasoning and performance skills. Geeks struggle with performance; field work is nothing but. That takes care of item 2.

With success of Red Pill personal development the scope of masculinity targeted for improvement broadens. There is marginal utility with only increasing the depth of improvement in a limited area. The Pareto principle (80/20 rule) is in effect (though not exactly at 80/20) and synergy is powerful. The self-actualized PUA-in-training has by definition become independent in his behavioral conditioning and his choice of habits. For him his observations of social behavior are data for data mining. He will squarely face the challenge of acquiring the basic elements critical to an intermediate level of methodical charisma, which will include the psychological analogy of item 3. He will need to demonstrate practical social awareness with unflappable psychological force. The state forces us to play the woman’s game. Getting laid reliably takes advanced charisma. The motivation will be there from the tasty whiffs of alpha treatment.

Item 3 is the awareness of what next physical fight moves are available. It’s the ability to see the physical fight as a chess match. The advanced view sees physical and physiological forces as two related aspects of the same thing.

Item 4 is the physical ability to execute fighting techniques as desired. It is not the desire informed by item 3. Both theory and practice are necessary, just like with interactions with women. Neither theory or practice is complicated unless you are truly dumb or trying to take too big of a step. Small steps with long dwell times for progressive conceptualization and internalization are the fastest way to PUA/VA greatness. Steady, humble, arrogant attention to one’s own business will do wonders.

Joe wears soft contacts when he goes out for night game. Glasses are too risky to habitually wear to the bars and clubs unless the correction is so small that it is not needed in a fisticuffs, but then why wear glasses in the first place? The sheeple are animals, remember. Vulnerability is opportunity per the pack social norms of the brain stem. Economy, constructiveness, and the long run are foreign concepts in the wilds of animal evolution.

I recommend you learn with internalization the block using two forearms held together side by side. The hands may be held variously throughout the rotation range of supination and pronation. The block is not ideal for all attacks (like an upward knee strike that could wedge between and slip through the forearms), but it is a great default. It probably is a basic kickboxing technique.

Most guys are brawlers or otherwise pure punchers. The basic punches to recognize and to be able to throw are the jab, cross, overhand, hook, and uppercut. However, I think the overhand is more of a specialty punch of less marginal utility, but don’t be surprised by it. And remember to look quickly, I said quickly, over your shoulder with useful frequency as circumstances will allow. Win quickly, and lots of that issue goes away. Learn some basic defense by blocking and slipping. Learn proper upper body movement side to side based on turning on one ball of the foot and then the other. Stay centered with feet underneath. Don’t lean forward. Bend your knees if you can.

Consult utube for videos of various offensive and defensive techniques and internalize some basic ones. Visualize fight scenarios and figure out what your boundaries and methods are. Be proficient with basics, and not too many at once, before trying to get fancy with specialty techniques, if ever. A few proficient basics are better than average ability with all the basics. Duh, winning. The techniques go head to head one at a time.

Were there opportunities for Joe to do more optimal specialty techniques based on what happened? Yes, but the Pareto principle is in effect. Time and vitality are limited and best spent for maximum effect in one’s overall life.

The two-forearms block with some logical body and block movement to evade and deflect is very well suited to protecting the ‘face-T’ or ‘face-I’ from fist strikes. Protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth is critical. They are prize targets recognized by the herd. The eyes themselves cannot be well hit without a trajectory that is close to perpendicular to the plane of the orbital opening, meaning the plain over the front of the eye. Straight up the middle strikes are dangerous for that reason and the fact that the striker utilizes his body weight with maximum efficiency, especially if striking somewhat upward to increase friction with the floor. The vintage Mike Tyson uppercut is a thing of beauty. You will need great knees, thighs, and perhaps ass for that.

There is a wide variance in the skill sets of certified black belts. Joe learned how to fight from someone who was not a black belt. There are lots of techniques you can practice on a heavy bag with quality instruction or know-how. Wrestling is very important, but such instruction is, to my knowledge, not so commonly accessible except as a student in high school. Anyone who can learn modern seduction is methodical. The same methodical self-improvement can make someone a better wrestler. It takes very little to know more about wrestling in the heat of battle than a pure fist striker. Watching the free UFC programming is a great way to learn the basics with some sophistication of breadth. The wrestling aspects are made plain with enough exposure, along with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) joint manipulation, the various striking methods with fists, elbows, knees, shins, and feet, and the methods of defense.

Striking with the palm heel is safer, and not legal in the UFC. In a street or bar fight UFC rules don’t apply. A hand is not uncommonly broken on a fist strike to the forehead, which is the thick part of the skull. Occasionally UFC combatants break a hand even with wearing the wrapping tape.

Getting good with men is like getting good with women, little by little in a rational and well-informed way. The initial phase of learning is the most profitable in terms of effort and reward. Adjust to your physical and mental endowments and the opportunities and needs specific to you, but at your own risk not mine. I got my own problems. This whole thing was and is for entertainment purposes only, lawyer scum. My views are untrustworthy. I am insane.

It takes a patriarchy, my brothers. Is it in you?

By Jove by definition it is in my brothers.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 21 May 2016

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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