IQ Versus Wisdom

IQ is capacity for reasoning distance. High IQ is effectively great reasoning reach and distance.

Purpose is direction. Wisdom is the capacity for a great choice in direction. Power without control is dangerous impotence.

The mistake I made, and that most high IQ, high culture men make, as indoctrinated by their mothers who are directed by perverse incentives woven into the tax farm narrative that is propaganda—the mistake I made was to think that a woman was some kind of human that by implication chaining tacitly meant a woman was like a man at all.

She is not.

At all mentally.

Don’t let the physical similarities fool you, or let the physical weakness entice you.

Motivation, purpose, direction issued from the brain stem is nothing like motivation, purpose, direction issued from the cerebral cortex. Xx is an animal with high IQ for an animal and sometimes high IQ for a human. A women is not simply a man minus accountability and reason. Do you think Hollywood would not have a plan B fallback of lesser control assiduously avoided but only by pressing plan A?

Men can rationalize too. That is partly why propaganda works best on high IQ, big heart men. Men are not simply better than women head-to-head by having higher cultural worth because the game does not have to be the man’s game of culture. The identity of the game actually being played as the why society runs how it does is further complicated by the various levels of culture captured in my concept socio-ecological gravity.

Enters Aurini.

Davis Aurini, the military-minded historian has said in one of his utub videos that ‘you fight for the guy next to you’. He has a high IQ, clearly. But his direction? Not wisdom. He is, I’m sorry to say, an attention chasing whore as much as a liberated, subsidized Western woman.

Aurini was great in 2014, when he peaked as a social commentator, but his directional turn with Roosh and his neo-masculinity BS in early 2015 is self-serving at best.

Aurini’s ‘Christianity’ is well known by anyone who follows him. I still follow him on twitter. Who is better?

I observed a tweet from Davis Aurini today that pisses me off, and so I write this to show that men can be fools and rationalize a direction and cause that is complete BS, like Hitler vs. Gandhi, like Charles I and V or Philip II vs. William II or Franciscus Gomarus, like any woman with an opportunity to raise her rank through trickery vs. any expedient target. The win-lose sheeple rationalize and believe it with conviction simply because it works, evolutionarily. Evolution allows the low life scum to believe their own self-serving lies. The more external conviction, the greater the primitive intelligence, which is the decline game by which the world runs in our time.

The text of @Aurinin’s tweet of 27 May 2016 reads: “”@WomenObeyUKIP: @Aurini …” watch this unpatriotic protester getting what’s-for from the Canadian ambassador #ireland”

That tweet retweets a tweet by @rtenews that has a video and reads: “Canadian Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers tackles protester at ceremony to honour British soldiers killed in 1916”

Here is an alternative video of the same event:

Here is the speech from the ‘rites’ heard on the video with what Aurini retweeted:

…success of regiments to those involved in the rising a century ago. In the words of the government’s forward to island 2016 centenary program, ‘all lives are equal in value’, and 2016 must be a year in which the narratives of everyone on this island of Ireland are included and heard. This is how we can truly honor the vision of the 1916 proclamation. ‘Who then?,’ we might ask are these 125 British service men. They were men from Athlone, from Cork, from [Leash?] and from Dublin.

I added bold emphasis, obviously. It is my transcript from audio.

If all lives are equal, why does the protester, who made more of an effort to be heard than mass media drones ever do, get such shoddy treatment?

A: Rationing of power.

“Watch this unpatriotic protester get what’s-for?” And your dog in the fight is what, globalism? So long as you are at all nobility, at all a somebody in the public eye, then who cares if all the rank and file is undead in equalism and utter bull$h!t that creates an environment where humanoid scum thrives and high culture men never know that their deficiencies are actually greatness the elite fears.

What do you fear Davis? Being alone with your neo-masculinity? Being a soldier with no publicly advertised war? Having no government issue glory?

The difference between you and a witch is that the witch steps on other people’s dick.

Though I recommend study of the dark side, it must be a servant and not a master. Most men have failed to master…themselves. Most men are not patriarch worthy. A patriarch can fertilize five women as easily as one.

It takes a patriarchy. It does not take men who are gladly tools of rigid hierarchy. Life is meant to have a certain healthy instability. Most of you are on the wrong side because the sides you see are those ‘they’ allow you to see per the Hegelian dialectic. Every garden variety witch has that view, and she believes it in her motivation not, which makes every soldier of the Narrative a witch’s witch.

For those not getting my veiled English idiom, to avoid mob rule at my expense, substitute the 23rd letter with the 2nd to get my sapid meaning.

Superstitious humans are the old biohuman tech; rationalist humans, the new. If win-win rationalists do not conquer the win-lose, fear-based superstitious absolutists of the natural sin soon enough, before AI can conquer, humanity as we even remotely understand it will cease to exist, and perhaps will simply be eliminated.

Evolution will not rest. Natural selection has some direction at all times, even in stagnation.

High IQ coupled with motivation not sourced from wisdom is our greatest enemy. The tool of my enemy is my enemy.

It is cowardice or innate brain inferiority, or both, to not consciously and sincerely identify oneself as an organism with a vested interest in the rationing of power. Human animals waste high IQ at the direction of their respective brain stems, which is to say they are simply antiquated organic technology to be utilized and regulated or otherwise eliminated per husbandry. Cowards waste high IQ at the direction of their respective limbic systems, either as defeated men or as innately inferior men useful only as an intermediate form of man. The glory will be ours.

Conqueror-producers relieve the pain and necessity of rationing. In that order of priority, gents! The economy is to economize but moreover to produce plenty and affluence. The rights that matter are property rights for producers. Since we don’t have that, adapt to the way it is, amass power, look for the turning point.

The right side of history? I’m on the right side of nature. Kiss my ass, non-rationalists.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 28 May 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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