The Calling Is Culling, Dumbasses

A rare but pretty lie told at the Château Heartiste today in the post “Rabbit Holocaust” (a beautifully truthful title as far as r/K selection goes):

“We are careening into the rabbit holocaust, when everything liberals believe and hold dear will be under mortal threat, and they will die or scatter to the protection of their warrens. … This may be a needed cleansing.” [Ya think?]

“The solution will be, as always, a forceful taking of power by the K-selected wolves, to save the rabbits from themselves.” [Spot the lie?]

If the lie is not striking to you, you are a social relativist. You may was well be an attention whore. You need the kudos for your ego?

Read The Selfish Gene and don’t be a dumbass. Wolves don’t tend rabbits unless they farm them (husbandry them) for food, labor, etc. With modern technology we only need sheeple for sex and baby making (until 2050), hardly anything and perhaps nothing more. Past the expiration date and not a productive man’s property? Out.

The NWO is not all evil or all wrong any more than Hister was all evil or all wrong. Like Napoleon, he was power mad stupid when he attacked westward to conquer all Slavs. Slavs are not leaders of culture or progress, but they are the most resistant to conquest of any ethic class of white peoples. Competent simplicity trumps incompetent sophistication.

A sheeple’s gonna sheeple. Herding always leads to institutionalized decline. I don’t see any good reason for CH to invoke the beta bitch’s protective instinct. Progress happens when there are no more human animals, savages, and barbarians—or thereabouts a much as practically possible. Edumication is not the answer. Evolution never dies. CH should pray to his Biomechanics is God with more sincerity.

“The social cloth holding this altogether is fraying. Now I think if you do a little math [about cats and dogs] you can figure out for yourself what the conflict in the Unites States will be. I’d rather not get banned for hate speech comments on this channel. I do like making videos and getting a little bit of advertising revenue off of them, so instead of that let’s talk about Israel.” [Davis Aurini, “Generational Cycles & the Upcoming Crisis,” 17 March 2013, 54:00–54:26]

“A small group of the Jews decided that there was one law for the treatment of Jews and another law for the treatment of the goyim. And this small sect, this small group of little Jews, mistreated the goyim for centuries, resulting in World War II. And now all of you Jews defend them. It’s time to clean house. All of us. Every race has black marks upon their character. We have people that have betrayed us, done vial things, and manipulated others. It’s time to clean house. Maybe. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s too late. [Davis Aurini, “Cleaning House: Hypocrites, Sell Outs, & Shysters,” 13 April 2013, 17:34–18:34]

I could not find the segment from Aurini that I wanted. As I recall, he implied that if it were necessary to cull an entire certain group (a group not explicitly mentioned in this post), that would be a sad necessity. Evolution doesn’t give a fuck about sad, except for its evolutionary rating. The truth was profound.

If you want it done right, there you are with little means. There is no decent team to join. There is no decent leadership for you, a rational man, to follow. Your system must be a disposable parasitic system on the establishment system. Be great in your tiny sphere of control, decent men of the West. Quality not quantity. Exploit the vermin, or be exploited by them. Perhaps, when we are able individuals, able to navigate the human filth with an inner dignity kept sublime and even perfected by the experience, by the harsh lessons of functional truth, we will gradually find each other, steeled by the win-lose hardening we love of the win-lose mentality we hate, but master it all the same for the love of knowledge and human greatness, and accrue into the next big thing.

The lies will take you off of the yellow brick road. There is no wizard for the rational any more than there are witches that ride brooms (cf. ‘witch craze’), but sheeple will always elect one. The witch craze was motivated by the expansion of a superstitious European population.

The devil is in the superstitious mind. And you want to save ‘rabbits’?

Be the wizard, ah hum lol, where you are. If you follow a wizard, you are not a man (a man who owns himself). In these times every real man is a wizard (read ‘husband’ practicing husbandry on not his property, no rights for producers or patriarchs, but practicing seduction and dumbing down communication and social expectations à la Obumba and Trumpft). Beware the hostile and ubiquitous narrative elements from wizards and sheeple, and the line blurs with primitive intelligence. Keep not the nature of your enemy alive, stupids. Wolves are not guard dogs. Real men are not bitches.

You must learn to feel as well as think, and even to think not, to select your mental processes with total authority, with total congruency. Thinking is not enough. More thinking suffers from marginal utility like everything else.

Determine truth without your emotions, grasshopper. If you are a real man, your emotions, and I mean your emotions, are there to help you navigate truth, not to assess it. Perhaps one day your reactions will be yours and seconds later your conscious self will approve.

PUA is the way. Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild.

The culling of the falsely civilized masses in inevitable with or without you. The wrong side of nature is no place fit for living.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 June 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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