Social Tension Is Sheeple Relevance

As CH has explained many times, negative feelings from a woman are more conducive to her ‘vote’ than no feelings at all. A vector has magnitude and direction. Absolute magnitude is energy, sheeple interest energy. Direction can be changed by flipping the script, reframing the interpretation, etc.

We have already seen it with the proposed idea of a ban on Muslim imports. The Orlando shooting at the Pulse queer club has only strengthened Trump’s hand. Sheeple are motived by the brain stem, and the brain stem runs mainly on a lust-fear axial, axiomatic dimension. (I have oversimplified to create one dimension. Do your own research.)

As Scott Adams explained, Hillary finally played a strong move with painting the Trump presidency as something to fear. There is no need in logically explaining to libtards the stupidity of Muslim imports. The way to reach them is to emote to them the scariness of it. The suppressed news story of the angry and terminated Muslim without other casualties at the Walmart in Amarillo, Texas on 14 June 2016 would create the fear that the tax farmers don’t want, but also it is less compelling since only the lone Muslim died. It does not appear to be jihad either. But don’t piss off a Muslim! FEAR.

The same pattern is being deployed again. The Hispanish invaders are drawing blood from Trump supporters. There will be some outrageous event by the standards of public attention. The Left is dead set on that sort of degenerate progress in their decline and milk agenda. Milk the producers, who happen to mostly be white men with light-side civilized leaning that make them pansies. There is a dark side to being civilized.

The negative emotion associated with Donald Trump’s comments on the Hispanic-American judge Gonzalo Curiel seem to have dropped Trump’s polling numbers. You would think Gonzalo would be as obvious as Hussein, and it is. Sheeple operate on a primitive but primitively wily MO. Considering a sheeple to be at all human mentally, if civilized men are human, is all the opening necessary to waste the lives relevant to cooperative happiness and prosperity.

In the future, with a Trump presidency looming and squatting beaner invaders wanting their (drug lord’s) land back, there will be ‘the event’ that Trump will use to pivot the public interpretation of his so-called anti-Hispanic position into a self-preservation position. FEAR. Maybe it will take a pack of Hispanics bloodying Democrat party supporters by mistake or by simple pack lust for power. Courting animals and savages with soft wussies has predictable results. The goal is to win in early November 2016, if Trump is really trying for keeps.

Seduction is platonic more than it is sexual. Most sheeple are not a worthy receptacle for a man’s physical splendor.

I remind you that “Rational Conflict Predilection Is Required” and the essential difference of ambition between sheeple and civilized men is “The intragroup-Intergroup Conflict Bias.”

Trump is the paragon and virtual ideal of post-feminism masculinity. His masculinity was forged and shaped by ubiquitous subsidized female liberation. Go by what women do, boyz. Their words lack all truth except an earnest sincerity to take what they can get in the moment without regard for your welfare or the future.

Besides fear, Trump’s will to preserve himself and his country is sexy authority. It will trigger lust in women and sheeple in general. Sheeple align autonomically with the greatest fear and call it lust. That is their essential social protocol. Everything else is rationalization to win on the strongest intragroup team while mitigating exposure to intergroup conflict. And what a beautiful world for sheeple it would be with one world pack, one world currency. one world religion, one world culture. And you guard dogs want to save them for morality job security. Sick.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 17 June 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to Social Tension Is Sheeple Relevance

  1. Reading this made me wonder why you would even bother trying to structure arguments, when your use of so many derisive insults guarantees no one will give them credence who doesn’t already agree. Rants might have some “letting off steam” effect I suppose, but it won’t change minds or contribute to any sort of dialogue toward greater understanding. I pity your sense of isolation and powerlessness, no matter the cause.

    [RD: What “derisive insults”? “Sheeple” and “guard dogs” are some harsh words alright. Don’t pity me for superior character, awareness, or cultural potential. If you must fake a sense of superiority to me, pity me for this yoke of “greater understanding” which is the bottomless-well idolatry that props you up to unnatural heights at my expense. The cause is you and yours, my affliction.]

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