The Crazy of Thomas Mair

Thomas Mair did not fade gently into that goodnight. He is the alleged (and it seems certain) killer of MP Jo Cox. The reported details follow.

Thomas Mair, born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, was/is a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient who (reportedly) attacked and mortally wounded Jo Cox on 16 June 2016 with both an antique or homemade gun and a knife while shouting, “Britain [F/f?]irst.” There is a British nationalist party called Britain First, one that has the audacity to oppose Islamisation. Thomas Mair also (reportedly) stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to intervene. As reported by Murdoch’s skyward news (see “MP Jo Cox Killed In ‘Appalling’ Street Attack”), “Eyewitness Hichem Ben Abdallah said a “very brave” bystander tried to stop a man who shot Mrs Cox twice and assaulted her.” Thomas Mair is also inferred to be pro-apartheid for having been a ‘subscriber to S. A. Patriot, a South African magazine that was published by the pro-apartheid group, the White Rhino Club.’

Jo Cox was born in Batley, West Yorkshire, grew up in Heckmondwike, and graduated Cambridge University in 1995. She died at the age of 41 years, less than a week from her 42nd birthday, a Member of Parliament representing Batley and Spen since her election in 2015, a wife, and the mother of two daughters aged three and five. She was also at the time of her death ‘an adviser to Sarah Brown and Baroness Kinnock, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and to anti-slavery campaign group The Freedom Fund.’ Last October, she launched the All Party Parliamentary Friends of Syria group, becoming its chair.

It is evident, Mrs. Cox had her two children roughly at the ages of 36 and 38. Jo Cox met her husband Brendan while working for the charity Oxfam. She started working there in 2001, we can surmise at the age of either 26 or 27. The Oxfam website at present describes its origins:

Oxfam International was formed in 1995 by a group of independent non-governmental organizations. Their aim was to work together for greater impact on the international stage to reduce poverty and injustice.

The name “Oxfam” comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, founded in Britain in 1942. The group campaigned for food supplies to be sent through an allied naval blockade to starving women and children in enemy-occupied Greece during the Second World War.

We are told (see “Jo Cox MP: ‘A humanitarian with political nous’”) she ‘visited Darfur in 2008 when she was head of policy for Oxfam’ and:

Mrs Cox had built a successful career in the charity sector fighting human suffering. Eight years working for Oxfam [and Oxfam International in varied roles in 2001–2009] – where she met her husband – enabled her to show inspiring leadership and political intelligence, despite her remarkably young age, her former colleagues recall.

Mrs Cox left Oxfam in 2009 and became the director of ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah’s Maternal Mortality Campaign, which campaigns for women’s right in the developing world.

At the 2005 World Summit, she had successfully argued for the international community to agree a “responsibility to protect” and intervene when governments fail to stop crimes against their citizens.

Together with Amnesty International, Mrs Cox also pushed for a global arms trade treaty, which was eventually adopted in 2014 after a decades-long campaign.

She was clearly a woman of accomplishment, making a difference and all that. I have not determined when husband Brendan Cox married this prize, but she was pushing thirty if not past it and quite ‘worldly’ when he got the legal rights. She graciously took his last name. If you are wondering what kind of man could even be able to marry such a prize, well…notice the fine mettle of this man in response to the murder of his innocent wife. This is the ‘moving statement’ he released:

Today is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. More difficult, more painful, less joyful, less full of love. I and Jo’s friends and family are going to work every moment of our lives to love and nurture our kids and to fight against the hate that killed Jo.

Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it every day of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people.

She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her. Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion, it is poisionous.

We learn that ‘Mrs Cox is the first MP to be murdered in office since Conservative politician Ian Gow was killed by an IRA car bomb in 1990.’ A new era of right-wing evil? Can’t these losers live with grandma, inherit the house or flat, be socially isolated, and be fucking happy?!

Neighbours said that he lived with his grandmother, until she died twenty years ago, and had never had any full-time employment.

His brother, Scott, 49, said he had “a history of mental illness”. Scott Mair told reporters he had wept when he heard about the killing of Mrs Cox.

[In 2011 Scott? or Thomas? Mair] told a local newspaper: “I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world. “(sic)Many people who suffer from mental illness are socially isolated and disconnected from society, feelings of worthlessness are also common mainly caused by long-term unemployment.

“All these problems are alleviated by doing voluntary work. Getting out of the house and meeting new people is a good thing, but more important in my view is doing physically demanding and useful labour.

A man is his work (all real Xians know that), and Spartacus was a fool who didn’t known heaven on earth like a fish knowns not water nor bicycle. Let’s continue with “Thomas Mair: Man arrested in connection with Jo Cox attack was a ‘loner’ with ‘history of mental health problems’”:

“When you have finished there is a feeling of achievement which is emotionally rewarding and psychologically fulfilling.

“For people for whom full-time, paid employment is not possible for a variety of reasons, voluntary work offers a socially positive and therapeutic alternative.”

Last night his house was cordoned off and under police guard as neighbours spoke of the “very quiet but very helpful” suspect.

Kathleen Cooke, 62, said: “I am really shocked. He walked past my house this morning and said hello like he always does. He was wearing a grey T shirt and his white baseball cap like he always does and he was carrying a small rucksack.

“He is just a quiet bloke who keeps himself to himself. “He is very helpful and he helps local people with their gardens. There is one neighbour who is a bit frail and he keeps her garden tidy. He has helped me cut my hedge a couple of times.

“He has lived here for 40 years and has never been in any trouble and has never caused any trouble. He sometimes used to shout at the local kids if they played too near his house but that is fairly normal.

Yes, it had to have been mental illness. First Spartacus, and now this guy Thomas Mair. At least his brother turned out right. Children native to the West by generations are always a crap shoot.

Team Woman

In completely unrelated news, dateline California, Mehico: “Woman drives off with body in windshield, severed leg on trunk in hit and run.”

A California woman left the scene of an accident and drove for almost a mile attempting to get home with a man’s dead body lodged in her windshield and a severed leg on the trunk of her car. The 29-year-old woman had hit a man on her way home from a night of partying, but continued on her journey with the dead man attached to the car.

Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga, who goes by Stacy Sanchez on social media, continued towards her home after this gruesome hit and run. She drove on sidewalks, crashing through residential landscaping and then stopping her car in a cul-de-sac near her home. She got out of the car and walked to her house, according to The Washington Post on June 27.

When Izazaga came home, her husband called 911, but the man was dead. Police questioned Izazaga, who admitted to have been out drinking at different bars all night. This accident happened just after the sun came up on Monday morning around 6:20 a.m. on the 4000 block of Mission Avenue in Oceanside.

After admitting to drinking and driving Izazaga was booked into the Vista Detention Facility for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. This is a gruesome hit and run scenario that has been seen before. Just last week Maria Lentini, 30, was charged for a hit and run accident that killed a man back in December.

This woman drove around for more than an hour with this man’s body “impaled in her BMW’s windshield in Clifton Park, New York. In another accident back in March of 2015, Jose Antonio Santiago hit a 62-year-old woman near Allentown, Pennsylvania, with such force that the impact severed her body at the waist. Santiago still denied hitting the woman even though her torso had come to a rest on the floor in the passenger’s side of his car.

Me thinks Ms. Sanchez needs a better bicycle. Don’t expect society to actually function reliably at the civilized level ever again in your lifetime. It is a crap shoot every time you interact with our diverse world. Everyone but the civilized are allowed civilized means and affluence. Enjoy. It’s enough for a man without Game awareness and reconciliation to ‘go crazy’. Mr. Mair was strangely focused with clarity that fateful day. Leftist politicians may have to face the uncertainties that the Nigel Farages of the world have had to face, such as the sabotage of his SUV brakes not too long ago. It would be better to let go of trying to save the world for dummies.

Give your smarts a chance to win by being a player with options. It is wrong to kill if you don’t have the sovereignty to get away with it make it legal, just, and evidently moral.

Talk to the brain stems, guys! Ugah boga. There are options in decline. Don’t act like you are entitled to set the direction of the world. You are not. If you were entitled, the laws of nature would be giving you the power right now. PUA is the way. That, boy, is power. The Matrix and Conan’s Riddle of Steel.

What the hell more clues do you need? Crazy is trying to stop a mass installment of just deserts that all-powerful nature is cooking up right now. Heck, the sheeple are enjoying utopia right now. Why would they give that up? From the sheeple perspective doing that and one Mr. Mair are clearly crazy.

You have two choices in the real world: (1) be a good worker until you are discarded, or (2) be a player valued highly as a fellow sheeple. All other choices have been taken from you. Sorry. You want to play life everlasting, that’s your gamble, but while you are alive in this world, the highest power evidently and certainly allows you to be either played or a player. If you don’t choose the latter, you get played=hurt. I think you are crazy to not embrace utopia. Utopia is the reality of your time on this earth.

Nothing rewards sheeple like giving them what they want and having some damn patience.

If you can’t take care of yourself, why are you worried about everyone else? They know what they are doing. They are very, very good at being what they are. They are the winners. What California is, the rest of the States will be in ten years. Think of how difficult it will be to benefit from government welfare when the highways are regular killing fields. Mother nature has a plan. Get with her plan because women be always rite n shiet ipah ipah. Don’t be crazy.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I’d rather have gotten to know Esteysi at her final pleasure venue of the night than to have met her while passing through her windshield at, what?, 60 mph? If you are going to pay, and you have and you will, you may as well maximize your ROI. Player or fool: that is the question.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 June 2016


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I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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