Secret Society Communication


Via a comment left by Captain Wacko For Men at the latest CH post, I came across the smut journalism photo above. The picture is part of the TMZ exposé post “Team USA Basketball Players in Rio ‘Brothel’ … Oops, We Thought It Was a Spa” dated 5 August 2016.

If you care about what grown men do on their own time per some moral issue, you are a fool. You have no sovereignty to defend except what you carry on your back by natural rights. The public is not your team. Don’t believe the illusion of relevance. The circus is there to keep you a fool and a loser. Get practical.

What is noteworthy in the photo is the female’s eye contact with the camera/photographer. She is posing to transfer status from the guy (identified as Demarcus) to herself. She is connecting with her accomplice and insider peers to demonstrate higher value (DHV, as the animals see it). Look how smug full of herself she is. That window to the soul shows the true ‘heart’ of a liberated woman flush in her femininity wilds. That look is a third of the way to the most evil face you can ever see in theory, most of you will fail, but that is an advanced digression. The domain of discourse for this article is covert social awareness.

The betas communicate verbally; the instinctive secret society language is body language.

Women, since they are not put in their place by rank-and-file men (which is the only civilized merit to have marriage, now gone by government monopoly), are constantly but intermittently scanning the social scene, typically and metaphorically the ‘room’. Because women are subsidized liberated, they are gaining actionable intelligence useful for their genes only evolutionary struggle. They do this in a sneaky way that is autonomic. Start looking for it, like the able PUAs do.

Your job is to join the primitive insiders’ channel. You must display body language of the primitive sophisticate and connect with feeling to be intensionally shown it and to ‘see’ it. Awareness is the first step to membership. The alpha rules are only for members.

People watching is a big, big deal with women making their own choices with their vaginas and their lives and yours by government force subtle and terrifying. Trying to hash out an open understanding on the rhetoric channel is a trap distraction. Ignore it. Open the door to a better life instead. You can do what they do with the advantage of long-term planning powered by meme evolution.

If a woman shares that look in the picture with you, she considers you to be an insider and not a stupid animal. Civilized men unaware of the animal humans are cosmopolitan chumps with feet of metastasising clay spreading upward as the decline matures. Play or be played. You can run but you can’t hide. Survivalists need seduction skills just the same.

Yours in patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 07 August 2016

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to Secret Society Communication

  1. thwack says:

    “She is connecting with her accomplice and insider peers to demonstrate higher value”

    Can a whore demonstrate higher value while still being a whore?

    Who does she demonstrate it to and how does she do it?

    • Sigma Frame says:

      Can a whore demonstrate higher value while still being a whore?

      I believe that is the fundamental goal of their endeavor, in addition to the sheer pleasure and ego gratification that it brings to them. Most don’t succeed, at least not long term, but a few do. If we could cherry pick M0nic@ L&w!nsk! as an example of ‘success’, she is riding quite high these days, just from an illicit association with a Pres!dent nearly 20 years ago.

      Doug is probably right. The men on the ‘inside’ (quite a pun) are selectively preferred for ‘breeding’ through association. Those guy’s who can’t clue into this and adapt are going to be bred out of existence within a few generations, provided that Patriarchy continues its demise into the new animal kingdom. There might be a kernel of truth in what Len@ Dunh@m said a while back,

      It’s not the end of men, it’s the evolution of men into better men.

      • Good comment, Sigma Frame. If female instincts are fitted to the herdish wild, what is ‘long run’ from that autonomic perspective? Five seconds with alpha is all (winning at genes evolution) long term takes. The goal is premium pregnancy not premium child rearing and cultural instruction by dad. Scary how women incidentally or tangentially tell the truth sometimes, and how they define ‘better men’. I think they know exactly what they are doing, and what they are, in their respective subconsciousnesses. I’m not so sure women would not kill off men if given the chance. They are so ‘present’.

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