First Peak Around the Beta Mask

thwack asked some questions by comment in my previous post “Secret Society Communication”:

“She is connecting with her accomplice and insider peers to demonstrate higher value”

Can a whore demonstrate higher value while still being a whore?

Who does she demonstrate it to and how does she do it?

Short Answer: Yes, women are players=liars. To the capable pack animals by body language.

Per pure gene evolution thoughtful men are weak and repulsive. No S&R value in the wild. A woman’s locus of control is in her brain stem. She lives by instincts and fakes culture as expedient. If you don’t look out for #1, you disgust women and yet they love the ego trip of using you.

Men with big hearts and high IQ have internalized from boyhood propaganda and psychological abuse, virtually all of you Western men reading this. The war on men begins in boyhood. The idea that boys have ADD or ADHD and should be medicated is BS, at least very often (my layman’s opinion). This is an evolutionary contest between higher-order high culture freedom and lower-order animal or savage freedom supplemented by the freedom of elites to tax farm us. Don’t assume there is something wrong with you being spergy. A successful Chinese man suddenly placed in Rome would be an outcast and loser. You are not surrounded by civilized men and women. You have overestimated their human value by one or two orders of magnitude, at least I had. Conscious primitive social awareness takes time to learn; sheeple never will have conscious awareness but they don’t want to lose to you. (See Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene for the backstory.)

Harder evolutionary selection standards has made and will make men better than women and better in the future.

As I explained, the demonstrations of higher value are to club members only. Women have instinctive skills to manipulate men per evolution. Getting or being able to get alpha sperm is high value to all women (jealousy). Most men (~95% I guess) are betas and omegas who never catch on.

To see behind the ‘beta mask’ the first time, a man must entice the more direct animal awareness look by faking alpha presence. Cardinal rule is DGAF. It applies to your emotions and feelings not your logic per the triune brain model.

The path to mastery is mostly learning and then relearning the basics better and better over and over.

The alcohol in women, stimulation in a night club, the social expectations, and short sight lines will help get initial reactions, but women intentionally look at you to rank you when you look elsewhere unless they want you to see them looking because they want to entice your association (usually in a good way pending measuring up to beyond her standards and value). If you don’t look like potential top 10% she won’t look at you even a 1/20th of a second. In my experience in a very target-poor non-big city area, if the women do not reach 50% of the patrons the women treat men with total disinterest per supply and demand. When the 50% threshold is reached, women are competing for the best hawt guys.

Passive alpha is easier to initially fake than dynamic alpha, but only dynamic alpha closes.

Getting club cred is necessary to triggering attraction, so well worth the effort. This is not a weakness you can work around in decline. Fame will ‘work’ wonders but the insulation causes success to ruin the famous, so it is still necessary. Women have been given political superiority over men. We play the women’s game and are played if we don’t play and win. Social relativists are win-lose.

Go out alone and face the frame issue of enticing an alpha evaluation and then those interactive fitness/shit tests. It takes as long as it takes to get preliminary attraction, easily hours or nights of nightclub field work. The speed of body language communication is shocking at first, because you don’t belong and they want to ‘speed’ by you as if there never was something there in the first place. The speed of body language assessment (relating to Theory of the Mind) is no slower.

You will have about 1/20th of a second to see around the beta mask the first time. Sex is damn serious evolutionary business and there are no wild ethics.

This video does a great job explaining ‘social cues’ except for the mental abuse at the end. Don’t believe it but harvest the value with it. Filtering separates the rational men from the blue pill boyz.

Owen Cook aka RSDTyler has the best free explanations of social cues regarding the sexual market place and the games women play.

I wanted to find another RSDTyler video but this one will do. I have not watched it beyond the first few minutes, and since I am not learning anything new without my own research, and since I have a life to address, I probably won’t, unless I need to kill some time unwinding. All RSDTyler videos kick ass and the start of this one is very well done. I add the caution that a women’s reaction to your advances tell you more about her instinctive interest in you than her verbal answer. Owen has amazing skill. Don’t go by her words in real life. He’s simply trying to make a point in a way you can get it on video at the beginning.

Unplug. Sidestep. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

Yours in patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 8 August 2016

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to First Peak Around the Beta Mask

  1. thwack says:

    What I meant Doug, was in regard to the photo; those guys probably suspected the women were whores, and since they were foreign olympic athletes, the whores were probably attempting to GAIN higher value by being seen with the athletes.

    The whores are NOT demonstrating or gaining any value OVER the athletes; they are trying to demonstrate or gain higher value over being a whore; which is the “floor of all female sexual utility.

    Even a slut is higher than a whore.

    [RD: Thanks for the clarification, though I’m not convinced. The misunderstanding led to a good post. I’m hoping someone will ‘see’ what I mean and post a comment about it, but maybe I am crazy. Whores outperform virgins at pure gene evolution every time. Virgin virtue (unlike virgin SMV) is a cultural construct. Getting (or getting close to getting) a load of premium sperm is always liberated female DHV but more importantly, winning, which is the ultimate point. I personally think you credit women far too much with mental similarity to men, and that you are not convinced. Each man can decide for himself. It’s the masculine way.]

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