The Exclusive #NeverHillary Club

The FBI investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton has been resumed. I remind you that Barry is the premier community organizer.

The philosopher looks for consistency. Let’s see where a veiled hatred of Hillary by the B.O. takes us. Here comes a possibility.

Imagine the energy that NecroVag has expended with the fix being in, if it is. It would be emotionally devastating. We can surmise that the stinky B.O. was handpicked for power. We can also surmise that the NecroVag has been tolerated. She is a loose canon: an instinctive or otherwise compulsive gimedat militant feminist.

Donald Trump is part of the Establishment. If he went renegade, he would be targeted by the Establishment. He has not been. His billions are worth nothing without political acceptance. The game between Israel and the Middle East is nothing but cultural energy being harnessed for profit and globalization.

I predicted as much as a strong possibility in “Compliance Testing Your Ass”, 19 July 2016:

Obviously, the Western establishment is not concerned that the wrong person will become the next president of the United States, for them. Can they lose either way? Can we benefit more from one leading candidate or the other?

With Hillary you get a high IQ on female life support. What I mean is the female brain stem rules. I believe that a woman almost always cannot be a talented social engineer beyond the opportunistic plays of the pack environment in which female instincts were designed. Hillary is, I believe, driven by relative status and power in a way typical of liberated Western women. I don’t think she has the finesse to not be greedy up front in immediately simplistic terms in trade to be more deadly later. Women like her instinctively play greedy algorithms, which is to say she does what is best in the moment for herself per exactly then.

I am not painting a rosy picture here. There is no substitute for male popular sovereignty. Trump is just one man, and if he could take care of us, he would be in charge of us. We would not be free. We would not be real men in the least, which is what MHRAs don’t fucking get.

I also predicted Hillary’s numbers would not tank, and might be bolstered, by her image of corruption, taken to be a qualification of gimedat, in “Hypergamy for President”, dated 11 September 2016:

I predict that Hillary’s numbers will not tank, that women will take it as an affront that Hillary the icon would be scrutinized. As a symbol she is beyond scrutiny! Women get off on having more value than all men but that one sperm-donor hunk, and they might as well elevate one at their leisure with total safety. Liberated broads get off on fooling and hurting men with impunity, as proof of the potent measure of her feral womanhood, and the more men she hurts and the more intense their pain at her command, the better for her. A woman’s mind and heart and vagina is a three-in-one jungle. E pluribus truncatis.

The question then is: Will this investigation hurt or help Hillary in the polls?

It is very interesting. I think the question is ultimately rather this: Is Hillary the best at bringing home the goodies?

She certainly has no problem in comparison to Trump or any other potential candidate in bringing home the goodies. Berry Sanders was swept aside, corruptly but effectively.

The only way this investigation hurts her is if she looks feckless, vulnerable. Smart sheeple herd around superlative power: i.e. all women. For most women that is Daddy Gubbermint. If we don’t see the mass media saturated with NecroVag in handcuffs looking passe, her voter support will not slip.

The interesting thing is that Hillary can paint Trump as the danger that is actually herself and make it stick. Social conservatives are holding back their votes for Trump because he does not act like a saint with supernatural grace. These dummies actually demand a sterilized masculinity for president. The sheeple on the right don’t want to see the inconvenient evil under their noses, embraced by their mangina identities (and the women in the social vestments of Xianity are just being adaptive per the usual role playing). The man sheeple on the right would have to deal with it emotionally then. Evil is a label of convenience not burden. A man that understands women to be sex objects is not consistent with their sense of psychological fashion. They want their president to be a ‘better’ man to the point of being an ideal that lives only in never-never land.

When Trump relies on the corruption charge, he looks weak. Sheeple don’t care about ethics: they care about their own power. I still think it would be most effective for trump to play a stronger fear card, which can only be Muslim terrorism. He is not doing that. I think he knows better. If he does know better, it’s like he does not want to win, or he does not want to further offend Muslims or the Islam brand. I am not sure. We just don’t have enough information to go on. I think the politics of the elite bureaucrats among themselves, under their masters as may be, is hidden. We only get a sense of the turbulence. The powers that be will also obfuscate on purpose.

I think it is likely that Obama detests HRC with a passion and is trying to take her out without getting his metaphoric hands dirty, that the Establishment will be served well by either candidate, and that if Trump wants to win without hoping to get lucky, he must look animal strong and sell himself as the solution to the biggest sheeple fear in the election instead of being both weak in caring about rules and strong as the biggest fear to be avoided.

Does Trump play to win, or does this come down to the wire?, that is the foremost question. If he does not, the secondary question matters: Does Obama put this investigation on the fast track and create the ruinous optics or does he stifle the investigation?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 October 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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