Because AWALT: Animal Smart, Culture Dumb

It’s not the end of men, it’s the evolution of men into better men.
—Lena Dunham from a tweet on 2 November 2016

The video, embedded in the same tweet, woe-mansplains the benefits of white men ‘stepping back’ into extinction. There is a principled logic to it. We are flesh robots, and we all run on logic of some sort. The unknowable soul is an illusion. Here is the crux of nature’s globalism: What space-faring species will have animals and savages as cohorts and not pets or a past memory? Profound animalism is Lena’s proclamation. We are so glad her choice for head kunt of the world did not win the election. Now we can merely watch Germany fall to savages from a relatively comfortable distance thanks to the head kunt of Europe. Natural selection is a bitch alright. There’s a lot to unpack from this paragraph. We begin.

Women have minds of well-honed but psychologically treacherous herd animal calculus per the intelligent design of evolution using natural selection, lotsa guinea pigs. Oh, how it hurts to have crumbling feet of clay. Cultural strength (meme evolution fitness) is reckoned as animal weakness (gene evolution fitness). Women are creatures of pure gene evolution. Principles are for the retarded animals; rhetoric, for the strong.

It is, of course, naive to suppose meme evolution of the human mind has nothing to do with gene evolution of the human brain: the two are inseparable. Certainly, memes of the mind are limited by the genes of the brain. There is not only the matter of IQ but the matter of EQ or the ability to sublimate one’s emotions and instincts to evidence-based logic (the mentally difficult software logic of the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex). Wealth stewardship requires a pesky sort of bondage for mass cooperation called culture. Animals don’t like that sort of social bonds. Emotional attachment is a herd animal sin sold by the unfairer sex.

As Mystery explained long ago, we are motivated by survival and replication (SNR) value. That motivation in pure genes value is our instincts. A woman’s locus of control is in her brain stem, the lizard brain. Women are good wives only if it is the continuously best option, which it is in a healthy patriarchy that discriminates against unchaste women and their illegitimate children, illegitimate for expensive cultural investment by a high culture man. Be all you can be, bastard or no; but bastardy is inherently low culture if not outright animal. No civilization can afford—oh, snap—just look around for how far down the slippery slope we’ve fallen. The savages and animals have risen and are not part of my we. Decline is about animal excellence fed by cannibalism of their cultural betters but animal inferiors. White men got soft, and plenty of white women sold it to us as a virtue, and still do. Paging our celebrated bitch agitator.

Turning liberated women on for sex worth having is about animal excellence. Sorry. Though the experienced liberated women are for societal purposes ruined for wifedom, those women hot off the press will simply adapt to the prevailing social environment as always. Patriarchs acquire good wives quickly enough. We are not patriarchs.

From the instinctive female perspective, white men (since circa the 1910s in the United States) are shit. Here’s why:

Socio-Ecological Gravity From the Female Perspective

If you need more of an explanation on the graphic, as my regulars already know, it is given in “Why Stupid Is Outsmarting You” dated 13 June 2014.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 11 January 2017

P.S. In response to a comment on my about page from our friend who does the Morning News Telegraph: I am struggling in real life and must focus there. I recently found out from one of Aurini’s videos (I think his 2017 predictions) that he was recently homeless. All that glorious IQ governed by, IMO, emotional attachment to the guard dog-soldier persona. He seems to have responded to the ordeal by making himself more #1 in his priorities, and I think that’s great.

I have been doing the same. No results thus far, but not quitting either. After Trump the deluge comes, but I’ll make hay if I get sunshine. I expect we all should focus where we can be most effective for our own individual welfares. I am not blogging like I used too. I don’t have the knack for being popular and getting somewhere with it. My past work on this blog has helped me work through red pill ideas according to my discernment, though not without missteps along the way and not without room for improvement no doubt. But it works. I see the whys now. I will need every advantage with the handicaps I have, all that privilege only on paper.

American middle-aged white men are dying for the longevity (and improved welfare) of all ‘Americans’ save younger white men. Basically as desired by parasites great and small. Just search the Web for ‘middle-aged white men’ and read the search results about our higher death rates. This is the imperial homeland in its last phase. As history knows, the native plebs get squeezed relentlessly unto the terminus. I’m gen X. I expect gen Y white men to crumble earlier in their lives and more pervasively. I don’t see the system itself crumbling or giving way first, but hopefully I am wrong. In the meantime, reject responsibility without privilege, and don’t always reject privilege without responsibility because that would be irresponsible in the animal kingdom. Primitive sophistication is the social magic of the tax farm where the rubber actually hits the road.

“She’s always a woman to me___”, but I reject the defeatist tone, the submissive male acceptance of female ‘mystery’, that made it marketable. My, my, the inspiration a liberated woman like Elizabeth Weber Small can give is rather common, don’t you think?


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to Because AWALT: Animal Smart, Culture Dumb

  1. Colby Wilson says:

    The extinction of straight White men is also the extinction of white women straight or no. Ms. Dunham didn’t really think that one through as always. Typical stupid cunt.

    [RD: Yup. I thought of that too, but left it out. Women regard group identity like principles as narrative elements to be manipulated. In a word: solipsism. Women can neither understand nor be understood in cultural terms.]

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