Superman Filter: Not Worth the Squeeze

This is a follow up to my last post, “Because AWALT: Animal Smart, Culture Dumb.” There is a second way to interpret the White Emasculation Proclamation of our white gurl gollum: She secretly yearns for white superman.

There is data. There is the interpretation of data. There are the ideas produced from interpretation. There is knowledge that is useful ideas. Life is a many splendored thing, and the law of conservation does not require all interpretive frames to be mutually exclusive. It is possible that Lena Dunham and other white women instinctively hate white men at large as an existential threat to their natural and acutely antagonistic freedom in two ways. Consider the antithetical nature of men of high culture, that is high white culture, such that primitive minds unable to grasp the virtue of cultural bonds regard those men as literally and exactly ‘white’ men (who ain’t what we used to be):

(1) If white men at large should win, that evil patriarchy, women will have lost the only contest they as animals (of the brain stem) care about and with constant compulsiveness, the immediately evident power game reckoned in relative status within the herd.

(2) If white men at large continue to exist, they will continue to suppress animal freedom simply by being in the way as chaff at the least, and where’s the hedonistic tingles in that gross, ubiquitous stimulation that must be dodged constantly?

Empathy ain’t sympathy. Women are so instinctively good at empathy that they are the opposite of sympathetic.

Intelligent design is opportunistic, and a 2-for-1 stroke of genius is better than something less. When a woman opens a man to play him for a drink, she is sometimes more motivated by her search for an alpha male. The emphasis of the last post was the second item, the beta-centric interpretation of women’s cultural disgust. The first one, the alpha-centric interpretation, characterizes the neediness of women. Women are like anti-water. They seek the highest ground possible and take on the shape of their container, masculinity.

I refer those of you who are the uninitiated contemplators to the evo psych concept of rape fantasy (described on teh Webz) and the more generic idea that all women are dependent on masculine authority for protection. In the wild, women were protected from men at large only by one or several men. She wants to be conquered and to not be conquered, depending on whether the man can get away with it after the fact, the test of premium sperm. Liberated woman can never be happy except for a fleeting mechanistic moment of sperm acquisition (real or realistic enough). Any male sexual partner who is reliable is not the premium sperm provider of her instincts. The premium sperm provider wins at genes only evolution. Culture is a different game entirely, and Daddy Gubbermint lacks the whole flesh and blood shebang engineered around a penis animated with attitude.

In the perversion of the Nu Wurld Odor, Dunham is successful, i.e. has high herd animal status, in every meaningful dimension except the primary one from the woman’s instinctive perspective, from her loins. She is not sexually attractive according to the social treatment that matters most.

Oh, how ironic it is that these female libtards staunchly against corporatism are, in fact, baby factories endowed with an instinctive mental capacity for psychological abuse and treachery and thus are, in their own hearts, compulsive parasites that can never, ever be satiated with the destruction of others. This player’s mindset can never, ever be turned off. The overhead of an off switch is too costly and pointless for evolutionary competitiveness. Women think and feel that they are baby factories whether or not they are physically in working order, whether or not they enjoy sex. It takes one species of parasite to know another rival species with such hyperbolic accuracy.

Lena Dunham is 31 years of age here now in the early 2017, and someone who challenges the stigma associated with women being on psychiatric medication. You are to love Lena Dunham all the more for her quirks, problems, traits, farts, folds, for everything that she is or can genes-profitably pretend to be. She wants high relative status for her anxiety disorder, her tattoos, etc. Frame control, frame control, frame control. Self-improvement? Ha, ha, haaaaaa.

Sexy Time Right Here ;-)

Sexy Time Right Here 😉

Lena Dunham as a success is a social construct, as is my failure as a man. Government has perversely chosen winners and losers, but the truth comes out in the perhaps bipolar wellspring of Lena’s mind. Artificial success is not real success some place where it matters. The living standard in wealth measurable and taxable in fiat dollars is real enough, as is the animal wealth of relative status in free fall, but the wealth of human connection, touch, family, forget it. Culture is a wealth that has no price tag but costs everything because an economy requires mass cooperation respectful of property rights. Gold does not buy shit if voluntary economic transactions are impossible in a wilds of chaotic opportunism. Cooperation of the primitives requires culturally progressive conquest and culling. You libtards have conquered, but you are sending us all south.

To all the Lena’s out there: You ain’t sexy, and the success you have as useful idiots moves you farther and farther away from the success you want most dearly. Only sexy to men is sexy to men, and only powerful men can behold sexy women. You kill your own dreams when you kill us with your every slight. Corruption must double down to survive, and the fugly is impossible to hide anymore.

A bottle of meds, ouuuu, a bottle of booze__,
It all depends on how you treat__ your blues,
A bottle of Prosac, ouuu, a bottle of Jack,
Maybe snort some cocaine___ in back,
See friends any time you want,
at Over-The-Hill Feminists’ Camelot.

When women loose their baby factory good looks, they compensate with social finesse that mainly is the dark arts of female psyops. Bitchcraft gets better with experience until her sexual worth is effectively worthless and can’t be sold for reward under any circumstances. Just because it’s the biological clock bottom of the ninth for a childless, early 30s, medicated, NWO’s have-it-all gurl who has developed the skills to filter out all men except superman does not mean she gets to have superman. Even if superman is real, he by definition would not saddle himself with a dilapidated baby factory charging multiples of a virgin ten baby factory in her physical and mental prime. Mental prime of a woman as beheld by a romantically interested man and not an employer or distant elitist is at the beginning of her biological adulthood.

The experience hungry bondo that creates by experience hardening a woman’s identity via dependency on a flesh and blood man gets used up pointlessly by a litany of lovers, and the adaptive female innocence gives way to the worn-out numbness of the 1000-cock stare, which admittedly is not quite Lena Dunham’s problem. Instead, I suppose in conjecture, she has conformed over and over again to the group-think adulation of the parasitic public and sycophantic male colleagues. Formless ground indeed, for parasites conform only to surpass all later by treachery, and what tenderness is there via mass media?

Unfortunately for liberated women, they don’t need to appease men since before puberty to barter for survival value. They already have men as sacrificial insurance pools run by the gubbermints. Liberated women can virtually only value men for their seed, but there can be only one for any pregnancy, and thus for her happiness at odds with all other liberated women necessarily seeking the same fulfilment incarnate. She grades on one hell of a curve with her animal liberation fed on modern transportation and communication. The psychic stress of that polarity fueled on the Nu Wurld Odor’s support contingent on entertainment monkey escalation (that never ends well) must be not where you’d want to be right now. Thank God you are not a woman, or a women in her 30s in the embrace of chemical camelot.

The social organism which is a threat is also respectable in the animal kingdom. Women project heavily. High culture men, which is white-culture men of a sort, are unknowable to women; and yet who has put his stamp on the world and defined it? It is undeniable that white men are something special, something once and still potentially powerful, perhaps now powerful (though I have my doubts about Germanic men ever regaining cultural greatness). That legacy is in our faces every day with the reminder that most men gave up continued conquest dropped in their laps to become virtue signalling pussies, like Lena Dunham’s dad, Carroll Dunham. Emasculated boot lickers are both safe for a woman’s animal freedom in the short term and revoltingly contrary in the long run. There is no pleasing a liberated women except during a handful of moments on the cock carousel lasting seconds and never to be experienced again after some point in her late 20s.

Is there not a white superman worthy of all this that I, Lena Dunham, am?

What I’m saying is that Lena’s proclamation advocating the extinction of white men is in part a cluelessly desperate ego nuclear shit test, a.k.a. a supersized fitness test. The presumption of male desire is preposterous.

The greatest wealth in the world includes men that have potential as productive stewards of progressive culture and women who have sexual value for those men. Otherwise, we are dealing with the degeneracy of genes-only wealth and the process of genes-only evolution. That is the base social process of today. Depreciation of all of us happens faster and faster on average. There is nothing like the gift of power to make a woman ugly. Government price controls work the same way in any age on any product. Scarcity of value is why Lena costs too much both in absolute terms as a useful product and in relative terms as an affordable purchase for men who need a liberated agitator backed by state power like they need more abuse and burden.

Fame based on talent attracts an insular bubble of manipulative lies; fame based on propaganda is an insular bubble of manipulative lies.

Nature has an absolute standard for women no government program can change.

Lena, I got my hand.

More Squeeze Value Here :-)

More Squeeze Value Here 😉

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 January 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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