Psychological Abuse Makes the Global Decline Go ‘Round

A comment by Canadian Friend on CH’s post “Days of Rage” dated 9 February 2017 began: “One advantage the left has is they do not fight fair, they respect no rules, they cheat and then lie about what just happened.”

Absolute power ‘corrupts’ the which-way-the-wind-blows social norms of churls/herd animals absolutely. When the rules are respected simply for being the rules (of mob rule), they are respected too much, and the winning strategy in our natural reality becomes to not care about society’s rules but to exploit them. Good husbandry is exploitation for good stewardship. The rules and their sincere, loving practitioners become exploitable. Tales of equalism and moral reversal spread in the hearts of men as boys taught by their elders. This is my anger at being used from boyhood, my superior life veiled and wasted. We are not equal. What a tragedy it is to meet the lowest common denominator even half way. Sheeple are subhumans who flock for the safety of herd absolution, and the most accomplished among them are cowardly cannibals. Sheeple are not gentle vegetarians like the term sheep implies.

The rules take on a mob rule life of their own as master narrative to be obeyed by the loving producer. The producers will suffer in slow decline. The success of the inveterate parasites who invariably follow the individualistic animal rules of their instincts loosens the cohesion of the parasites as an ingroup subsequent to balkanizing the whole. Why? The decline of the common host to sustain them most agreeably is why. Primitively sophisticated humans, the subhumans, champion and follow narrative only to harness narrative compulsion, which our instincts identify as a tangible threat backed by mob rule. Stoning is capital punishment by the mob, for example. The consummate sheeple (as opposed to their drones) play along honestly when the high-culture patriarchy is stronger but dishonestly when the same is relatively weaker.

When the atomization is thorough and the human suffering caused by humans is a fully exploited, the potential of threat exhausted by fruition, the natural selection that favored parasites is over. Big-hearted, high-IQ, cooperative men have no bondage of social obligations holding them back from competing according to the rules of their nature and their freedom. This is all nontechnical game theory, btw. Those of high cultural capacity who cooperate among themselves with personal discrimination have the advantage if they can just get that crucial first success, that nucleation site of flesh and land, that critical mass of economically superior behavior, and then civilization is founded again, and relatively quickly, only to rot slowly on the gluttony of their great-great grandchildren and the return of the base humanity they had vanquished.

What then is the philosopher to believe in his heart about right and wrong, about purpose and meaning? I hope humanity will evolve past this cycle of civilized boom and bust by sloughing off the anachronistic forms of humanity. I think rationalism not religion is the answer: culminating in our red pill socio-evolutionary technology. Predictive social theory puts the end game in sight, sustainable civilization.

I consider each civilization’s rise and fall to be a battle between high culture and the lesser social norms of our animal past. Until civilized men can identify the meme enemy, the men of civilization will always develop or inherit feet of clay; they will always degenerate in memes across the generations into cosmopolitans of the city and cuckservatives of the country. Perhaps the barbarians will debase their genes too. Some heirs will no better but not enough as racists who abdicate the existential race of life (what may be accurately described with clear oversimplification as memes+genes vs. genes alone) because of the meme enemy within upon whatever underlying font of genes that are either incorrigibly flexible or inflexibly incorrigible.

Those genes are the genes to extinguish, but only properly calibrated natural selection set in unrestrained motion by wisely tended patriarchal culture can effectively identify and cull them. If memes are of quality, they support high culture with lots of productive cooperation, faithfully hostile to other values, wisdom to know the difference. If the memes are high quality, the genes are quality; but the reverse is not true. Civilization takes generations to nurture (and to abandon) because intuitive social agreement is a running average of social behavior within living memory. High cultural genes require sustained nurture to flourish. With psychological abuse the nurture become brainwashing and high culture genes become a liability trusting that the past enough like the present to trust most people and the convention of the prevailing narrative. If most but not all of those high-culture genes are not killed off, they will become stronger and reassert themselves in the distant future.

There is a season for the upper masculinity of yang (certainly not now), and there is a season for the lower masculinity of yin (the hard lesson of decline for potentially good men to learn) because what social engineering a woman can do, and will do given the chance, a man can do better, and ought to given the chance if he matters to himself. If he does not matter to himself, he is not a force of culture because he has no principles because he is not principles alive in thought and deed because he has failed the first principle of life that alone can moor any complex of principles, to include those principles useful to lifting able humanity out of the animal muck. Might makes right.

Truly good men are civilized animals.

Existentialism works no other way and permits no other way. Reality has won its existence in hindsight against all rivals. Escapist narratives do not change that fact, though they may muster enough natural human force to determine reality within human limits. There has yet to be the culture of the man of all seasons. He is that rare and sometimes just an ideal. Here endeth my epistle to the critical thinkers, those who put faith in evidence above feelings (usually faked on purpose) and all the other masters (usually faked on purpose), which are inferior guides of reality. There is no easy answer in scary life except to deny the reality, and most people do.

On the same CH post we have the comment by wolfie65 (who is my second favorite commenter there when I can successfully post:-):

Teutonick – The main thing that bothers me about preppers is that they are dependent upon stuff – food, water, @mm0, other supplies – that may no longer be made after the cataclysmic collapse they are prepping for.
Which means that they can, at the most, survive a few months, in extreme cases maybe a few years (who has the space to store THAT much stuff ?), and then what ?
I think acquiring skills may be a better course of action than simply hoarding.

If you, dear reader, give in to emotional duress from foolish emotional attachment to God and country not yours, or to people not your people, or to any false image of social mooring, and therefore fight the antagonistic human tools on the other side of the Hegelian dialectic, and predictably do not secure the sovereignty to get away with winning that low-level fight over social order, the ilk of George Soros has defeated and destroyed you from afar, and owned your mind all along.

Will you, dear reader, ever know the reality of your masculinity? Can you feel it and guide it? This is our struggle, our journey, our very lives. The good life takes patriarchy. No instituted rules, no obligatory ethics, no institution, no check on wild ecological forces that naturally vest personal advantage to the superior producer-warrior can create a peace of prosperity in mind and body worth having. Nature has designed women to reject the very notion of prosperous peace in pursuit of the glorious fleeting moment of acquiring alpha seed, which it was not if the sperm purveyor dutifully sticks around at the expense of reproducing his genes better elsewhere. The fatherhood of meme transmission they know not accept as male animal weakness to be despised and exploited.

—“Reality” Doug, 10 February 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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