Black Swan: Izz Told Ya Sow

I told you the Left coalition would have to turn on itself, fracture, feed. In particular, I wrote “Black Solidarity Shedding White Progressivism,” dated 12 December 2012, and “Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers,” dated 03 November 2015. It took four and a half years, counting from my original inspiration taken from Bill Price as posted at the now defunct

We saw lately that “Sally B. ‘Blackening Ready’ Brown,” from that post dated 24 January 2017. Women are highly attuned to animal calculus, and she knows which way daz Democrap wind be blowin’.

Well, the Dindu Swan has come home to roost. This is part of the ‘victory’ we want the vermin white betrayers to have. Take it. Cleanse the white gene pool. I refer to the open political violence of blacks against whites at Evergreen State College in Washington State 23–4 May 2017, to include the good progressive cabana boy (and Jew?) Prof. Bret Weinstein. Jews are being used, as are Christians, as are Muslims, as are devout Progressives. Just pick a validation ideology but let the Nu Wurld Odor win, okay?

President Trump just took us out of the Paris Accord. Bilderbutt meets for an extended weekend starting with the first Friday in June, again, and again in Chantilly, VA (virtually in D.C.). I don’t know if Trump is slowing the exploitation down for us or for them, but I know you had better realize the defensive game is lost and flip the script. What I mean is live Yin, not Yang like a tradition-minded manlet perplexed in the late period of homeland imperialism. If you don’t believe me, believe Sun Tzu. There was the 1950’s with Dwight D. Eisenhower. There was the 1980’s with Ronald Reagan. Now there is the late 2010’s, and we hope the early 2020’s too, with the Emperor Executive.

You might be tempted to celebrate. Don’t. Rather live effectively. Go by personal results. You got shit to do.

The Republican party is undead. They may as well not exist. Repeal AND REPLACE Obamacare. Repeal AND REPLACE the Paris Accord. Sure, Trump could be baiting Progressives to chase his cooperation (a standard subhuman, Leftist technique). Or he could be venting the white revolutionary spirit to keep us frogs in the slowly heated water. I don’t know which is the ultimate driver. But I do know that the swamp in D.C. can’t be drained unless the entire United States is drained, and I don’t see a presidential pardon for the likes of Emirjeta Xhelili, a.k.a. Mary Magadalene, to make it open season on the parasites. Speaking of Ms. ‘Magadalene’, do the wite wymenz know dat dare goose is just now on da grille being cooked.

Be objective, brothers. That means be heartless with the cultural inferiors to be clear-headed. Their freedom kills all human decency indiscriminately. Since there will not be a surgical bloody cleansing, or any meaningful cleansing within the System’s constraints, there will be no swamp draining that is persistent by any time scale. After Trump, the libtard deluge comes. The social fabric is not changed positively one iota.

You best be getting your finances, heart, sexual needs, logistics, etc. in order while the getting is good. You best be systemizing for yourself mentally, physically, and socio-economically while you can. This Trumpian Indian summer will be your last chance if you are over 40, and maybe even younger, who knows? I know history and the fundamental laws of nature. You have been warned.

Realize that women are more competitive than men. They just happen to be competitive only about one thing: animal life. White women smell the change. They will come crawling back here and there, especially from the over 30 segment. Believe not that their hearts are sincere nor their minds are taught a lesson. The Trumpian juggernaut is temporary. The man is 70. There is no compassionate, hard-ass, savvy billionaire to take the abuse that Kathy Griffin has chosen to personify. There is no safety, security, status that you can offer better than the gubbermint in a contest if at all. If you make bank and DGAF, you can have some loyalty, but it is contingent on being near the top in a public way (no better options), which is not the place to be if you can’t win all the marbles. The shrinking and concentration of wealth and power will continue as corruption hurts producers and production. Make money, yes, but make your money famous? Hell no. Honeymoon phase, yes; ‘something more’ as she puts it, hell no. If you just got to make a baby, be ready financially and get an inexperienced woman not skilled in the bitchcraft arts. She is a gubberment-sponsored rapist-assassin.

The WallStreet Playboys have explained the importance of being not famous and of not coordinating socially with average people many times, especially in “Money Making Machine” dated 8 February 2015.

Why did Kathy Griffin do a jihadist pose with a simulacrum of DJT’s head? It was a rallying cry, a flag hoisted, a symbolism. She wants to be the narrative symbol of the herd, the head of the fashion trend that is here all around us in every leftard heart, seeking expression. She wanted validation and status but got humiliation and rejection. But she knows the heart of the Left. She was dead on, just early. Again, you have been warned. Yin not Yang. This is Jew game/broad game, goys. There is no final Yang victory much less Yang showdown for us without a Yin conquest to set it up, and the odds on that are astronomically long. More likely there will be a Middle Ages again, but let’s not surrender our hearts or minds and just see what we can take, both personally in our time and in the seeds we sow for our ilk of tomorrow.

What a beautiful day FU Globalist Day is. Breathe, rejuvenate, exploit in the years to come. Evil against evil is no evil. Good and evil are not the correct terms. Animal and cultural are the correct terms. Discriminate wisely but not so openly.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 01 June 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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