Best Frenemies

Just watched a video embedded in the Heartiste post “Trump The Buck Negger.” The video is from eNBeeCee and titled “President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Have Marathon Handshake.” It is a great field video on subhuman social behavior (which is what the would-be PUA must master):

Frenemies is a concept of the consummate herd humanimal, the woe-man. It is the spiritual spectre of animal calculus high on instinctively unprecedented yin subsidy. The naive assessment, correct enough, is that a frenemy is really an enemy not a friend. Quality animals are pure opportunists and natural law requires that the lowest common denominator (the least demanding social ordering principle) win. Hence, the bondage rhetoric of no us versus them administered verbally and pompously to the cooperatively able for their production and mudsill value.

A key technique I have learned for combating the herd animals in this game of pecking order is dwell time. Hold the conflict ‘passively’ without feeling anything but the delicious fruit of the win coming your way.

Take the idea of a staring contest and make it a pleasurable pastime free of judgment other than what’s good for #1 you.

The art of herd conflict involves choosing the right level of force but also the right quality. Passive-aggressive really means covertly aggressive. The passive part is a lie of vocabulary. It is entirely aggressive violence with the alibi of plausible deniability. If you get in someone’s way, you can put the onus on them to officially ‘start’ the contact violence, taken by narrative hawkers and hucksters to be the only actual violence. Being barred from doing something by an individual is a claim of relative status, pecking order. Though the impasse can in no way be maintained indefinitely by a single individual against another single individual, the experience is for the herd mind traumatic. The herd mind is compulsively present, in the jargon of a certain PUA with a big, red beard that’s kinda muzzie looking, as is the dark and somewhat grizzly beard of the self-promoter that is reputed to be a PUA. I have no idea if that is evidence of anything not coincidental, btw, but social homogenization to the common denominator is the globalists’ goal.

The main point here is that you can manufacture scarcity and demand in a one-on-one conflict. It is those one-on-one conflicts that mainly determine pecking order but especially the good kind. The lopsided many-on-one conflicts determine and cement omega status unless and until the target picks a handily near combatant and with speed makes a successful one-on-one isolation as a demonstration of his higher value, rinsing and repeating until the herd abuse stops.

What I am saying is that we live in an institutionalized hierarchy of solipsistic overlords locally preoccupied with their position therein. The natural winners of this game are not interested in the mundane details of the little people so long as it is not relevant to their potential relative rank or rewards. For example, police not atypically will look the other way if it means for themselves less work and nothing else. The technical idea is to isolate the herd animal and induce a respectful fear that is the limbic proof and psychological determinant of lower social status. The frenemy understands little else than its feelings. Cultivate those be-all, end-all feelings of the subhuman to your advantage or lose.

Seduction is more platonic than romantic. The concept of dwell time in a pecking order conflict is a generalization of the freeze out to defeat last minute resistance. A woman not convinced she is less than you feelz she is too good for you, and she would rather raise her relative status at all times.

Theory is nothing but intellectual masturbation without reverence for experience. You have plenty of opportunities to practice pecking order conflict dwell time. Winning eye contact is a characteristic of attractive men because women like winning animal men. Those who would like to peruse my previous reflections on herd conflict may conveniently start with “Social Tension Is Sheeple Relevance.”

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 July 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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