Death of Game 1.x

I have no play to get field reps and a sense of configuration much less calibration with women. I simply don’t have interactions with women who are minimally suitable for sex, which can be only casual sex under our oppressive zeitgeist. I saw the most amazing dick farms last night after not going out for a few months. There was a local-government-sponsored community event that may have increased the numbers of people out at the bars and clubs. The very nice weather is the other likely factor. The fair itself is attended mainly by families, which makes the female share of attendees mainly roving underage females and taken post-wall women with their men and children. So where do the women active in promiscuous sex go?

I looked online for answers. I found tangential answers and extrapolated a possible answer.

Commenter Jordan wrote:

Before HIV/AIDS hit it was also the easiest place to set up a ONS. Basically back then if you bought a girl a drink it was implied you would be having sex that night. Now you buy a girl a drink and you are a beta chump who is going to be chocking the chicken that night if you want any sexual gratification.

It’s nice to get profound insight from older men. Oh how things have changed!

I have discovered independently that nightgame is pointless if the men outnumber women. Roosh figured it out earlier. He nailed it in ‘“Night Game Is Dead” & “Roosh Syndrome”,’ dated 26 January 2011:

That’s an 8:1 ratio on a non-gay night in a big city club. This example is extreme, but even the 3:1 ratios that are just about universal in DC will kill your odds. The reason is that when a girl knows she is scarce, she puts on more cuntish attitude that makes getting laid much harder, regardless of whether the other guys in the club are approaching or not, and regardless of how good your game is. When I’m in a place where the ratio is equal, or where there are actually more girls than guys, I can feel the difference. Girls are looking more, smiling more, approaching more, spending less face time with their phone, and being much more receptive to even my laziest game. When a place is packed with dudes, the best “positive” outcome is to work your ass off to get with a 6. I’m not saying you can’t get laid, but I am saying that it won’t be worth it.

For all practical purposes, you won’t get laid. You can get laid by going to the grocery store at a probability more than zero too, and without the overhead of cover charges, drinks, and virtue-signaling thugs. Subtract grocery store probability and the additional nightgame overhead from nightgame probability of success and you meet absolute zero. You will not ‘get laid’ at 2:1 or more men to women in nightgame unless you can get laid for being a somebody regardless of venue. It other words, nightgame with more men than women will not get a man laid, even if he has game skills. It only starts to get interesting at 1:1 in my experience.

Commenter just a human wrote:

No no. Guys listen-there will never be such thing as sexless life. All the attractive women will always be fucked by man. Those holes will never stay empty. As one female doctor-dermatologist said to me-sex doesn’t change.

Female nature is a given: hypergamy à la genes-centric evolution. Either there is a decline in cock carousel output or it has relocated to some esoteric pastures. A decline in output could be temporary as sexual market forces seek a new dynamic stability, or not.

I suspect the gap between the Western haves and have-nots is widening, and that casual sex and moreover the total sex delivered by Western women is increasingly concentrated around the penises of fewer and fewer men. It’s not like liberated women will stop seeking the premium sperm, unless evolutionary psychology is dead wrong. It’s not. However, women always want the highest relative status in the herd, always want what’s scarce and in demand. Casual sex for women is not taboo. Is the female thrill of casual sex gone?

I don’t think that commitment and supposedly committed sex will wax because nightgame sex and by implication casual sex has, it seems, waned. I don’t think women want commitment per se, only the relative status it connotes as initially intact and later skillfully destroyed for the asexual rape opportunity of men it is. Commitment is a turn off to women’s sexual instincts, so the thinning of beta ranks useful for provisioning and post-carousel validation is no explanation for the apparent lack of a casual sexual market within the view of the red pill community.

Roosh has made a great podcast on “The Death Of Night Game”, which is the title of the podcast’s blog post page, dated 25 January 2017. My assessment of Roosh’s game knowledge has improved for listening to it, but I still think evolutionary psychology is fundamental, as is philosophy rather than any and all ideologies, theological or secular.

So what is the new prize that politically empowered women seek in exchange for their vaginas when they are young and sensuously blissful?

My guess is that government welfare is not cutting it with women’s relative (more likely) or absolute (less likely pertinent) material needs. My guess is that elitist social proof is required, as in a mini kingdom of frolicking unicorns, just for earnest sexual consideration. My guess is that women will have less casual sex as the pool of alpha men shrinks.

The astute PUA theorist will ask: How can the pool of alpha men shrink if women are relativists that grade on the curve?

Great question. The hardest grading curve in the world is #1 takes all, which is how egg fertilization and womb recruitment works. Think of the Gini coefficient and wealth concentration. Imagine a triangle representing the hierarchy of men as ranked for sperm. As the triangle narrows and grows taller while keeping the area within constant, the apex triangle representing the alphas of the top constant x percent also gets thinner and taller. The attraction gap between the top man and the x-percentile man widens to noninterchangeable disparity. As a result, the definition of alpha requires that the threshold for alpha status rise relatively higher and higher. The only resistance is the rate capacity at which a player man can service player women vis-a-vis the wait capacity of the player women to be serviced.

Women will resist lowering their standards, but per evolutionary psychology we can suppose time is of the essence and they must expose themselves to fertilization without much delay. What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object? Something deemed absolutely axiomatic for lack of knowledge must give. It will be interesting to see what gives. Indications are that women’s mental health is breaking down, but I don’t think it is happening until after the carousel. I think something else has to give. I think the peasant women will embrace an anti-statist narrative and have more committed sex with peasant men if white reproduction rises back to replacement levels on a tax farm where white workers are valued as tax units. If white people are not valued as tax units and workers, any resolution of the white/Western female psyche is of little importance. Women are incredibly hypergamous and relentless, and they will not change until the NWO end game has had a chance to define a new normal with whomever is left.

Our lives are in the meantime, with the definition of alpha getting harder and harder to reach. I note that I have not seen an HB8 or above in a long time and that it is rare to see one in nightgame were I can go, not a big city by a long shot. It is said that hot women go to the big city to market their wares, but Roosh reports that nightgame there is dead but with an allowance for a very rare niche exception that may or may not exist for a particular practitioner in any particular big city. I suspect vacation hot spots are the best places, but that’s only a guess.

The Manosphere has yet to make the conscious transition from sex gaming women to everything gaming everyone: Always Be Gaming. The war between the sexes since whatever handful of years ago is won or lost before rendezvous in the field. Aspiring womanizers must each improve their relative social rank, relative income, relative worldliness, etc., etc. Relative power in the herd is definitive. There is no where to run. There is not changing the social order for the better. Subhumans are gatekeepers of every social power and every material means within your reach. The vermin infection is everywhere that’s anywhere. The collapse is the solution to the corruption problem. Nature is not negotiable on that point.

I would like to see the red pill community advance to the goal of learning and sharing how to navigate the herd social environment in totality. I think a man cannot be successful otherwise from now until the collapse, which could be a mighty long time.

I would like to see the red pill community infiltrate the elite circles and detail the rarefaction of the cock carousel and the riders’ definition of alpha. I don’t suppose that all hot Western women are Instagram girls shat on by Saudi sheikhs. There must yet be alpha Western men getting laid in the West, right?

Now that I think about it, there is no reason why the most desirable people for casual sex would not use the Internet. Perhaps the elite sexual marketplace is right under our noses, everywhere and nowhere. They say if you can’t beat them, join them. Cf.

Has the game field been replaced by the Internet? Is Harvey Weinstein an anomaly or the new normal? I don’t know about you, but I intend to become financially independent. I’ve reached as high as I can climb without money. Understanding female nature is a great guide for financial goals in a post-feminism social environment. I don’t think game can be played successfully without disposable income and time for any man 25 years old or older. I’m not sure game is available by place. I think it’s available by person. To the psychological barrier add a financial one.

You are the prize. Be relentless in your purpose and will yourself to power by squeezing the sheeple for their blood, sweat, and tears. The philosophical realist has no other choice but guaranteed defeat. Minimalism is a tenuous prophylactic not a cure.

Like making money, getting pussy is not something to talk about if its competition is ruthless enough. I think we must guess and grope forward with Machiavellian calculation and without qualm. Red pill must go underground. The shadow Inquisition is in our faces and will kill you. The West is not yours. Never was. Seduction is not an option but a necessity. Mere symbolic submission is remedial skill at best. Yang tools will not reliably work except for the Establishment so long as their fiat money buys bread and head.

Institutional violence rules progressively.

I believe Game as we know it has ended. The golden age is past. It has become exponentially more complicated with preliminaries. A man must show incredible social proof with disposable money and disposable time, period, but before he can do that he must acquire it. The field work is not clear, heavily platonic, and circumstantial. The path is much longer because of the preliminaries that must be passed even to be seen as an alpha candidate. The risks of having money without solid game plays into the wiles of women. Rich suckers are betas not alphas. ZFG as a cardinal rule does not change. Can inner game be learned with platonic seduction? Will economic opportunities, presumably worsening with general decline, admit the acquisition of wealth and power by red pill means for Western men in general? Is it too risky to blog RP ideas?

The only other successful play I can suppose is male feminist game. Hugo Schwartz has blazed that trail for us. It’s not alpha to jump through a woman’s innumerable hoops for sex, even if the sex finally comes. She’ll just lay there devoid of passion, at 4 a.m., almost as exhausted as you but ‘winning’. $$$ is the way to go, half way. Attempt to acquire platonic value that cannot be taken by force.

Squaring the circle of $$$. vs. female instincts is in order. Instincts know nothing of money, and little of materialism. The key is relative rank, which is access to whatever material and social value is available. Wild animals to not accumulate resources to accumulate them. They acquire to consume, immediately in the face of competition and with no delay much longer than a winter season in special circumstances, familial isolation in a seasonal climate for humans. Instincts evolved in the wild. Institutional power is distorting what it means to be alpha, as measured by liberated vag tingles. In tandem, institution is redefining what it is to be a high-status woman, ‘just another instagram hooker pretending to be a entrepreneur and model.’

Having $$$ and the political gravitas to spend it on sex is the hyper-institutional definition of alpha. Strong and independent women will virtue signal by spending the money so acquired.

After reaching financial independence, spend money and time economically and carefully to learn sexual seduction BEFORE having sex with these opportunist rape criers. The field is your swag life or you don’t have a field. If I’m wrong in your case, you already know. Whether or not my induction holds is not certain from the evidence at my disposal, but I think it’s a possibility worth considering because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 October 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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