Barbarians and Walls, Again

It occurs to me today that London is to Washington as Rome was to Constantinople. The Byzantine Empire was really the eastern remains of the Roman Empire, using Greek not Latin. I vaguely recall the idea that unlike today’s educated churls the citizens of the former considered themselves to be citizens of the latter. The German barbarians overran Western Europe in the 5th century. Thirteen hundred years later the Muslim horde with help from Christian cannon-smiths broke through the long impenetrable walls of Constantinople, now called Istanbul as a result. Religion has always been politics in disguise.

Muslim barbarians have lately conquered Europe, yet to be officially renamed Eurabia or whatever. Almost a hundred years ago the capital of the West was transferred from London to Washington. A great defensive wall is a fashionable idea since the Trump campaign popularized it in 2016. At the same time we parallel an earlier Roman exemplar. The American Republic pretends to function as a Republic, and the U.S. Congress must be swept aside one day by a strongman general if the western remains of the British Empire do not die altogether first. We have not yet seen the American Julius Caesar. Perhaps President Trump is the analogue of the Gracchi. Now as then, we the people are culturally corrupt and incapable of reform to the heights of civilized merits. We are a very bad investment. Anything His Executiveness does for rank-and-file producer Americans is too good for them. His mere occupation of the Oval Office is by the circumstances a de facto benevolent act. Men don’t have real-world merit by voting and hoping, as every respectable barbarian and unrespectable woman knows subconsciously very, very well.

The opportunities for us now are animalistic Ying. There is no civilization to defend because the magic is in people not land, and there are no magic people in numbers that matter. Civilization is the displacement of the uncivilized. That is the crux of civilized merit. You would never hit a woman. It’s morally wrong. You would have a deep, visceral desire to hit me for hitting a woman, or perhaps just offending her to the degree of her hysterics. I rest my case. Finis.

As Chateau Heartiste put it lately: “To hunt the hunters, you first have to camouflage yourself from their Eye of Schlomo.” Right on. Ying beats yang in decline. Roosh the Great Self-Promoter continues to sell his Man vs. Self plot line that the RP churls can safely appreciate without the existential danger of critical judgement:

Instead of saying what I want on Twitter or YouTube, I filter myself constantly to not get banned. My entire mentality has shifted from one of freedom and fun to merely hanging on, as if I’m waiting for the culture to magically heal itself so I can do what I like without having to suffer major consequences. …

If I don’t want to write or publish anymore, I should shut it all down and start a new life. Either I go all the way…or I pass the torch to men who are more vigorous, who are eager to do what I’m too scared to do. But I still possess confidence that I have superior ability when it comes to what I’m good at, and I don’t think I can accept playing defense for the rest of my days. I may have to fight the way I want, and accept whatever result the universe gives me, even if I wind up in a dungeon somewhere, somehow, wondering why I couldn’t simply keep my mouth shut.

False binary. The Blue Pill 2.x paradigm will not support it, but the Red Pill 1.x churls will support a great self-promoter who safely embodies their respective mental struggles at a vicarious distance. I think I’ve learned all I can from the Manosphere. The current theory and subculture is antiquated. I hang on here for the social aspects and catharsis, sad as that is. Resolving that deficiency is my priority. At some point, we will all be shut down, and Red Pill 1.x will cease to exist as a living subculture and practice and become the stuff of legend. The day is coming. The stealth inquisition now exhausts the esoteric cases, ever expanding toward mundane fodder the way subprime mortgage borrowers were increasingly inferior. I remind you that the days of the Eisenhower and Reagan presidencies were days of relief not cure. Trump is actually striking at the libtards on offense in this our culture war. It is a vast improvement, but not enough. The culture war is lost because guilt only defeats the conscientious, and plenty of conscientious cucks to squeeze there still be. Culture war and reasoning with words can never be our theatre of victory. Feminism is emasculism. Cucks are not salvageable. Neither is Game 1.x. It served it’s purpose. Evolution never sleeps. The Eye of Schlomo waxes for the foreseeable future. His Executivcy can’t change that unless publicly consummate traitors can yet be duly hung, not imprisoned at our expense but hung for our liberation, by working within the System. Can they be?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 October 2017


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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