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Define Animal

This post is little more than a comment awaiting moderation at CH. What’s new? The comment thread is here. Glad for the commentary. I am a philosopher not an ideologue. The real difference is that you two are Xian and … Continue reading

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Your Do-Nothing Job That Would Save the West

The post “The Voluntarily Sexless Marriage,” dated 18 January 2018, by Château Heartiste obliquely confirms, no doubt more palatably for the drones who pretend to theorize among intellectuals, what I have been saying more bluntly. It’s an insightful piece. I … Continue reading

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If Little Guys Want to Reproduce

Was going to reply with comment to ‘Anonymous’ about how do little guys get laid? This is the short though simplistic answer: It is simplistic because power is power. $$$ is one way, and the United States is increasingly a … Continue reading

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Freak Show Symbiosis

I want to start this post with a shout-out to Hawaiian Libertarian for the brilliantly dark post “Is This the Sign That Everything is Going To Be Ok?”, implying that the NWO is truly satanic. I don’t believe in Satan … Continue reading

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