Freak Show Symbiosis

I want to start this post with a shout-out to Hawaiian Libertarian for the brilliantly dark post “Is This the Sign That Everything is Going To Be Ok?”, implying that the NWO is truly satanic. I don’t believe in Satan any more than I believe in a God to be worshipped by humanity. But that does not mean that belief in the agency of Satan could not move social mountains and is not employed by the NWO. So many damn rock songs pushed against mainstream values, and that is contrary to sound business practices if the goal is merely profits from music sales. There was obviously a long game involving political power, which means gaining government control, which practically means lending unto many nations and being the head.

HL’s post proves there’s some crazy shit out there, and I don’t presume to explain it or accept a lesser outsider’s tidy explanation. As has been posted in the Manosphere before, if studying this stuff becomes debilitating, stop. Knowing enough to make smart personal choices is the point of knowing ‘wickedness’ at all. That shit was creepy, HL. I followed many of those links. Wow. Ick. I stopped following those links.

The inspirational motivation for this but my post’s existence is to respond to Dalrock’s post “Waning pussy power.”, dated 12 January 2018. Again, a comment expanded into a post, so here it is. Ta-da.

First of all, this decline of woman power is not surprising to me. Anyone who has PUA field experience (not a ‘PUA’ but the experience of trying out the concepts) knows women are parasitic. I don’t mean just money, I mean her persona is a parasitic adaptation to the substantive social substance of others. They are not ‘crazy’: they’re just not mentally men at all. That special woman you seek is simply a woman who never was liberated into an environment in which culturally depreciating behavior was instinctively desirable and available. We are not patriarchs; those women no longer exist.

I predicted on my post “The Coming Soft Dicklash or Epidemic Incurable Monicaitus”, dated 9 November 2017, that ‘they are platonic outcasts once the glow of their unprecedented accusatory power fades away into habitual ostracization’. The power of the Left is parasitism, but think of what that means. The perversion of consumption >> production cannot go on indefinitely, but it goes on indefinitely in political ascendency only by doubling down on credit, by false accounting between the parasite and the host. A Ponzi scheme. In this political theatre the lowest common denominator is pedestalized, but like issuing subprime mortages on credit, the candidate pool gets more and more base and depleted. Women have political power, as assistants, but they have it. They are not LCD in the political dimension. A women with equality or supremacy with men is no longer freakish. Likewise, the happy homosexual man is mundane, yesterday’s news.

The Left needs to sell the freak show to issue political and cultural credit, toxic as it may be. The Establishment needs to establish greater oppressive force and drain the value of their tax units or the gravy stops, the music stops, the system collapses. Women are now politically and economically fat cats relative to men. Just as the homeland became a juicy target after squeezing the imperial hinterland to nothing but low-life incubators for exports to the West. The woman’s pretense of victimhood is passé. The generic woman’s value to the Establishment is tanking. The value of the Establishment to women is tanking too, though these processes, currents within the Decline, are so slow they are little relief for us.

Useful idiots become useless eaters. In this particular zeitgeist of the West on our native Western soil for us native Westerners that correlates with it-freaks that come from the cosmopolitan netherworlds of perversion for shock value, that are used to move domestic society left, that thereby normalize the mainstream multicult to a new extreme, and that finally dissipate into that domestic mainstream.

Welfare for the churls will be increasingly meager because that’s how corruption works in the long run, destructively. Feminist careerism, all careerism, will be increasingly oppressive because that’s how corruption works in the long run, destructively. Team Woman is no longer so profitable.

The question is: How will women market themselves with the listing, capsizing, and sinking of USS Team Woman?

Only the most compelling freaks of the usefully compelling freaks win victimization prizes. The payment requires the power of redistribution. It’s a crowded industry, and the riches social and economic necessary to support useful perverts with such kickbacks are, slowly but surely, waning. There is no honor among thieves, and the rank-and-file libtards have only one viable mode of living for lack of productive talent: Be in-queer or out-square.

The tradthot is one rebranding avenue, not exactly a celebration of perversion, but it shows that women, who are judges steeped in the moment, see the alt-right gaining relative strength to the Establishment in terms of winnable purses. I expect rebrandings that will be much more vulgar and perverse. The Decline in all its splendid facets does not end until imperial fiat money does not buy bread.

There are no moral qualms to stop it, because you’re not everybody, not even close. Oh, but you are, regulars at Dalrock! In fact, your moral qualms will ‘redeem’ the freaks, the tradthots, the ‘madonnas’. You will turn the cheek 7 x 70 times, and do it again and again because you are the hero guard dog. And you’ll wonder again and again how the freak show could get even worse. The Right enables the Left. It has been so for more than 50 years. Parasites are nothing without a host. What lovely heartstrings you have, my dear alt-righters of giving emotionalism. What Right is right without a Left? How can the guard dog validate his identity and ego without sheep to rescue. And what Right is right without the LCD to pedestalize. Don’t be uncompromising conquerors or something. That could never work. It’s lonely at the top, of the world so globalized. But not for you! Those poor globalists with all that power over us. I pity them from my Christian perspective. Now, is my Captain Save-A-Hoe superhero costume ready for pickup from the dry cleaners? Gotta run.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 January 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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