If Little Guys Want to Reproduce

Was going to reply with comment to ‘Anonymous’ about how do little guys get laid?

This is the short though simplistic answer:

It is simplistic because power is power. $$$ is one way, and the United States is increasingly a banana republic. For now at least it may be more precise to say that no money is the way to not have power. It may be or soon be that having political power leads to having money and nothing else will, which is essentially the definition of a banana republic. The blue pill cog of $$$ -> power is not exactly true. Do not assume production or virtue ‘earns’ anything among the uncivilized. This is more true today: power -> $$$. Besides government spending that crowds out our purchasing power and living standards and power in general, there is alimony, registered sex offender law, male debt slavery in the guise of taxpayer funded child support for bastards (to be understood as likely cultural illegitimates because mothers don’t have or instil culture)

Having money is having opportunity, one causality or another, but using it well as power is what counts. What counts is how much effective power you have, which ought to be employed to acquire and reacquire power. A fool and his power will soon part. I speak from experience. Use Game to better earn money to better game to better earn money to…

In my limited experience, women are not turned on by your spending on them. They are turned on by you spending your life on yourself. They are turned on by men who have money and won’t spend it on her except as incidental expenditure on themselves. Spontaneity of superior solipsism. If you think women at all think like non-savage men, you will completely fail to appreciate what attracts women, which is why empirical testing of women’s first impressions as demonstrated by behavior, called sarging or field work, is king. Women do not take even seconds to decide who they want to have sex with. Lust is not thoughtful. Courtship for animal sex per the brain stem of the animal sex takes seconds or days or weeks and is a filter-out test only. It can verify a man’s sexual worthiness but not validate it. Natural female courtship can validate only a man’s unworthiness. The sting drives betas crazy because they focus on the wrong process. Courtship that is not beta bait is imminent sex with a particular man for that particular man to not loose rather than to outright win. Her entry into lustfully sincere courtship was his win out of nothing, the true winning moment.

Women almost always delay their positive responses. Experienced women always do, perhaps forever.

Commenter King is living in la-la land. Life isn’t fair. With a stable food supply, bigger is better. In an apocalyptic scenario, the little man might win. Not only do some guys have bigger frames, they have bigger frames with steroid-enlarged muscles. Women judge relative power. It works to be big and strong, but we all have to deal with the police and the patronage death spiral. $$$ + player = success.

This is wrong: “Dominant men and submissive women is what the yin-yang symbol means.” This is misleading: “In fact, the lack of a need to ‘compensate’ for diminution makes big men lazy and more easily cucked by the small and ambitious.” More easily does not mean easy enough to be a practical option, as implied.

Raw physical face-to-face power works best in the evo-psych view. However, women judge for relative social dominance. $$$ used with ‘Game’, like Trump, can be plenty effective. But bad asses that burn fast and die young attract women. No getting around that. The real solution for men at large, little in stature or not, is to have property rights in personal women as patriarchs, but you’ll get no cooperation, maybe even none from yourself if the Agent Smith inside you has the power of your thoughts and feelings right now, those cringing feelings of holding the mantle of what shall be all by yourself.

My answer to the original question: (1) Acquire power somehow. (2) Go young but not jail-bait young.

From now on your time, attention, emotional energy are gold. You do not owe the parasitic inferiors anything. They owe you and won’t pay unless forced into it. Stop giving. Stop your altruism. If it is not for you personally, you do not do it. Pay attention to what works and what does not. Don’t pay readily otherwise. Learn from experience about what works to your advantage and what does not, period. You have too many disadvantages to not focus 100% on yourself and find success or what happiness this world can support.

Young women, defined in biological and psychological terms of living experience while sexually viable and exclusive of de facto shrikes that just graduated college, are eager for adult experience. Quite frankly, they have lower standards because they don’t know better and desperately want to know better. They want to be better men as they understand better men. I don’t think there is much reason to make an effort with a women over 23 unless that’s all there is for a prolonged period and she’s in shape, relatively safe, and blue-moon truly DTF. For properly inexperienced women, to wit women of any bangable virtue, which may be the better part of bangable value as judged by men not autonomic savages, you’ve got to wear the pants and be the wise, worldly adult, not by patronizing but by being simply better at making good things happen. Blue pill conditioning makes that difficult. Lack of wordiness makes that difficult.

Focus on power and you will become worldly. Become worldly and powerful, you will have and enforce boundaries to keep your power and well-being, and be very attractive to women because of it. Time boundaries are the most important. Saying no takes valuable time; doing no, priceless because it’s actually free for the giver.

I have not completed said journey, but I am walking that walk. My opinions may change, and almost certainly will if I ‘get there’. Don’t do what I say. Do what you say but to get good for your own welfare at saying what you do and doing what you internally say you ought to do. Be right with yourself. Be demonstrably your own man before you expect a woman to buy in to you as her man or to her as your woman or to her the sperm connoisseur choosing you as her appropriate lust dispenser. The ugly duckling phase is always hard to pass through safely, but on the other side of this one you will be mentally elite, which is power over self, which in the long run is a competitive advantage. In the short run it means little more than a start easily abandoned and wasted. You must kill the Agent Smith inside yourself, but if and only if you have the heart of a philosopher to salvage. Otherwise, you would be committing mental suicide. Either you feel unlike a herd animal or you belong in the herd. You might make a better herd animal after you become a better individual, and is that not what Game is?

Going after women first without self-improvement is a mistake once the immediate lessons have been taught, which counts as self-improvement. Get power because grrrl power lusts what it wants to lust, what overpowering object of lust it wants to become, endowed with all human choices in slavish perpetuity merely to service her momentarily best choice, and to be sure for once, to have peace of mind of lust, that restless longing, chasing, chasing that serenity in the compass of liberated womanhood, now almost won, just beyond her now by six degrees of separation, by six social maneuvers on the right six people, it haunts her, hurts her, it calls her, she must know it, she…:

She is one-dimensional, a pancake attribute of solipsism. Finesse over time is the masculine strategy. Men have sexual careers, and careers. What career of a specimen of a sexually reproducing species is not sexual. Freud was right but didn’t know how.

Don’t chase women without chasing your own best interests, animal and human. What are you to yourself, for yourself. She does not love you if she is worldly, if at all. She has the luxury from the state of openly not loving you. She will take that luxury sooner or later, and probably already has it with the developed taste for it that comes standard and never goes away. She was told about the gift when she was 6, and 7, and 8, and 9, and 10, and she believes. Her ‘heart’ tells her it’s so, the world too.

If you simply wanted to reproduce, you would get a surrogate mother. I have a visceral distaste for the idea, and I expect most men do. There is more to being a man. To simply reproduce, not like an animal but like an industrial product, is not exactly sexy. The civilized man has higher standards of reproduction and does not just rush in. Power is options. In decline the power of cooperation is bested by the power of conflict, or it wouldn’t be decline. Power has a clear signature of winning. Get power. It is known by its fruit. Observe, learn, grow, win; or enjoy the mean herd fuzzies that come with conflict avoidance.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 January 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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