Your Do-Nothing Job That Would Save the West

The post “The Voluntarily Sexless Marriage,” dated 18 January 2018, by Château Heartiste obliquely confirms, no doubt more palatably for the drones who pretend to theorize among intellectuals, what I have been saying more bluntly.

It’s an insightful piece. I quote the part I thought was quite striking:

A sexless marriage is pointless, but a sexless, OPEN marriage is just plain malicious.

Here is the embedded video from that post, with all the proof and evidence you enablers of any scruples would need to stop what you are doing and to start doing your real job of NOT HELPING!!!

If you are not a regular reader here and you are not ruled by emotional proxy living rent free in your mind, which is to say you are ready for analysis and theory on your job of selfish efficiency and higher efficacy where your hand lives, might I suggest:

  1. Freak Show Symbiosis,” dated 12 January 2018
  2. The Fundamental Political Premise,” dated 1 December 2017
  3. Christian Men Are Killing the West,” dated 26 November 2017

The fodder of my enemy hurts me. So it’s not about scruples, is it? They have hearts to feed upon. Yours? And I am supposed to do what? I’ll tell you what I am supposed to do. What I am doing. Not caring about you unless it is to my advantage. Are you worth any net positive to me? I, you?

I am being an pragmatic nihilist, so I can perhaps grow into an able man at anything real, not this imaginary shit I have never been able to share and consume. I have never been able to get help in real life. I can’t stand the 20:1 ratio of pretentious rites to practical benefits that the logical adherent, like I tried to be, got, whilst the players with subconscious freedom to manipulate and cheat and lie got that ratio down to 5:1 and ate my lunch!

If anyone would care to take this same journey of nihilist enlightenment, the true dark enlightenment, I refer to you to “Emotional Rubicon,” dated 12 October 2017.

Of course, that means my goal is to get a life and stop blogging. I will stop when this expositive catharsis does not serve my social well-being, and what affluent poverty we have in these best of times!

I told you that red pill subculture must go underground and grow, evolve to survive. You will notice the tenor of Roosh has changed, that he does not do any more organized meetups. The unofficial inquisition crushed his activism. He is dependent upon the donations of readers, and readers are dependent on not being ruined by the inquisition that will punish them for reading and supporting Roosh and

You need power to make and defend money more than you need money to make power. You need yin masculinity more than you need yang masculinity, which means beating women at their own game. They are fully programmable. And you do what? More of the untenable? More faux redemption of the other? I dare you to save the rest of your life for you like it’s worth anything. If your natural life does not matter, if you are a true believe in the afterlife, why worry? why fight? why win? Losing is winning. Duh, losing.

The showdown in meatspace is unavoidable. Blockchaining is controlled in meatspace, for example. All roads lead to meatspace. Your very dreams are controlled from meatspace. You can turn inward, you can hide from the truth, but you can’t hide from the grip. You are a physical and social organism permeated and regulated by the global matrix.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 January 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to Your Do-Nothing Job That Would Save the West

  1. Zarathusra says:

    Wakin’ the sleepers again?

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