Esoteric Alphaizing Pull

The female instinct for perfidious, malevolent social engineering by her persona shell game of AB/BF is well known to us. After learning about Red Pill for myself and having my own ideas about it, I’ve always felt that women are social relativists. Social relativists attack their VULNERABLE superiors, the immediate, proximal, present threats and fodder to their highest possible status in the herd. Universalism is simply parasites wanting access to hosts. Like lilies, inveterate cannibals do not toil, at productive work anyway.

You may have noticed, like folks at Fox News have, that the Democrats did not cheer for the lowest black unemployment, etc. at Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) address on 30 January 2018. It proves my point. The Democrat elite are social relativists. Listen to their words. It all boils down to one thing in a new disguise over and over and over. The social relativists, the player herd animals, are entirely win-lose.

The subhuman animal players instinctively, compulsively seek to universally and inviolably illegitimatize—be it ethically, morally, legally—their losing and the presumably complementary winning of their succulent, low-hanging, cultural betters.

Men who avoid conquest are not better in animal terms, they are succulent. Helpful Christian men are succulent suckers, swing labor, thug muscle, to be perfected or destroyed by Homeland Security with relentless patience and persistence. Inchoate Christianity was formed as psychological escape for the masses under invulnerable Roman imperial subjugation. The bishops illegally gathered the desperate poor until their de facto governorships were so powerful Emperor Constantine legitimized them to consolidate his conquest and rule. If the poor were not with us, there would be no raison d’etre for Christianity or its immediate successor socialism.

You guys never play the linked videos, so there is no point to a video example of the crux of Democrat verbal communication. But I’m stupid and needy. I have a brain and no better social outlets. Thanks for what patronage you give me, unless you are digitally surveilling me with my tiny tax money and the massive opportunity cost of my productivity, stewardship, and happiness, you fucking spook.

Eerily, Joe Kennedy III had his response ( to Trump’s 2018 SOTU:

It would be easy to dismiss the past year as chaos. Partisanship. Politics.

But it’s far bigger than that. This administration isn’t just targeting the laws that protect us — they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. [Naked translation: Those fuckers are winning at patronage and control of superlative institutional force, damn it!]

Their record is a rebuke of our highest American ideal: the belief that we are all worthy, we are all equal and we all count. In the eyes of our law and our leaders, our God and our government.

That is the American promise.

But today that promise is being broken. By an administration that callously appraises our worthiness and decides who makes the cut and who can be bargained away.

They are turning American life into a zero-sum game. [Naked translation: Trump is the first political incumbant of national consequence to play YOUR game well but against you, so it would seem.]

Where, in order for one to win, another must lose. [Naked translation: As diametrically true as collusion with Russia, etc. Bitches are experts at projection, so are the best politicians in decline, in the interlocking patronage death spiral they call home, they make home if free to succeed.]

So here is the answer Democrats offer tonight: we choose both. [Naked translation: Both what? Did you identify the cake to have and to eat? No, you identified eaters and more eaters. You completely neglected process and the distinction between tangible production by ABLE cake makers, whom you continue to attack and destroy from afar, and consumption for your unholy alliance of cake eaters. Your pretend plan is socialism better than Christianity with mundanely ubiquitous government fishes-and-loaves miracles to mask and shiv-deliver your real vision of more relative power for youself at the expense of my welfare and even in the long run the absolute power of your heirs if not yourself, you predictable piece of dynastically degrading shit.] We fight for both. Because the strongest, richest, greatest nation in the world shouldn’t leave any one behind. [Naked translation: Universalism, i.e. ambush opportunity.]

And to all the “Dreamers” watching tonight, let me be clear: Ustedes son parte de nuestra historia. Vamos a luchar por ustedes y no nos vamos alejar. [Naked translation: Joe III isn’t so proficient with Arabic. The Goolag translater translates the Spanish as ‘You are part of our history. We are going to fight for you and we are not going away.’ Abject Shit, are your Muslim imports going spare their lives as readily as you sacrifice your riches for those poor Hispanics?]

You bravely say, me too. You steadfastly say, black lives matter. [Naked translation: Women above men, blacks above whites.]

You drag your weary bodies to that extra shift so your families won’t feel the sting of scarcity. [Naked translation: Go, beta! Go, precariat! Even you strong and independent subhuman simulacra of the original, post-industrial civilized greatness you apes vilify as ‘white privilege’ and simultaneously ape. You cultural inferiors may be equally ape to me physically, but mentally you are audacious, infantile invalids, and you getting exactly what you sow is the cure.]

Bernie Sanders, still acting like a viable Presidential candidate, had his own unofficial official response (

How can this President not talk about the reality that Russia interfered in this election,” he said, adding, “And, according to his CIA director, will likely interfere in the 2018 midterms we will be holding … Unless you have a very special relationship with Mr. Putin. [Naked translation: The winning of our betters the American producers is unethical and rightly illegal.]

Furthermore, Bernie called Trump ‘compulsively dishonest’ and a ‘bully’, and urged his political allies to ‘continue the fight’. Those vermin live for the fight. The fight is the autonomic point for these subhumans. How dare the enemy to be destroyed fight to win?! Those on Bernie’s side must fight! It’s righteous for them to fight! There is no fighting for a way of life in OUR shared culture or shared system. There is no patriotism for them. They aren’t suckers like that. They care only about winning in animal terms. They are social relativists not stewards of anything except their relative herd rank statuses, respectively. They fight for the system of patronage and compete among themselves for the winnings of THEIR system of convenience. Their systemizing is the ‘intelligent design’ of their animal evolution.

You Christian cucks keep the dialogue going. They will never lose at verbal conflict. They will never verbally communicate to love or share or care. Their instincts will not fail them. For you inveterate cucks, neither will yours, and I hate what you are. May all the antiquated genes of inveterate, autonomic human herding be culled.

We now come to the ultimate point and inspiration of this post.

Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau

The Freshly Minted Physiognomy of Alpha

The female instinct for perfidious, malevolent social engineering by her persona shell game of AB/BF is well known to us. After learning about Red Pill for myself and having my own ideas about it, I’ve always felt that women are social relativists and supposed that if a relative alpha cannot be found in absolute terms, meaning not one available male has any alpha behavior or attributes to win relative recognition, one man will be treated differently and elevated to the alpha office with all the covert benefits thereof.

I suspect the teacher-cougar phenomenon owes to the inculcation of girls that females being in charge of everything in their personal lives not proscribed by prevailing socialist authority is a necessity for her high value and safety. Solipsistic women instinctively know inexperienced women, their earlier selves, are much safer to their lovers than experienced liberated-to-be-their-true-perfidious-selves women. Bitches and Democrats do nothing social if they do not project their sins to target the persecution they assume must be expressed by animal winners over and over in natural perpetuity. Herd animals presume that herd animal smarts are the only smarts, which is the quintessential mentality of cultural inferiority to the basest extreme, what subhumans consider human excellence.

Look at that picture and tell me if I am right to posit illusive alpha-minting pull by women, a rare cock assist for beta to escape from appeasement hell into the poon-rich world of alpha. That’s the married Mary Kay Letourneau. That young man exudes alpha. That biological happiness and health has been denied us cooperative males by the deceptive libtard state, by the Establishment, that, as Saul Alinski taught, takes your cultural rulebook and beats you over the head with it.

Trump knows the operative rules of the instincts, yours too, cucks. Why you cucks redeem the enemy… well, not all herd animals are purely parasitic players. The irredeemable parasites have their complementary herd animals, the irredeemable enablers, or how else could they have evolved that way? I’m not sure how altruistic cuckoldry is adaptive, but cooperation can be and the Christian cucks of today are typically better off than me. Debt-slavery regulated by a vagina that might betray is not something they can’t live with. On the contrary.

Cannibalism is prosperity in the wild, but how infrequent and transitory it must have been before men evolved cultural being, some more than others. AMALT is a falsehood, or there would not be such contrast between the uncommon flowering of civilizations and the base, autonomic commonplace of virtually nihilistic animal life, that now rules over me.

I came across the picture above in the post “What About The Female Sexual Abusers? (And Don’t Ask Or Tell About Same Sex Rape In The Military),” dated 4 February 2018, at ROK and by Jimbo Jones, a self-described nihilist. Smart man.

Oh, the cornucopia that is the fruits of liberated women at the price of no other fruits allowed. How could pussy possibly be overpriced?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 04 February 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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