Female Attraction Can’t Be Tricked

The Hawaiian Libertarian has been kicking ass with his latest two posts on the gun-grabbin’ astroturfing.

This post is an overgrow comment to Dalrock’s post “Why Game is a threat to our values.”, dated 16 March 2018.

WARNING: Do not enslave yourself to the concept of female moral purity or virtue, even if she is a virgin. Liberated women are liberated to their mental loci of control, the brain stem and their instincts. Evo psych is real because it is not only explanatory but predictive. You know when the *itch has completed all the set-up steps and is waiting only for the opportunity to subvert. If this were not so, priests would traditionally and mainly be women not men. Intellectual honesty is not for men of faith but for men of philosophy. With intellectual integrity no man would believe that women are morally pure because they are sexually chaste or for any reason if they listened to the visceral revulsion they have at the thought of taking spiritual or manhood advice from a woman.

I posit an untenable correction to Heresolong’s argument for any man I can help to cease losing his life obediently for a planted fake morality like I have:


I speak of tricking a woman to have sex for the sex itself, not tricking a woman into premarital sex in trade for the false promise of marriage, which is irrelevant if women are liberated, and for us they are.

Trickery is nonsensical without trust based on promises, i.e. a future guarantee of social alignment. Woman is mentally not some variation of man, especially the thoughtful variety. It is false to say AMALT, but true to say AWALT. Her instincts are her proverbial heart and her absolute truth unless she is subjugated to a man and his truth by credible physical force, as was natural in our evolutionary past, as is natural without culture because of the herd alpha male. Instincts are pretty much equivalent among men and among women. You can’t get to a correct understanding of a woman’s psyche by taking a correct understanding of a thoughtful if not civilized man’s psyche—but your masculine psyche no doubt, as may be clouded by emotional attachment to covertly implanted emotions—and taking away reason and accountability or by some other derivative transformation.

It is impossible to derive and elucidate instincts and subconscious calculation from reason of the frontal lobes and conscious calculation, meaning that within the light of our direct male awareness. Do women even have conscious self-awareness? Ironically, this leap of cerebral understanding is a leap of faith to suppose the wretchedly base downgrade from promises past and empirically test it with sincerity. That is exactly what the enlightened student of PUA has done.

The instincts are. The instincts covet. Attraction is not a choice. The woman’s instincts are liberated to rule over rank-and-file men by guns of the state. Our social norms are those of the winners of social expression. T.H.E.Y. have pedestalized da wymnz by force made sacrosanct by the force of Christian cuckservatives. The by-product of any human’s freedom is that human’s social norms. Women rule in the rank-and-file, though that is contested by and probably giving way to non-white social norms. The Democrat unity is splintering. The Democrat modus operandi is liberated female. She simply is what she is, like a reptile. In summary, Dalrock’s argument, covertly introduced, stands true because women ‘want’ with the sophistication of stateless automatons.

As for Dalrock’s law, this is really nothing new. Institutions that don’t fail soon enough become corrupt from the inside out. The lose of sound individual accountability requires it, as does Christian charity tracked by a ledger. Institutionalized charity is institutional force that makes fathers and husbands uncompetitively burdensome and impotent. If institutions are not regularly purged, the people governed by those institutions are purged as a collective failure. Decline with its prolific parasitism, figuratively a plague of human locusts, are natural systole because the human capacity for instinct is part and parcel of the human brain, activates as it is permitted to activate by soft men of means, and produces herd animal social norms in the pursuit of sadistic animal jollies and success.

Christianity is an institution that has ruled the West during the West’s worst 1300 years. I don’t see it winning against Islam or Socialism. All three are direct competitors for marshalling the obedience and secular power of the poor. Christianity is weak in the natural sense, and always has been. It was formed by the earthly nihilism of Roman rule. Christianity was subdued by and somewhat harmonious with philosophy during the modern period of Western civilization, now past. Islam is strong at the barbaric level, well short of civilized progress, but strong at all Islam is. Christianity is inept at civilized conquest without philosophy and individualism, now abandoned, but furthermore is condescending to more base and practical forms of conquest. To wit, Christian men without subservience to philosophy and science and reason as the true master on earth are cucks on earth.

The Age of Exploration was the Ages of the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment, and not driven by Christianity, which was then submitting to nationalism and science, which is the branch of Greek philosophy employing math and empiricism. The driver of the initially Iberian conquest of the world was not long the pedantic example of the rival Moors instilled subconsciously across the generations into the Spanish and Portuguese. The signs of the real driver was the stepwise ‘reinforcement’ and replacement of Christian orthodoxy with reinterpreted classical orthodoxy. The interminable misery of the Middle Ages and the obvious corruption of the Vatican before the Italians, because they could see it in person, as could Martin Luther and enough Germans, led to an embrace of Greco-Roman culture and greatness, which led to socio-economic individualism and an economic machine great enough to build the world’s first several global empires. This constructive individualism perhaps jumped the shark when Napoleon invaded Russia.

The horses of the New World were only forgotten fossils, a casualty synchronous with the extinction of the megafauna due to the red man’s conquest of the newly thawed Americas. Then came the evil white man with his Spanish horses in 1492. Some escaped into the wild. The Plains Indians had a field day, but the process that liberated them with a windfall of domesticable mustangs was the process of white-man conquest that would destroy them. The processes of feminism and civil rights have liberated certain Americans who are generally locusts for a locust’s field day of numbered days that must ruin everything. I agree that the destruction can’t happen quickly enough.

My first favorite part of the Dalrock post is this:

The problem we have is that young men now are able to see for themselves that Game works. This is true even though most men are not able to master Game in practice. The men who fail at seduction are able to observe the men who succeed, and it is painfully obvious that chivalry really is an attraction killer.

I am not a young man, but that is how far I got with it. The scales fell from my eyes, and I do not take responsibility for and do not chase harmony with subversive player animals. Getting traction in life at this late stage of my life and American opportunity for throwback white men is still a problem, but at least I am not assisting my defeat as I dutifully did before. My chances could be above zero because I might not be digging my own hole, a grave, for the animal glories of cultural inferiors.

Next, let’s explore the necessarily interdependent but not necessarily complementary nature of the two human sexes. Violence comes from the instincts, women are specialists at covert psychological violence, and men are specialists at overt physical violence. The Yin-Yang model applies. If men do not subjugate women overtly with violence, women subjugate men covertly with subversion. It is false to presume a natural harmony between the sexes that is sociable because it is social. Game and evo psych teach us otherwise. The harmony is the cruel process of natural selection and evolution. Stopping that harmonious process of animal social norms unburdened by forceful stewardship of wealth, culture, and ultimately ourselves by the civilized few who can is what stops people uniformly living like animals. Worship the pussy at your peril.

The instincts are timeless unlike human consciousness, the home of conscientiousness. Long-term cooperation allows for compounding of success, but it is extremely vulnerable to instincts, which are always calculated in the moment. Liberated pussy goes to the highest bider. Men of power are always attractive not because they are intrinsically but because the relative power they have is attractive to female instincts. They will gladly, sadistically, take the power without the baggage of the man. The #metoo attacks are proof of the endless and timeless lust for relative power of women. Those women are double dippers in the party platter of Western prosperity. Female attraction cannot be tricked because the future will be judged only in its moment. Women know what they like, and they know what men like, including lies. Make-up is a lie, and so is the pretence of sexual inexperience and future loyalty. They know what gets them power from men right now and only right now. Any plans she makes are based on the conditions of now. Any sex she has is based on grading on the harshest grading curve ever: #1 gets an A, #2 gets an F and the bill for himself and #1. Women can’t help themselves. Their instincts drive them to chase happiness and never get there. Making a woman happy is not the way to her vagina. Letting her empathetically taste the narcissistic happiness of you the man his own alpha animal #1 concern is.

If men could lie for sex, they would. In a literal sense, men who get abundant sex do lie for sex, but they don’t fool the women with their lies. They demonstrate their capacity to lie gracefully for social advantage according to the social norms of women, the social norms of your life. Men that lie effectively are strong animals and so attractive to women. Men that are compelled to tell the truth and act with inclusive intellectual integrity are repulsive to women because they are memorized victims already enslaved by any present player who decides to bother pressing the alien emotional buttons.

Lying to a woman such that she knows you did to superficially appease her and grease away her costly social fiction is a tingles maker. When a woman is being unreasonable some time, lie verbally with apparent sincerity of tone but immediately or soon demonstrate the opposite for your self-possessed personal benefit. The better male herd animal wins her heart, as empty as her vagina, because it’s the same thing. Lying is proof of animal excellence as is social manipulation by open violence, the more commonly observed and known tingle maker. There is Yang, but behold, there is Yin. Men inept in the Yin arts are certain losers in decline.

President Trump is the perfection of post-feminism masculinity. What is the truth of his ultimate strategies and goals? He is better at the woman’s game than the women are. Intellectual integrity is not integrity of power. No rules of social process require that the producers and good stewards win and that parasites lose and cultural inferiors are usefully supportive. The victory of producers is the justification. The rules are only the rules of nature. The bottom line is that might makes right. The power of truth has no foundation without the truth of power. Philosophy like intellectual integrity does not share with the animals.

Translation of the concept of trickery from the language of reason to the language of instincts is nigh impossible. Women instinctively want the sperm of the man that can sexually conquer with impunity, the herd alpha. Herd alphas come and go in the wild. They don’t exist under institutional rule made terminal by an interlocking institutional death spiral of animalistic patronage. The trickery of a liberated woman’s attraction is, if you like, her inability to conceptualize ideas above the animals.

Motherhood is nothing compared to fatherhood. Mamma means breast. All mammals have nurturing motherhood based on breastfeeding. Fatherhood passes memes, ideas, culture hard earned by experience for decades from father to son. Mammals don’t dominate the earth. Humans specifically do as a species. Bugs rule as a type of species no less than mammals. The greatness of men is not free women. The ancient Persians and the ancient Greeks kept women indoors. For further information, see the video about feminism from Black Pidgeon Speaks, which is based on J. D. Unwin’s Sex and Culture.

Women fake emotions to manipulate men. Women say they are tricked into sex by lies if they get found out for the sex at all. The cardinal rule is to go by what women do not what they say. Take the saying as doing of something that must have integrity of some sort with what they do otherwise.

A radio personality recently criticized Nancy Pelosi as stupid. His proof was that the wall prototypes considered by Trump for his great wall are ‘too high’ according to Pelosi. You men of chivalry, you men of pure Yang are losers. Progressives have run the table for the last 50 years. Their integrity is demonstrated in their emotional messages over and over. Thoughtful people, i.e. high-culture men, are manipulated by emotions. Pelosi subliminally called Trump’s social designs invalid. Dems emotionally call Trump’s presidency invalid by the feigned illegality of Russian collusion. They don’t care about validation of process, but you cucks do, and they know it. You redeem the freaks with your blood, sweat, and tears some of the time with regularity. That is all they need for exponential decay of your traditional values and potency.

Women want the tingles now. This now, the next now, each as expediently played as the last. The winning female instincts adapt immediately to acquiring the best sperm and the best supply of non-sperm resources. Lies don’t matter for those without the capacity for loyalty of intellectual integrity. You just can’t hurt a woman that way. She will go back to the player man who lies and uses, over and over. That’s what she ‘wants’. But she really just responds. She wants the thrill of using and breaking men just as much as getting access to the #1 sperm. She wants the opportunistic thrill that is never enough because the next moment is a new now. Lies are impossible in such a psyche, which is how she lies so effortless and without self-destructive qualms.

Remember this: Women are designed by evolution to chase happiness but never get there. The only way a woman can experience lasting happiness is in the embrace of her self-loving masculine conqueror. A man who is loyal is not alpha by the rules of her instincts. Without marriage making women property of husbands, there can be no lasting conquest. Without culture and patriarchy, men don’t own women and don’t have the means to impose lasting happiness.

Institutionalized control of marriage is not marriage because the husband has no sovereignty and can’t own the women, or himself. Women are social relativists, are compulsively concerned with relative rank, and so are win-lose and destructive. Their liberation is destructive to high culture and constructive social cooperation and therefore useful to achieve institutional control over men. Decline is always so. You Christians who pine for female purity not limited to the flesh are fools who have already lost, who have invested in femininity out of your control rather than the masculinity most and naturally in your control. You would not invest in earthly things over heavenly things, but the woman is really heavenly and the man is not? Gratification delayed unto your death is the perfect con.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 17 March 2018

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to Female Attraction Can’t Be Tricked

  1. Emery says:

    I’m enraged. I support Trump because he hates all the people I hate. I don’t care about his virtue or lack of therof, only that he causes pain to the media heads, bankers and politicians who have never felt the desperation that I have. The day they are walking up to the gallows is the day I can finally say they have drunk from my bitter cup. I know this is wrong, to hate is to be controlled by the hated, and that vengence is the Lord’s but I have been so embittered it is a struggle to let go and let God.

    Truly the old wisdom is right that said men should turn their faces away from women and towards God, which is the exact opposite as our sex-as-virtue society. The self-righteousness really kills me, makes me despise when I should be…I don’t even know what I am supposed to feel, or do anymore.

    [RD: Dear Emery, I must be careful what I say, whether you are for real or not with your comment. I am not religious for the meritorious reasons you give. I am the blind leading the blind, but I suggest you trust empiricism rather than your theory and judgment. I know your theory of theology can’t be wrong if you absolutely require such comfort, a bed of nails, but there it is. I suggest you try NOT feeling (which will never be zero but try maximally for some time for the relief). I suggest you turn away from women while staring them in the face. You have a mind and a body. The subverters plant squatter emotions in you and press them as your buttons. You cherish those alien emotions rent free. Game’s field work with objective analysis and sincere inquiry is, as far as I know, the only way for you to master your emotions. Hate is not necessarily bad. Do you own your emotions or do your emotions own you? It’s like money. First become a Jedi with emotional detachment, then become a Sith by owning and activating and deactivating your emotions for your advantage. Why is someone else entitled to your finite attention, focus, time? Because they hurt you? I am a libertarian and philosopher, but still a loser, so a grain of salt. IMO, the indoctrination to get over is serving others at the expense of yourself. The golden rule is a lie. Animals and savages are not our peers. You empower them, they multiply in numbers and strength, and you imbibe more bitterness than you thought possible, over and over again. Either you can’t change where it counts for relief and a chance at happiness or you don’t hurt enough to change where necessary. If the supernature divine loves me fully and yet will torture me for eternity if I do not conform somehow, and everybody has an opinion because this divinity allows for the confusion, what the hell am I supposed to believe? Religion has evolved like everything else in history, but feel as you wish. I suggest make money, learn Game, and do little else, which is to say a lot less of what you usually do. Why be lonely and not be at the top? Good luck! ]

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