The Problem With Transitional Whiteness

The question Aeoli Pera puts before us today is: “The root of the problem in Western Christianity (I suspect)”. I can read the problem only with my biases, but I think the problem he is addressing is Christian cuckoldry. I do not suppose or qualify what he consciously understands to be the problem. I speak of Christian blindness about Christianity as a metaphoric water the fishes know not.

The question, the uncertainty of Western existence in the future that is rather incontrovertible extermination of white men, is all the answer that there is. The question answers itself by its construction. One cannot serve both Christ not a mere euphemism for (a specific) culture and (a specific) culture. Here on earth, life is far too competitive with the axiomatic law of conservation and the resultant laws of evolution, applicable to moral life, to kinda, sorta compete competitively as a vector of culture. Earthy treasures vs. heavenly treasures, the winning goal of poverty, and following Jesus to conclusive worldly defeat sooner rather than later: those are fundamentally definitive of what Christianity is if the New Testament is definitive.

Nevertheless, Charlemagne and today’s Orthodox Christians, those who are east of the Hajnal line, are not so soft. If not for President Clinton and the U.S. Air Force, the Serbs would have stopped the Turks 2 a decade ago. Why are Westerners not merely soft but sacrificially hard and so an absorbent softness that glorifies defeat as victory?

White history is unlike all other history. Graphically, with culture/affluence as the vertical axis and time as the horizontal, white man’s history is two giant camel humps, whereas everyone else’s history or sociological past is essentially a flat line. Any non-European race on earth has a traceable heritage through one cultural phenomenon to their ancestors. They all have a sociological past that reaches back into ancient times.

The Chinese come from the ancient Chinese. The blacks of Africa come from the ancient blacks of Africa, though there are obviously no writings for their history, but they trace a contiguous cultural phenomenon for lack of outside interference. Does anyone doubt South Africa is reverting to timeless standards?

Today’s Greeks are not the primary genetic or cultural heirs of the ancient Greeks, going extinct before Islam began. The ancient Romans are no more, but China remains China. Americans and Westerners are their institutions: they are pledger-cucks. Words matter greatly to thoughtful men, and boys. Strange, how the Western Christians so devoted to God are so devoted to country as embodied and defined by institution. Rot is guaranteed for long-lived institutions, too big to fail, a siphon pump of bureaucrats tending their gravy train of perks, which is why long-lived cultures live much, much longer.

And why does not the white man ride that train?

Individually pervasive zealotry.

Imagine the degrees of evolution at work. Imagine the thoughtful white-man drone as a primitive first step into sympathetic cooperation, a revolutionary consciousness. The result would be a better herd in its day. Evolve the thoughtful man a step or two more and behold the philosopher. Behold the concept of objective self-awareness and objective reality with cause and effect. The white-man herd, the common kind of white man, congregates and works strenuously whichever way the political winds blow, gloriously up at a critical epoch devoid of institution and cultural competition, but then gradually, oh so gradually, turning about, 180 degrees, with institutional ripeness and rot, down, straight down, with a cuckoldry vengeance into oblivion.

No one else does that. It’s a white-man thing more than a Christian thing. Christianity is a formality of rationalization to justify by narrative frame whatever direction the white man sheeple happen to be going. Sheeple want black-and-white answers and deliverance from fear itself. At their infantile stage of awareness, they are certainly God’s children. The socialist Westerners mock them for being such foolish animals. Their mindset is more primitive but also very mature. Their locus of control is in the instincts. The inner game of PUA is the midwife to the mind’s eye that views woman in all her psychological glory.

Why do you Christians squirm so about the lost riches of marriage, family, and your personal earthly legacy of children and cultural values when Jesus and Job are your exemplar heroes?

If you were sincere with your theology and your narrative, you would be happy at your sure success.

This, our Western Civilization 2, is over except for the ride down. The hopes of a next Western Civilization rest with the white barbarians of our time, who will kill for their way of life. The sclavus people will likely have their turn after this institutional empire dies and gets out of the way. I think they will be more than a preservative Byzantium 2. Still, as before, there will be the camel warriors to repel.

If I were Christian and of any means, I would seriously consider moving to Poland if they would have me.

I posit that European-white women (not simply ‘Caucasian’ women) have evolved to mercilessly play on sympathy more than other women because the white man is so sympathetically useful to a fault. That, not Christianity, is the problem with ‘Christianity’. I am not convinced white women are more mercilessly empathetic, but neither am I convinced they are not. Certainly, human instincts are old and set in their ways. If I were rather experienced with bedding women, I would have some empirical basis for a definitive opinion.

I posit with more than a little conviction that the Priestly Code was written by ‘those who say they are Jews but they are not’. It takes one to know one. Ever since the Priestly Code the object of that strain of social engineering has been steadfastly and doggedly world conquest. Judaism is about ZOG and world taxes being collected at Jerusalem à la trito-Isaiah. Christianity is about the Great Commission and the supposedly preliminary global slavery ‘to come’ that Christians can accept and even welcome with spiritual smugness. Jihad is jihad. Qumran was similarly militant. There are limits to peaceful means, as would have been evident in the seventh century of nominal Christianity. The management of the Temple Mount is the same Muslim charity today that it was in the Middle Ages. What Europeans can claim such sociological continuity?

The white man’s cuckoldry was formalized anew by Sir Thomas More with his Utopia (1516). Karl Marx, born to parents who had just converted from Judaism to Lutheranism, co-opted it. Nostradamus was born to parents who had recently converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Spinoza was excommunicated. Karl Marx is the more influential. He adapted socialism into communism, complete with the 5th plank of his manifesto.

Christianity in the West is passe. Evolution is as loyal and as exacting as a woman vested with global options. The Catholic Church was corrupt when Pope Leo X was collecting funds for revamping St. Peter’s Basilica. Christianity is attacked by it’s shiny new domestic heir socialism, which is only a preliminary form of communism or whatever authoritarianism shall follow it. Socialism is possible only with recent technology, but stronger in this environment it is. Note the primitive herd victories of the socialist minions, seeing neither institution nor culture. They are outdone by lilies as wealth stewards. Christianity is also attacked by its long-time groomed heir now deemed foreign from ignorance of the past. During Islam’s infancy the two were not so alien. Back then both were still confined to the Old World. One was defined under imperial rule; the other, against it.

The problem with Christianity? Same as the perennial problem with Islam after its golden conquest and massive infidel tax base. It’s deficiencies are not so certain with a Western corpse to consume, again. Religion is not fought in the supernatural. It is an evolutionary creature of human psychology. It well answers the Riddle of Steel whilst it answers the mass mandate for deliverance. The problem with Christianity is the problem with essential, genetic European whiteness. The greatness of white is inevitably its downfall. Why? Because diligent cucks like soft, damp sand for a foundation, and say they do not.

Bear this in mind: White, male bigots did not lose Modern Western Civilization; white, male egalitarians did.

This is my first post since Roosh announced the apparent end of ROK. I would perhaps be remiss to not mention it. I have advised my readers, I think years ago, to sell to the blue. I am not against spending with the red, but you can’t spend what you don’t have. Learn from the Jews. I also advised that Red Pill must go underground.

This struggle of ours is a Yin game because the lowest common denominator wins and Yin has social standing with Yang. If the Yin can own Yang by sympathy, Yang does not have a chance. Standards require the elimination and exclusion of base peers, but that would not be Christian, this side of the Hajnal line. The sing-song of the Priestly Code will manifest itself eventually if tended long enough across the generations. It’s been 2,500 years, or one and a half Western cycles, so far. Bear in mind that the last Middle Ages lasted 40 generations.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 02 October 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. Craig says:

    They’re all cucks, hence why they are all transitionally white transitioning into something else.

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