How Christianity Became Libtardfa

As my regular readers will know, I maintain that Socialism is the evolutionary child and heir of Christianity. The Western inheritance is of course being consumed by Islam. I just had an epiphany I will now share.

The white man has dominated the globe for over 200 years. That makes an indelible impression on subhumans. White men are the world’s reference. We are a standard purely by inheritance. Because we are now weak animals, we are a symbol to be co-opted and destroyed.

We know how libtards are inconsistent with their labeling of themselves and others, but they are consistent animals. They only care that you care about words, about future, about past, about tradition, about eventual cause and effect. The truth of power is the exact subset of the power of truth that the human animals can perceive. That perception defines their purpose.

A small group of enterprising Jews began a movement within Judaism two thousand years ago. I call it Jesusology. The goys embraced it, whereas the Jews did not, and it evolved into Christology. After 200 years an orthodoxy was hewn and forged from it by Emperor Constantine. Christianity is obsequious and compliant by design. The cyclical phase repeats. Vows are renewed. Imperial hand, imperial glove.

The combative exceptions prove the lack of faith in that faith: the Crusades, the masculine Orthodox Slavs today resisting the NWO. Faith is a mental security blanket for its believers. The narrative harbors what is deeply desired. All successful scripture is a wishing well of ideas that by design never can fully fit together.

Christianity has peculiar qualities well-suited to the white man’s grotesquely puerile faculty for sympathy. A Jew, one of the chosen, was a perfect exemplar for every member of mankind. What was Jesus’ great accomplishment? He is the quintessential victim no less high than omnipotence, omniscience, perfection.

The perversion of Christianity is its strength and its weakness. Winners are losers and losers are winners. Paying taxes is righteous. Suffering is righteous. Giving is better than taking. Poverty is better than riches. Powerlessness is better than stewardship, which is best left for the elites appointed by God. We know what holds this all together.


As far as I know, the idea of white guilt and yellow shame as fundamentals of civilization in practice was first conceived by the YooToob video blogger AsymmetricalWarfare. It is a brilliant insight. It turns out to be seminal to understanding our decline and the requisite challenge of our very existence.

The masses are generally animals, and the women and non-whites among them have an axe to grind. Every time they see a white man, they are looking at the bugaboo of their inferiority proved so far back that the details don’t matter. Consider what this does for the mentally unexceptional white man, also of the masses. The white man has of late been steeped in the guilt of his forebears, his blood, his skin. This has been going on so long that for most white men under thirty it does not matter how long.

White men have another conditioning going back even further. Christianity presupposes that forgiveness is real because spiritual debt is real. Christianity presupposes guilt makes us contemptible wretches. Christianity presupposes redemption is by faith, by good works, by pious suffering, by suicidal atonement in a life that should be rejected wholesale as inadequate.

Contrary to a Christian teaching by imprecise innuendo, the ends and moreover the context do justify the means. If the means do not follow from necessity, they are still intrinsic to pregnant possibility. The Christian death cult confounds the attainment and maintenance of power with the sharing of power. Morality only touches the latter, which by definition is not universal. Free market forces above the common denominator of animals require the supremacy of property rights for producers, by superlative force. Prosperity is the fruit of skillful discrimination. Entropy is certain death. The byproduct of parasitic prosperity is entropy.

One more ingredient addles the white male youth in the United States. Sexuality is promoted in the abstract with practically supernatural attribution, yet sex is nearly as elusive as love. Vagina is priceless, yet the contemptible penis hopes to earn relief from its testosterone burden by communion with a goddess. A man seeks an outlet for his masculinity and a proof of it.

So subconsciously informed by the practices of Christianity and feminism, so terrorized by the unconscionable sins of his ancestors, the properly indoctrinated young white male hates himself. Just as Slavic men will rationalize violence in the name of Christianity rather than simply champion their side of biological necessity, the unworldly white male in the States will rationalize violence in the name of something greater than himself. He proves he is not greedy.

He will fight the good fight. He will defeat his enemy heritage. He will sacrifice his patrimony, his culture, himself. If he dies, he dies a hero. If he lives, he deserves the love of a loyal, magical woman for life. Most of all, he will atone for his sins, assuage his guilt, find inner peace. The guilt clings to him like an offensive odor emanating from his skin. Oh, how he loathes himself. Consummate subhumans covet. “First principles, Clarice.” These uniquely useful whiteys loathe whiteness. Each one’s hate reverberates relentlessly in a demonic feedback loop. Naturally, they synchronize like women’s menstruation.

Angry Antifa whites

Hasty, pasty wasties gave up their humanity, or they never had it. They are completely maladaptive, taking the white Christian’s altruism and sheep dog soldiering to mind-numbing heights. Good riddance as inevitably will be the case.

The white man’s faculty for sympathy is in much need of evolutionary refinement. As Heartiste likes to say, hate is not the opposite of love. That is certainly true in woman’s perception of man, but opposition in it there is. Hate is love of an antithetic.

That is why the white man’s capacity for sympathy is his cultural supremacy and his Achilles’ heel. Sympathy is unfit to lead and begs to follow. The cold logic of philosophy can make it noble just as the cold logic of instinct can make it ignoble. Philosophy is the future of white men with a future.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 09 November 2018


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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4 Responses to How Christianity Became Libtardfa

  1. Wayne says:

    Doug, are you a Christian?

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    The Christianity of the first 100 years wasn’t cucked. It was virile and primal. Then the Bar Kokhba rebellion broke out and almost all the original Christians, who were ethnically Jewish and Samaritans, were wiped out by the Pharisee party. The remaining Christians were outside the jurisdiction, being Gentiles. Without that original core group who had a solid grasp of Jesus teaching, things went off the rails pretty quickly. They took Jesus teachings, and, not understanding the Old Testament context of them, came up with the most monstrous allegories to explain things. They dragged in the teachings of Plato and Pythagorus. Various polytheistic cults got their claws into the doctrine books too. In Paul’s letters he said it was already happening in his time, before the rebellion of 70 AD. The process was essentially complete by 136AD. Jesus didn’t preach a new religion; he preached a return to the old one, with an emphasis on love, kindness, and solidarity.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Quite a few Jews and Samaritans did convert to the teachings of Jesus, in the beginning. Almost all of them were killed off by the Pharisees during the first 100 years, on charges of blasphemy. And not the Pharisees only, but the Sadducees and likely the priestly hierarchy of the Samaritans too. Being a Christian in the first hundred years was to risk your life.

  4. @Wayne, I am not Christian. I grew up Christian to autonomically manipulative parents. I regard them as neurotic, and they are more successful than I will ever be. I had to work my way out of their straight-jacket. I don’t think religion is religious.

    @MJ, I don’t interpret the beginning that way, but the Jews are collectively very strong. I want to be individually strong first, but I think the Jewish example of Yin power is well worth copying, by joining for some. I don’t need the emotionalism, rites to install mindless habit, passe kosher rules, epic bigotry at the expense of individual merit. But the Jews play to win against others, and though I don’t consider that a worthy end, identifying and dispatching enemies is a prerequisite skill in this life. Christian theology teaches feet of clay by universalizing the love of thy Jewish neighbor as thy Jewish self. I will always prefer philosophy to religion. Philosophy itself does not preclude the worship of some god. The evidence for it just is not there. I don’t know why an omnipotent being would be so consumed with human affairs. I don’t know what omnipotent being can be denied. I want my emotions where I can see them.

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