What Is France?

I have been following the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement in France. This post is to outline my perspective on what is happening and what can possibly happen, based on how I read the information from afar and use history and psychology as my guide.

The Gilets Jaunes are diverse and their glue is a common dissatisfaction and a common political nemesis, Emmanuel Macron. It seems that Emmanuel is the French version of the Hebrew name Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us’. President Macron is a former banker of the Rothschilds, if by former I mean no longer an employee in the legal sense, and it seems that he was elected to mastermind the French economy to success. The dumb-ass French voters got exactly what they deserve. Remember that they voted for the previous French president, François Hollande, another socialist.

On 14 December 2018 both UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Macron faced (no) confidence votes that could have ended their terms. Both passed these votes (with enough confidence). Macron passed easily and is regarded as a moderate, whereas the politicians that initiated the confidence vote are regarded as Leftists. That political framework is telling. The people on the street protesting are both Left and Right, and there is a reason. Leftists are useful idiots and their rendezvous with the role of useless eaters has come.

Women whom I’ve caught playing me for night game often say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” For these consummate subhumans the game is a given. (Mark Cuban has said on Shark Tank that if you don’t know who the sucker in the room is, it’s you. His culture is not the old-school Western culture, as brilliant at business as he is.) The assumed game is the game of herd status. To tear someone else down is to build oneself up. What is the authority to measure rank?

For them the herd is defined by the herd narrative, and the herd narrative is life and power. Narrative is reality, for them. What is gas lighting from the human or cultural perspective is narrative management or animal ability from the herd animal perspective. They are ignorant about stewardship that is win-win, which of course is an ignorance of economics. And because they depend on narrative for their reality and power, they must loath any antithetical perspective, i.e. higher culture if not all culture. Women loath all culture except to use it as cover and leverage. Let me say the whole truth: Believer-socialists are hostile to stewardship. We know women will turn on alpha if they can, which then proves alpha has become beta. She’s innocent of course. Women just consume to consume.

What I am getting at is that the law of conversation matters not to believer-socialists. They have been ill-raised on the anti-white-man-excellence narrative from birth. The subhumans, and that’s of necessity what all true believer-socialists are, loath the relative superiority of (Germanic) white men for the past 500 or so years. They co-opt that example without understanding it. The universities are now their indoctrination centers. The office is now a cubical farm for base drama starring her solipsistic vagina. The basest humans are cultural cancer, and culture is the foundation of social norms and the essence of a people, of a nation.

Just ask the Jews. Goyim means nation, understood to be the other nation as a catch-all opposite of their nation, their people, their purpose.

Since the believer-socialist is effectively the lowest form of human life in the political sense, they have the worst ‘culture’ to the point of no culture. They have the worst social norms. They are empty vessels as is woman, as are soy boys.

Bear in mind that today’s unruly masses in France are groping for an independent narrative. The pain of living obediently to the state has become greater than the pain of facing the state and the state’s thugs. That is why they do what they do. This movement has been growing all year long. It is organic and real, which is to say it is not an intellectual movement. There was cause to attack on intellectual grounds long ago, when the cost would have been very affordable, but the masses are not driven by conscious or conscientious logic. The stimulation of misery is what drives them. The narrative they chose, are choosing, and will choose is out of convenience and safety in the moment. This is evolution at work. They are largely automatons, short-lived processes of groping intelligent design. The design calls many contestants but permits few winners. Only property rights for producers could change that, after the elimination of parasitic behavior—and genes are not negligible. The unruly French masses like all masses are bound to animal reality.

The philosophers have yet to be fruitful and multiply, and though NWO globalism is the enemy’s globalism and despicable, it is an instructive example for philosophers. Globalism itself is not innately bad, and to be injured is. Know thyself.

The protesters in France have said that crumbs are not enough, that they want the whole baguette, a loaf of French bread. That is a call to get the same corrupt consideration as the rich. It is corrupt because consumption requires production in the context of living better than animals live. What the French have wanted was not the destruction of the system but a reorientation of ‘their’ system to their socialist purposes. The physics of life, the law of conservation, makes that convenient objective completely unworkable. The solution for them is to self-govern, but for that they must take power and then be stewards of their power. They must become generally righteous with violence, which they can’t.

The righteousness of the Dutch and early American republics was due to white greatness assisted by geographically bound necessity. The infrastructure of government control was not available to impose the patronage game desired by herd animals. Remember, believer-socialists don’t have culture. They don’t recognize producer property rights because they are antagonistic to stewardship. They want to be kept, and for them that is the raison d’etre of ‘their’ French state. They have not identified any ‘the other’, they have no conscious enemy, at least not before today, as I will explain shortly.

The physics of life requires that socialism is a transitory political policy and agenda. Those who run the gravy train do not need dead weight. There is honor among thieves only when there is a cornucopia of low hanging, fat victims. I speak of white Bible squatters in the United States. The NWO progress in France has burned through the easy fattened suckers, which is true in the United States starting only this year. Corporate American is under attack for not providing the socialist benefits the believers require per the Narrative that the Trust of the Establishment, to include Corporate America, has inculcated in their very workers since infancy. The Big Tech believer-socialists don’t want to make a NWO that crushes the socialist rank-and-file. Now the Left is eating it’s own, which began with the white male enablers targeted by the pound me too movement.

Today, Saturday, 15 December 2018, the gloves have come off, it seems. We will know within the week. The show of force before today was a protest, even when it got violent. The protesters heretofore were impeding their system to show their ownership of it. The so-called tipping point occurs when the conflict organically reaches the point that the French police are considered in narrative the enemy of the French people. If that happens, and I think it has happened, then French officials are in real danger, like the French people they have been harvesting are.

“You never hit a woman!” lululzlzuzllzlz Women are players and they, not being included in the power structure any more, are using the power of emasculation given to them by the state:

The look of confused jealously on the face of the policewoman is priceless. What is the winning side today?, the hindbrain wonders.

This was a happy defeat for the police:

This was not:

If there is an able rival ‘other’ to destroy, the contest is war not protest. The Gilets Jaunes have often described themselves and their movement as nonviolent. If they cling to that narrative element, they can’t win, to wit, they will be harvested to extinction in a systematic way. The French frog will remain in the pot on the stove.

If they win the conquest struggle against the current French Establishment, they will then have to contend with each other. The so-called French include Muslims, Jews, and blacks, whom I have listed in descending order of otherness ‘urgency’. If Islam is not made illegal in France, the NWO and Islam will win. Striking gains have been made by the NWO in Saudi Arabia since President Trump took office, on 20 January 2017. I am not sure foreign militaries would not be marshaled to crush this French uprising if it actually displaced the existing puppet government.

If there is a French revolution this time, not a given, a first pogrom of Muslims becomes a real possibility. If the Muslims are cast out, French masculinity will no doubt be hardened to pursue pragmatic completeness. Given Macron’s curriculum vitae, a Muslim pogrom would possibly be followed rather quickly by a Jewish one. Narrative control will matter greatly. How tightly will the NWO programming hold? Propaganda only works on the conscientious. Expect women to lead the way from behind. It was black women who led the blacks’ emigration so far off the Democrat party’s plantation in the last several years. Black Americans are, not surprisingly, slow to see their political interests lie with rednecks as fellow native stock on the chopping block.

The French Revolution we all know from history had a reign of terror that was little more than an orgy of killing until it became so tiring that a dictator was desirable. Entered Napoleon, who was not all bad and would have been a hero if he would have stopped his conquest at Germany. In the end, Napoleon did little more than out with the old in preparation for in with the new. France is lucky to have remained a country then and in the aftermaths of WWI and WWII. Now that the Western globalists are destroying the West, the French with real French heritage face a grave test.

In short, I don’t see who are the good guys in France or in the West. There is no French patriarchy that I can see. Partial credit does not count. What I do know is that either the French people will become openly hostile to their government and thereby open the door to real political change or else they will not. Keep that in mind as you follow the news on the Gilets Jaunes movement. It will be telling. It is one thing to face the police when they have every advantage of equipment and preparation. It is another to attack the police when they are using a public toilet, walking off duty in their neighborhoods, eating a sandwich in a cafe. We shall see what is in the French heart, soon enough every Western nation’s heart.

The genetically French must now crap or get off the pot for the very last time. I don’t think the Bean-Counter-in-Chief has the social acumen to know what narrative devils he might unleash with his ‘strong’ leadership style. In short he’s not Trump. The trick to boiling the frog is making the frog feel free and loved. “I feel your pain,” says the chef. Perhaps we are lucky that Macron does not have a certain kind of patience like he has a certain kind of patronage.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 December 2018

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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