The Trump Pump and Dump

The Fed is poised to raise interest rates again today. The reason is that laborers should not do too well, which would be allowing human capacity to survive among non-elites. Our humanity is a real threat to the heartless bean counters, and we ought to learn by example, just as the Iberians learned from the Muslims to start the Age of Discovery and conquer the whole damned world.

President Obama said throughout his first 4-year term and beyond that anything political but especially the miserable economy was all Bush’s fault. Black America loves him to this day. I think the plan is to make the coming economic pain all Trump’s fault. Today’s manifest bias of the Fed to tank the US economy is, besides the usual war strategy of enemy destruction, planned political fodder for the subhumans to blame capitalism and demand socialism. Socialism is really gestation of authoritarianism most readily disguised as narrative communism.

Trump has put the cuckservatives back into the Overton window, the window of discourse. He is ready to sign an executive order to ban bump stocks. He does not declassify the evidence requested by the Republican-controlled House intelligence committee that would incriminate our existential domestic enemy. Trump has backed off on shutting down the government to get Wall funding, which he could fund on his own because the President has the power to move government money around. He signed the Omnibus bill in March 2018 and said ‘never again’. What political acumen to say one thing while doing another! Conservative voices face increasing hostility and are silenced more than ever in media and in meatspace. Want to keep your job? Then say nothing but lies of capitulation.

President Trump has done excellent things, enough to loosen the economic noose and prevent the Yellow Vest movement from having political legs in the United States. The Establishment is as entrenched as ever. Their orc army occupying the United States is more desperate to win than ever.

Trump is expert at concealing his intentions. I suggest you do the same. He could expose the treasonous bastards, who deserve something much more economical than jail, but put them in jail at least. It seems clear now that the dud Attorney General Jeff Sessions was simply following orders of the President. I realize I am not the genius that Donald Trump is, but the time to strike has been for six months. Time with power is precious. He governs as if the Left and the Right can coexist. The Left will kill the non-Left, or the non-Left will kill the Left, and he knows it if I do. Yet he governs from the vacuous middle and plays the political circus. All of his attacks on the domestic Left have been theatrical and immaterial.

He acts like a man who is untouchable. He acts like Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I hate to say this, but I told you so: “The Trump Show,” dated 07 August 2015.

If you want it done right…but this is bigger than you and me. No one person is a culture. No handful of people are an economy or an army. The collapse is necessary for the culling that is necessary for higher forms of life to succeed by relative winning. Philosophers are the cutting edge of organic human evolution, and it’s just gonna hurt to be primarily rational for a long time.

Voting rights in any system I would support would be the monopoly of men of my hue, no exceptions (because that’s how it starts), and I would further wish for only the top 50% to vote as qualified by paying taxes, not receiving government money, owning land, and as a last resort by greater age. Owning land and paying taxes perhaps ought to be synonymous a la Henry George’s Poverty and Progress. To that extent I am Wite Nacioneleest. Of course the plebs will make any perspective a stupid ideology of paint by numbers, whites too. I don’t participate in self-directed civic activism any more in any way, even to argue with someone I know, because I realize I have wasted my life chasing subhumans for civilized cooperation. What a con!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 December 2018

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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