Curation Is Everything

We are not the same. The evolutionary throwbacks and their genes are winning. The byproduct of that process is cultural decline. We are not degenerating. The average is degenerating, but the individuals are not degenerating much if at all. There is natural selection with each generation, but there is more than simply a bias placed on native genes. There is the degenerate psychological programming of each successive generation in childhood. With enough success with the psychologically malleable natives, with its genetic requirement, the even nastier process championed as multiculturalism is possible. It is the substitution of foreign inferiors and their progeny for us. The subhumans have herd control of the system until the system dies.

Deven Guilford was a 17-year-old real white man who did not know the deadly difference between ‘should’ and ‘is’. On one end of the humanoid spectrum you have the herd animals. They are social relativists consumed with maximizing their individual ranks. They want total control over you to dispose of you as they wish. Narrative violations are an affront to the herd. On the other end are civilized men, social absolutists, who want to improve themselves and their lot in life. We are in an interlocking patronage death spiral. The only details left uncertain are little more than the relative order of our eliminations during this process.

‘Sergeant’ Jonathon Frost is the executioner of Deven Guilford. The sin was lack of dehumanizing deference. The date was 28 February 2015. The white gene pool needs some serious cleansing, my friends, to use the postmodern diction. Our forebears sold us out to government control, and this our abomination of passe humanoids is now in the hands of evolution to be chastened only at her leisure. Cuck religion is the death of a nation.

This heartbreaking event came to my attention via The Burning Platform post “Michigan AGW Executes Kid for Flashing His Lights,” dated 13 January 2019 and by Eric Peters. The video therein is posted at UToob by Mox News under the heading ‘Cop Cleared In Killing Of Teen Pulled Over For Flashing Headlights At Police’.

Deven Guilford’s family reaches $2.4M settlement in son’s death by Eaton County officer” from the Lansing State Journal:

The settlement requires that the lawsuit be dismissed “with prejudice” and that the Guilford family sign a general release of liability preventing any further claims, James Dyer, an attorney for Eaton County and Frost said in a statement after the settlement was announced.

The low life is still employed. The taxpayer will cover the $2.4 million too. I’m not feeling justice from this. One day parents in the West won’t simply sue for justice. Those parents may or may not be white.

There is no middle from which Trump can govern, and there is no middle ground of compromise with animals. Might makes right. We gave up our might before we were born.

Be careful when the government goons are in control mode. There is no middle ground in their minds. This is simply about herd animal rank. The idea that a bully is a coward is a con of cultural pretense. Bullying that does not trigger prohibitively expensive retribution is advantageous and profitable. They pretend they are like us and tell us who we are. Bullying is the bread and butter of a successful male herd animal. They know they will have to suffer with slim pickings in the private sector if they don’t keep their lucrative but sexually rewarded government jobs.

You can no longer act like a human and have human rights. The dogs have human rights and the humans have dog rights. You only give yourself away to suppose the convention of due process and attempt to assert yourself with verbal communication. Use and respect body language. It will do you no good to demand candidly, “What’s the nature of your investigation?” These bastards are simple binaries with genitals. You might not think in binaries, but they do. You have a binary choice when cornered by a law enforcement officer. Remember you do not have a country to save, just yourself.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 January 2019


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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