Cunt Justice

From Wikipedia entry “Rand Paul”:

On November 3, 2017, Paul was assaulted by a neighbor, Rene Boucher (then aged 59), a retired anesthesiologist. Paul, who is deaf in one ear, was wearing noise-cancelling headphones while mowing his lawn, enabling Boucher to blindside Paul.

Rand Paul’s Attacker Gets 30 Days In Prison,” dated 15 June 2018 and by Molly Prince:

The attack left him with six broken ribs, pleural effusion and ultimately pneumonia.

Rand Paul’s Attacker Officially Sentenced,” dated 16 June 2018 and by Jack Davis:

U.S. District Judge Marianne Battani, who was called in from Michigan to hear the case, called the incident a “dispute between neighbors” and an “isolated incident.” She said it was not motivated by politics.

She urged Boucher, a retired doctor, to move past the incident.

“I know it’s a heavy burden to be a convicted felon, but I hope you can forgive yourself and go on with your life,” she said, according to National Public Radio. “I hope the Pauls can forgive you, but ultimately, that you can forgive yourself.”

From Wikipedia entry “Marianne O. Battani”:

Battani is notable for sentencing Alan Ralsky to more than four years in prison in November 2009. This was for crimes relating to his stock pump and dump spam activities.

She is also notable for sentencing Rene Boucher to only 30 days jail time, a fine, and 1 year probation, for physically attacking sitting Senator, Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky. The attack left Senator Paul with multiple fractured ribs and contracted pneumonia. Prosecutors had sought a 21-month sentence.

Ask not who’s bitch this is, for this government bitch your ass. Five days per rib. You’d think the attacker had a vagina.

The shadow inquisition is here and gaining strength. You have nothing to gain and plenty to lose by wearing your MAGA hats. Don’t suppose you are living in a free country. Here you’re not free or in a country. To my knowledge not once yet has President Trump engaged the enemy domestic with physical government force, and he is ‘the most powerful man of the free world’. I think he just likes playing executive and deal maker.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 January 2019


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to Cunt Justice

  1. Craig says:

    Ted Bundy is looking more and more like a folk hero as time goes by. The Rene Boucher’s of the world can eat shit and fucking die.

  2. redarmyvodka says:

    Hey Doug this is off topic but I can’t engage with you on Chateau Heartiste I think I’m banned or something but I would still like a response first on the nature of the deep state. Here is a comment I was going to post there.

    Well if my comments would get through moderation and not vanish constantly I could argue my point more effectively, Greg idiot. I’m a lot better informed about who the deep state actually is than you and hint it goes beyond single words like kike.

    It all comes down to money yes but there is so much more to money than meets the eye. The Forbes list is very misleading. It typically discusses new money and not old money but in rich people circles how old your money is counts for everything. Real wealth is also held by families and not individuals. Bill Gates doesn’t rank very high in the world of the US elite. In fact he was put in his place during the Microsoft anti-trust case which contrary to popular belief was won but lost on appeal largely because Gates got the message and agreed to donate his fortune to philanthropy, wildlife causes, population control, and nature preservation basically agendas important to the American ruling class.

    The argument against that is old money has been losing wealth & influence for decades. Hence why the country has changed so much since the 1950s as new money laughs at old money’s mediocre IQs & dotty eccentricities.

    They may have been losing wealth and influence but not power. The Anglo-American establishment made their fortunes through tax exemptions, imperialism, colonial monopolies, and privateering. Take John Kerry for example most people don’t take him seriously but in fact he’s a very serious man. His ancestors founded the city of Boston, served as British colonial governors, were members of the Sons of Liberty, and fought as Patriots during the American revolution. People like him are the Boston Brahman and WASP warrior caste who dominate the colonial colleges of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton but especially Yale via Skull and Bones. They’re heavily associated with banking/finance via Brown Brothers Harriman, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase.

    The industrial tycoons who became known as Robber Barons made the biggest fortunes in history but they too were successfully put in their place and made subordinate to old money with Robber Baron types insisting their children marry into old money families as well. Jewish Hollywood scored some big victories against the WASPs and forced open ivy league schools but outside of media power not much has changed. Hollywood has also been incorporated into the US empire and serves as a propaganda arm. After what occurred to Microsoft and the threat of future regulatory action tech giants have been put on notice and now give plum and cushy boardroom jobs to old money types.

    Early America was led by the colonial/founding generation, As the franchise expanded the true power holders went into the shadows. Skull and Bones is the core of the American deep state a deep state within a deep state. Other sources of wealth/power like the Robber Barons, Rockefeller family, Bohemian Club/Bohemian Grove, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission came later and serve other purposes like catering to new money, Robber Baron, west coast elites, uniting American elites on foreign policy questions, and serving as round table groups/discussion clubs. Skull and Bones by contrast is a secret society designed for the post graduate world and only at Yale university. The group’s trust basically owns all of the property in and around Yale and a founder of the Order is a descendant of one of the main founders of Yale.

    Yale alumni have been close to the intelligence world since the founding and even served as spies in George Washington’s army. The first US capital was in Manhattan at Federal Hall near Wall Street. There are a few Bonesmen presidents but most serve as cabinet level secretaries/undersecretaries while dominating areas like law, finance, banking, academia, intelligence, and serving as captains of industry. The entity that became Brown Brothers Harriman is the oldest banking partnership on Wall Street but they do face competition though like Woodrow Wilson a Robber Baron president defeating Bonesmen president Taft.

    There are only one thousand Bonesmen alive at any one point but they meet annually at their retreat on Deer Island. Their wives and children are also initiated into the Order. Private schools like Phillips Academy Andover are the primary feeder schools to Yale and the Order. Harvard and Princeton have their own feeder schools but even in the ivy league world it’s common knowledge that it’s “Yale or jail”. Henry Stimson who served both republican/democrat administrations giving the go ahead to drop the atomic bombs, Averell Harriman heir to the biggest railroad fortune in US history helping forge Brown Brothers Harriman, and the Bush family were the Order’s most public faces during the 20th century. These are the men who killed JFK and removed Nixon from power.

    True to the Order’s WASP roots it only recently began accepting a few token Catholics, Jews, non-whites, and women. There are typically two Bonesmen associated with every US president either serving in the cabinet or linked with their rise to power. The exception being Bonesmen presidencies where there are several or more via legacies of the Order. The 2004 presidential election was a milestone for the Order as Dubya and Kerry were both members of Skull and Bones. Even the Trump administration has Bonesmen in its ranks like treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin a Goldman-Sachs/Hollywood type and Stephen Schwarzman the founder of The Black Stone Group the world’s largest private equity fund.

    • I heartily agree that the NWO is a complicated, organic mess as you describe it. I think there is generational control, but I also think there is the appearance of continuity that is not so because the continuity of narrative elements belongs to the dumb herd and smart social engineers will prefer to use what is already there for economy of their efforts. Your intelligent assessment seems to be textbook Alex Jones minus the crazy parts, and I don’t suppose any other taxonomy would be more likely. All of your elements are legitimate, nothing crazy or desperate.

      In defense of the simplistic (((them))) notion, though I don’t think the headship of Judaism is sincerely Jewish, I suspect that the ostensibly Jewish among the elite in question would likely cut out their non-Jewish peers with all else being equal. However, it is possible that there is some sort of superior bonding of ritual and lascivious dirt on file to keep all in line, but how high that mechanism actually goes is anybody’s guess. I don’t think the organization’s top is necessarily known or discernible, and as high as I presume to discern is Bilderberg.

      I think Judaism is more fundamental than Jewry to the NWO and that Jewry are the natural administrators of the NWO. Their rank and file presume that they are tier #1 chosen. Their historical requirement of proficiency with two languages and cultures gives them a very high IQ, and the mystical egotism that binds them in solidarity blinds them to being used so long as their mission to subjugate the goy enchants them. In reference to conspiracy theorists, little minds cannot handle grey areas on matters of personal identity. Jewsy religion but ideology sells the slothful comfort of tractable absolutes. As I have said before somewhere: Judaism -> Christianity/Socialism -> Islam/Communism.

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