Why They Hate You

For the past 500 years of modernity the white man has dominated. We are now in postmodern times yet to be positively identified. The naming of American generations since the Baby Boomers are all impersonal names. The character of each of these generations are stymied by the dehumanizing mold of the police state. White men no longer dominate in the West except in the tiny circles of the political elite who must be smart enough for debt-slavery engineering, but that reality of political power does not matter to the reality of political power.

The longstanding conquest of the world by white men has important ramifications for today’s loser white men. Modernity is noted for great technical advances that made the world functionally smaller. Communication and transportation have created an intimacy, wanted or not. The generational conditioning of all not white men has had the consistent narrative element of superior white men.

White men have in fact been superior, and in a special way inescapable to all narrative-driven human minds. The base humans of the world have the ingrained image of the dominant white man as their bugaboo. They can’t kill that mental image enough. You a normal white man typical of yore are made in the supernatural image of the great white nemesis. Ingrained hatred is in the eye of the beholder. Only when the West is in embers will these animals move on to a new narrative villain. They are the orc army of the Western globalists, our foremost enemy.

The unprecedented success and ignoble betrayal of our forebears puts us in the cross hairs of every other demographic group on earth for our lifetimes. Only the persistent global dominance of another people can change this view in the world’s junk denizens.

They win as useful idiots by aping our ancestors’ success. They are culturally inferior, mentally inferior. They can’t understand anything as abstract function, as causality across time. They only understand the imagery of now. Like the Jews, and with more than a little help from elitist Jewry, they co-opt white man supremacy for themselves. However, unlike the Jews, they have no intrinsic definition of what supreme success is.

They can only oversimplify cultural and economic excellence into the materialistic signals that haunt them. They can only mouth the key words and ape the styles, totally ignorant of the substance. They copy the narrative of us where they readily can but modify the parts they can’t master to prove their newfound superiority over the spectral white man. Herd animals hate having low rank and hate anyone vulnerable with rank value. Comparison is a woman’s way of life and the message of hope from the Establishment.

The universities of yore are now indoctrination centers. The workplace office of yore is now a cubical farm. The jobs of the producer in the private sector or yore have been replaced with pretentious, nonproductive jobs in government and in conformist organization, all psychological-candy jobs in the Trust, that shadowy entity too big to fail. The religion of political correctness animates these predatory player animals. Narrative is a reality to be defended and perfected at all costs, and the pockets of government go as far as every genuflecting white man’s colon laid end to end.

I greatly overestimated the capacity of white men to work as slaves because they are not slaves. They are domesticated animals afraid of conflict not blessed and guaranteed by daddy government. They are the sheep dogs that Jesus never requested. They are manly animal Christians selling a loophole in the sacrificial discipleship of Christ to be big men on earth.

The herd animals will always hurt you if they can. They can. Thanks, cucks. Globalism requires this byproduct of superlative success so long as the world in not colonized by the winners. I mean so long as there is no consolidation, which of necessity is a great reduction in subhuman numbers should the humans consolidate victory.

China is taking Africa. I doubt they will withdrawal willingly like the West did. Russia expanded by taking Crimea in 2014. The contest to determine the first global order with lasting stability is far from over. Today’s globalists are only the first contestants. During their contention your mere existence is unavoidably a first-class narrative symbol known reflexively by most of those not in your demographic and plenty who are.

The world hates you. Your face is anathema. Only supreme power held skillfully can change that. Invulnerable rank is sexy and honored. Patriarchy is fundamental to what we are if we are anything. First, be your own man unafraid to take and maintain power. Second, you might have to leave this next step to others yet to be born.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 January 2019


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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