HPD Chief Art Acevedo Lied About Hit

This post is a followup to my post “Behold, the Lady Killer”. I came across The Burning Platform post “‘They Did Not Deal Drugs’: Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story” dated 31 January 2019.

The story of the five cops that killed a couple at their home in the 7800 block of Harding in southeast Houston on Monday the 28th does not pass the smell test. I did some digging around and learned that the couple was white, that the expected heroin that justified the search warrant was not there, that supposedly marijuana and some white powder was found, that the cops were dressed in plain clothes, that they did not knock first to serve the warrant (which proves they are not public servants but rather state goons), and that these are the injuries of the officers involved (copied verbatim):

• The 54-year-old who “heroically made the entry” was shot in the face and required surgery. He is recovering, but the facial trauma team will have to perform more operations in the future.

• A 50-year-old sergeant who suffered a gunshot wound to the face required no surgery. The officer, who has 25 years on the force, is stable and will be released later Tuesday or Wednesday.

• Another 50-year-old sergeant, a 27-year veteran, who suffered a knee injury is recovering and will be released later this week.

• The first officer through the door, a 33-year-old, was shot in the shoulder and has been released. The officer has 10 years on the force.

• The last officer, whose family requested privacy, is in stable condition. Acevedo said he was concerned about the officer, who is “in a really tough fight” and “needs prayers.”

I take pleasure in reading some of those bullets. Here’s looking at you, heroes.

The video from KHOU, channel 11 is damning (from the perspective of a full human at least). This was not a botched raid. This was a beat down by arrogant, privileged killers at best, and a premeditated execution at worst. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo lied when he said, “The neighborhood thanked our officers. It was a drug house. They described it as a problem location.”

The husband was an ex-Navy vet who had been given an honorable medical discharge. The couple were on the old side. Yet they and their dog were able to counterattack with some effectiveness despite the disadvantage of surprise.

I rot here jobless and ostracized. I should be doing something constructive for myself. I am upset, angry. My stress is only hurting me and no one else. The fight or flight response was made for short bursts of making a difference with action. We must resist the training for chronic stress with no meaningful action.

Nihilism on the American Dream is mental freedom. Stare into the darkness with an intrepid heart and a discerning mind, hear the hooves of history, know what you don’t care about to care about yourself, and do what you can for yourself starting with your health mental, physical, and financial. I wish I had a better answer, but I don’t. At this point of the decline I don’t think blogging is useful. I don’t think deplatforming is relevant. Cucks will get angry enough to respond or they won’t. What the Establishment will do in terms of purpose is certain and uncomplicated.

It is the police that enforce my ruined life for trivial mammon. Among them the white men are the ones who disgust me most. Alas, I hate most of all the white male bible squatters who endlessly recompute a peaceful universal solution to the purpose of God and country. They pledge themselves to Abraham’s imperial union indivisible with such cultist devotion. Women and savages are only being women and savages.

Do I understand this post could earn me a similar house-call thrill for the perps selectively in blue? Yes, I do. What of it? I hope I don’t live or die a coward from here on in this dusk of my mortal coil. I hope to find happiness watching the white (((Jebus))) fodder squirm, suffer, and die. A species of more unfit organisms one could hardly find even with unstinting support from the National Science Foundation.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 31 January 2019


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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6 Responses to HPD Chief Art Acevedo Lied About Hit

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is beginning to look like they went to the wrong address. News Now Houston found a house at 7815 Hardy that fits the description much better.
    This is the house at 7815 Harding where the raid took place.

    This is the house at 7815 Hardy.

    • Great information, fuzziewuzziebear. For the record, it changes nothing about what today’s police are or effect, or my anger. The tone of my original post stands. Here’s why. Excuses as the subhumans extinguish my life and way of life are less than steak knives for some runner-up. Keystone Cops should not be among the best trained and the best armed people in the country. They shoot first and ask questions later, when families not theirs are dead. Did the hit team pigs watch the house first themselves? Did they talk to neighbors there themselves? If they simply made a mistake, they never scouted the target location themselves, which means they fucking suck! They do not serve us; they force us to serve them as groveling tax units. Law enforcement is no more thoughtful and no less habitual than handling a drive-thru order at McDonald’s. They keep and enjoy their power. These ‘mistakes’ are not a biggy for them. Go whoopsie on a cop and see how benevolent the bureaucrats are with you a Joe Schmoe. They can lie to us legally and we cannot lie to them legally. If there is litigation, it is controlled by the corrupt house that is the almighty state. If there is a payout for damages, it is at the expense of the taxpayer slaves. The cops will keep their jobs like Pig Jonathon Frost did despite killing red-blooded American 17-year-old Deven Guilford. People are shot at night for holding a cell phone that could be a gun. Richard Black was shot last year by police of Aurora, Colorado for holding a gun he was using to secure his property and family against a naked intruder. In hindsight his wife should never have called the police for help, and only much later when submission could be clearly signaled to the pigs. Bureaucrat-controlled natural selection is culturally downward and cultural suicide. If they served us, we would be integrated socially and these mistakes would not happen. We are not socially integrated. They are thugs enjoying the best of both worlds. Arguably, the title of the original post is now not necessarily correct on a technicality, but to persist this blissful incompetence requires typical political rhetoric, which is lying. Liars, liars, liars! How can they be so incompetent at serving the public and yet so competent at being in charge of the public despite animosity and resistance? That is the essence of the consummate bureaucrat, now your master and mine. Whoopsie.

      • fuzziewuzziebear says:

        I left all that unsaid, preferring the reader to draw his own conclusions. There have been too many of these tragedies and, once again, we have dead innocent people that no one is held accountable for. Money from taxpayers doesn’t cut it.

  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just saw this today and wanted to share.

    My gut is telling me that the police chief is dragging his heels waiting for the heat to die down before coming clean. People were killed and they are worried about lawsuits?

    [RD: Noted, thanks. Now I’m worried for the safety of a real journalist. I wish lawsuits were the last of their worries under the circumstances.]

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is more from the same source.

    What makes me crazy is that, should they do the right thing and prosecute, juries will acquit the guilty. I have seen it happen too many times, even when it is a slam dunk case.

    [RD: Again, noted, thanks.]

  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:


    I was living in California when the Rodney King fiasco went down. I still can’t understand why the jury acquitted in the face of video evidence.

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