I Can Explain the Vanishing Casings

My hypothesis is tentative and testable. I will leave it to people who know what exact streaming technology was used and how it works.

We all know about the (alleged) shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand of 15 March 2019. Today the idea that it was a staged, meaning acted, event has gained popularity. Someone discovered the disappearing shell casings. In one scene the shells should have fallen within the frame. They did not. I learned about this interesting, apparent inconsistency from “Mysteriously disappearing shell casings suggest video trickery and greenscreen illusions” at Vulture of Critique, dated 19 March 2019 and by ‘gaikokumaniakku’.

A lossy image compression algorithm loses raw image data to convenient approximation to minimize the cost of data representation or computation time. A live stream would have an audio-video buffer and would have compression to minimize the data transmission amount. That compression would have to be fast enough to fill the buffer before it gets empty. Differences in frames are used instead of complete frames more than not.

It seems to me that frames would be dropped if the send buffer got too full. It also makes sense to me that perhaps some frames would not arrive in time. The reason to drop frames could be caused by issues of maintenance of a steady transmission, network delays and drops, and maintenance of a steady reception within the receive buffer.

Regardless of the cause, dropping frames with the least visual changes makes sense. A small casing moving around could be dropped and retroactively replaced with the image of no small casing moving around. It could save on computation time with the sending process or the receiving process.

This explanation has one important weakness. There are no casings lying on the ground. They would have had to all move out of frame for this explanation of lossiness to work. If still the casings should be big enough to be seen on the sidewalk. There are other parts of the video that certainly demonstrate the effect of striking bullets.

There is no globalist advantage to faking a black flag event compared to facilitating it. After being flabbergasted I now believe it really happened with bullets. Whether or not it was a black flag operation is another matter, and there are degrees of potential facilitation and control. I think it is obvious enough that the Las Vegas shooting of 01 October 2017 was a false flag pinned on 64-year-old patsy Stephen Paddock.

If Brenton Tarrant did not write his putative manifesto, he also was a patsy. It is interesting that the global warming libtards are trolled to get their support for eliminating invaders. The ‘eco-fascist’ advocates their elimination as a healthy depopulation. Regarding any indication of authorship by the Western intelligence community, I see two most plausible signs: (1) Jews are cleared of any complicity, and (2) the New Zealand police and by projection the New Zealand state are cleared of any culpability. That is not a strong case. The man is 28-years-old. At that age I thought blaming the Jews for the subversion of Western nations was patently ludicrous. I was not familiar with the book of Esther or the holiday of Purim back then. Christians have intentional blind spots and sincerely lie about the Jewish Bible but especially the priestly code (the youngest scripture therein). In ancient times treasuries were kept in temples. It is unthinkable for most Westerns to suppose one’s trusty government is thoroughly not.

So after crazy conspiracy thoughts, I again think the video stream was very likely live with live bullets. Again, I leave it up to technical wizards familiar with the technology used to evaluate my hypothesis. If you are on good terms with technical wizard Vox Day, ask him.

Take care,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 March 2019


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to I Can Explain the Vanishing Casings

  1. Your theory is the best-developed one I’ve seen so far. I will post updates if I get new information on the technical details of green-screen tricks.

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