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Solipsism in the Gravy Swoll Wild

The difference between a recession and a depression is that a recession happens when your neighbor loses his job and a depression happens when you lose yours. Today there was a mass shooting at Virginia Beach, Virginia, US, in a … Continue reading

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You Death-Cult White Apes Can’t Handle the Truth

My Genglish, genius English by regression, gets to the core of our lives. That is why I am laughed off as a loon, buffoon, whatever. We humans are so not equal it makes most captivity-bred white men afraid to discover … Continue reading

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The Only Job Americans Really Won’t Do

A critically important motto of the alt-right is ‘Never punch right.’ Left-right is of course a simplistic notion, the axis of our Lords’ political theatre. However, the truth of our motto deserves critical examination if our very lives are worth … Continue reading

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The Lowest Parasite Is a Producer

PA and the rest of you emotives on the right, why wrestle with a pig? Pigs are incapable of higher, cleaner social behavior. You emote the same shit over and over. You could just delete and block this troll, PA. … Continue reading

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Rose-colored Glasses

@Jay said, “[CH] to Ron Unz…. Once that happens he is untouchable (for the most part) by TPTB.” That sparks this response here to anyone. I don’t think you religious folks (and younger people) know what you are up against. … Continue reading

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