You Death-Cult White Apes Can’t Handle the Truth

My Genglish, genius English by regression, gets to the core of our lives. That is why I am laughed off as a loon, buffoon, whatever. We humans are so not equal it makes most captivity-bred white men afraid to discover it. Afraid of having supremacy on earth, to wit survival and possession of the source of human rights. Imagine your life unencumbered by ugly supremacy. You would be told what to do. Soon enough you would be told to simply die like a good degenerate white ape. If they need your help to kill you, how inferior are you? How inferior would you be if only you had the guts to compete in this contest?

If you dismiss my comments or posts in general, you are not afraid of the truth. It’s me, not you. Granted, there is strength in numbers, but is that a strength for you or against you? How gloriously average are you? Can you live in herd harmony without being emasculated, dehumanized?

I do not want to impose the fecal excellence of San Fransicko on the rest of the United Soviet States tax farm? Are you afraid to question your identity and beliefs after being raised by a village of subhumans? Meiosis is scatter-shot evolution, up, down, and sideways. If your family and peers never understand you, does that mean there is necessarily something wrong with you for being in the minority? It must be so because conquest is morally wrong. Absolutely, it is. Hold on to that, pure soul. Civilization is not the displacement of the uncivilized any more than the destruction of civilization is the displacement of the civilized. Peoples are not defined respectively by cultures, and peoples are not meta organisms seeking limited resources.

No. Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself without regard to thy mortal self. Don’t be a coward about it. Turn away from the bloomin’ obvious, from the sacred elephant in the room that loves you, gives you something to be that is greater than yourself. Deny your sinful mortal flesh. We know from the tasty fruits of decline dispensed from above that we are all the childrenz of the (((true gawd))) as surely as we all bleed the same, all have needs the same, all would do the right thing if only something or other were fair. Edumicazon is dah answer!

Don’t look for functional, causal fundamentals of your social world. Its science is settled for you. Science is by definition faith and the absence of general inquiry. Gravy train support is love. Atlas should never shrug. My words are the ramblings of a madman. A cinematic denouement of bygone Hollywood is no allegory of your debt-ridden, like a rented mule, life right now. You won’t accept it. Extermination of the West is better than unleashing your self-interested animal within. You might make a mistake and be judged. Something could go wrong if you make choices to serve yourself at the expense of others. We would let you screw things up by always agreeing with you. The last thing you should do is impact the future with your selfish wants.

“Damn you all to hell.”

How scary is all this? So scary Robert Mueller is afraid that the state power given to him will become his petard. His voice was very shaky at his press conference today. There are three elements to that read speech on paper:

  1. The United States Government has moral authority, based on the presumption of innocence without proof to the contrary, and is beyond question (by us plebs),
  2. he, Mueller, will NOT testify before Congress and his testimony is exactly the Mueller report that the Congress libtards have angrily deemed grossly inadequate, and
  3. his report and its related investigation does NOT clear President Trump (an obvious show of concessionary support to the libtards that gave this Gollum Mewler his ring of power).

Most importantly, Mueller’s voice was shaky, scared shaky. He knows the power of the ring, of the subhuman coalition festering throughout long-lived U.S. Government institution. He knows that Congress can lie but those formally questioned will be deemed illegal liars to Congress if they answer with inadequate solidarity or potential future value. The vultures are hungry. The spoils pool is shrinking as any Ponzi scheme must have it. He knows how easy it would be for them to do to him what he has done to others by the same power he abused for his personal benefit of jollies or peer appeasement. I told you the Left coalition would have to eat within itself eventually: “Black Swan: Izz Told Ya Sow.”

Glibness about how we are winning from the slightest battle success is, ultimately, the same cowardice described supra. The gravy train is still enforced on your back and mine. The EU elections of last week, European style, ending Sunday, prove nothing. Being within the enemy’s house is to lose. You cucks don’t know what winning is. You cucks might never know. If genetic, I wish the white gene pool all the best, necessarily without you. Die happy, friends of all, but just go already. I’d actually like to live and to win, and you useful idiots are ostracizing me out of existence before taking your final curtain call. You first!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 May 2019

[30 May 2019] P.S.

Let’s rack up some expressions of white-ape cowardice:

  1. [30 May 2019] From Hardscrabble Farmer,“American Chernobyl,” dated 30 May 2019:

    The populations are keenly aware that they are being misled, but are powerless—in their minds—to do anything about it. The problem of course isn’t that the populations fail to believe the lies, but that the elites of both systems have chosen falsehoods as their basic premise for rule.

    Need I point out that the populations cannot both be keenly aware of being mislead and believe the lies? Woops, my bad: I revise that initial straight-forward interpretation that motivated this commentary. I now think instead he is supposing the populations actually don’t believe the lies as the elites would like them/us to do. Parasites believe any principles of social order? Ha!, and they are half the ‘populations’. The other virtual half says, “Thank you for your service.”

    Where was this keen awareness when the subversion of our Western ways of life began? How many people do you know in real life with this keen awareness and how many do you know who don’t have it? Oh, that one Russian soldier is a comrade. See, this is Jesus in toast! I knew it!

    I think this writer is grasping for universal human value that does not exist and blaming the smallest fraction of humanity that fits his narrative. Jewish social engineering is the best. We do what women tell us to do for Christ’s sake!

  2. [31 May 2019] From Dalrock’s comment on Il Deplorevolissimo’s comment on “Dalrock’s Taking things too far,” dated 30 May 2019:

    Dalrock says:
    May 30, 2019 at 1:54 pm

    @Il Deplorevolissimo

    Imagine how the average man would respond if he were able to spend his 20s banging 8s to 10s and then had to settle for a 4-6 in his 30s. That is why we are now at a point where the alphas need to be brought to heel with the threat of state violence if they don’t stop plowing through the female population.

    This is why we are trapped on the island.

    The trolls are of late and from here on out a credible danger to us, so take any calls for anything that would trigger your master’s punishment if scrutinized as potential provocateur trolling. Suppose it’s not. The deference to the state is the important point. Everybody knows that women are attracted to men who don’t handle their problems. The state functionaries have different ideas on what the problems are.

    Just when you thought I had identified the cuckoldry and that was it. Remember the saying ‘Bros before hoes’. As I have written somewhere, if you want to be head of your family, if you as a more civilized man what to be free, you need to be part of a patriarchy.

    Some men are alpha and some men are beta, but all betrayal enablers are betrayal enablers, the worst enemy. The solution to defeat requires besting all antithetical nemesis men not only some kind of them. Funny how being right can be so wrong by isolation, like every twisted phrase in any popular scripture. Here is an even greater cuck, this one pointing the wrong way, with the cowardly ubiquitous handle name, laying down the Red Pill truth that we should blame women’s failed humanity:

    Anon says:
    May 30, 2019 at 2:21 pm

    Il Deploro,

    That is why we are now at a point where the alphas need to be brought to heel with the threat of state violence if they don’t stop plowing through the female population.

    Again, you are blaming men, not women. That is just the blue-pill cuckservative position.

    Part of the reason there is so much single motherhood in America is that cuckservative passed laws to incentivize this, since they are 100% convinced that out-of-wedlock pregnancies only happen because of bad men.

    Don’t be a cuckservative.

    If you condescendingly preach under the handle Anon, you might be a cuckservative. The Red Pill has really jumped the shark, hasn’t it? It makes sense that CH transitioned to the WN issue years ago. Can’t shine a turd. Let the white gene pool burn.

    You Christcucks are so mesmerized by the Jew-on-a-stick trope. Your ilk is an anticlimactic sacrifice to the world your kind so dutifully helped to create by aping a minority of real men you once emulated and served. Now you have better Christcuck options. Meanwhile, the Peter Paul Strzok II’s of this subhumans’ paradise bang the women on your dime and leave behind female dregs ever more refined.

    The commentary on the propriety of violins in orchestras continues on the Dalrock thread. I believe the subject is newly breached there, a good sign me thinks.

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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