Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

The Vox Popoli post “Reprehensibly stupid,” dated 18 June 2019 is itself reprehensibly stupid. It enrages me that high-IQ arrogance would righteously lead men to their pointless dooms, would promote more pointless suffering. It is this arrogance about destroying the individual as an individual that especially enrages me. Mere existence is not enough for a real man, for an actual human being. There is the question of quality.

Therefore, in this world of limited resources including true human beings for fellowship, there is the question of control. We are NOT in control of the future earth’s planetary system you dumb fucks! We are not even in control of today’s earth’s planetary system. More moreover, the earth system is part of a star system that is part of a galactic system that is part of a universe that we know we cannot fully observe. And you know what’s right for us and the collective future I can never experience or observe?

I will mock and call it a day.

His Vox-ness writes: “I’m certainly considerably smarter than he is.”

How does that prove your answer to bind us all is correct? We live in a very complex spacetime system that even Voxy can’t predict with any advantageous specificity, but less so long-run certitude. I defer for further development that point of epistemology pitting complexity of the universe confounded by constant human lying against each man’s quest for useful truth with only his human mind under constant attack vis-à-vis Voxy’s dumbass commentariate brigade.

It is a plain fact that low-IQ people and virtually all people are conformists, that virtually all leaders lead from behind for the perks of office. What is certainly not evident to those of you who are stupider than me, and is easy enough to overlook for most of us, is that very high-IQ people disagree greatly. The logic machines of humans, roughly our cerebral cortices, typically fabricate giant intellectual distances much more than verify truthful intellectual direction. That propensity is primitive self-interest: its expression lacks civilized cooperation, social reciprocity, and dynamic social stability. There is no convergence of high-IQ people to The Truth. Why? Because high IQ is NOT the end all and be all of intelligence in general but most precisely of wisdom. You dumbasses look for truth in old human (((writing))) and debate anything not actually a part of your life except by your imaginations!

If your faith is strong and your G-d is so omnipotent, why must you put a responsibility to suffer on the backs on MGTOW white men? What is cause and what is effect? Why is through this culling fire of decline, meaning downward to cleansing collapse, our prerequisite only hope, not the only way forward? You would ask nature’s evolutionary process to kindly desist for you?

His Vox-ness says in the stream (1:07): “What’s the matter with men who are in fear and in despair not unreasonable because of the current situation. Well, let’s point out the first thing. Fear is intrinsically bad. Despair is intrinsically wrong. …[blah, blah, woman’s disingenuous salve, blah, blah.]…. The argument is invariably full of lies. It’s invariably wrong. [Easier to assert than to show, hmm.] Every woman is not…[blah, blah, blah, but all thanks to men being in charge not thanks to female nature. Do you see that azure sky? It proves my G-d and my Truth.]”

Nice absolutes. If fear is intrinsically bad, then why come to Jesus? Why sell hell? If despair is intrinsically bad, then why buy exogenous salvation with your natural life? Statistically, Western marriage is only working for the rich and powerful. The legal construct marriage is controlled by the enemy. If making white children now is the point, why not fornicate as much as possible and use the r-strategy? The K-strategy is not viable for the MGTOW men you are targeting with your psychological abuse. Fuck you! The genes place some limits on us, which is why birds should not conform to live as fish.

Any sane strategy must account for not only the individual who would execute it but the almighty institutional gravy train and the necessity of escaping its assault and ultimately outliving it to win back civilized existance, whether considered individually or as a group. The correct metaphor is the frog in the water in the pot on the stove being slowing heated. There is survival for targets of culture war and white genocide that contort themselves into a peaceful, conformist solution. You don’t know what it takes to be a man. I agree with Brenton Tarrant’s idea of ‘accelerationism’.

You are afraid to think about ever being a man. Feet of clay. Women are not attracted to men who will not violently assert themselves, and why should they? What value does a feckless man have? Passive nerds that make better mouse traps are not exactly feckless in a functioning civilization, put passive nerds enjoy the fruits their kind they did not plant. Feet of clay. Animal is NOT optional. The tree of liberty knows it has not been fertilized. Roots are the foundation, not the branches or the awareness ribbons strewn on them. The foundation problem cannot be schemed away at higher levels, all the way up to 7th (((heaven))).

That which does not kill the Western white man will make him stronger. Cultural atrophy kills. Institutional supremacy in the West for many generations has made men like you soft in the head. Slavic men don’t suffer the same predilection to debate like an angry shrew to gain the psychological abuse of others. You dumbasses suffer in the image of Christ. How dare you require fodder to insulate yourselves from the Cross and claim you devout bona fides! Go to the cross yourselves now! Prove your belief! You just want power on earth like every other organism, but you are not human enough to do it in a patriarchal brotherhood, you abject shit!

You vermin deny science. YOU DEMONSTRABLY DENY EVOLUTION! And yet…

From commenter Stg58/Animal Mother: “What happened if all men went their own way? To the human race, I mean.”

That stupid comment is a strawman perversion of argumentum ad absurdum. The human race is not going to die because in a time of extreme global strife with 8 billion people on earth some white men of the West will not marry or will not impregnate white women. You dumbasses should keep reproduction and marriage separate in your arguments, but clarity is your enemy not your friend. There is ebb and flow to life, ups and downs. This might not be the season to reproduce. Why is hedging our bets with more than one strategy bad? Do you care about others enough to leave them unmolested, or must you always control and signal?

I think things must get worse for things to get better for someone, whoever survives this genocidal conflict. Removing you cucks from the white gene pool appears to me to be a prerequisite to a next Western civilization. You cucks will never learn. I’ve so tried for more than half a decade. You are genetically incapable of objective reality and wisdom. Oh, the irony if your betters survive long enough to breed in wide open spaces free of institutional control. If the men who wisely choose withdrawal die off but you live by courageous suffering to have a legacy, perhaps it will be the odd rationalist of your posterity that with good timing will withdrawal and survive and inherit the cleansed battle field.

In short, declines don’t last forever and going long has a bottom, duh. The bottom will come as surely as you are reactive and conformant. You just wish for others to believe you are not reactive and conformant. Damn bitches. Fucking excuses for men. You would not be possible without government picking winners and losers, and all useful idiots become useless eaters. Your type’s fate was sealed before you were conceived, in the womb I mean.

Evolution is a greedy algorithm and withdraw during this attrition phase will be and is the best strategy for many of us. We lack means. Your words are not means. You cucks are not means but burdens. Note that best is not necessarily adequate, so don’t hear what I didn’t say. Waaa, but I wanna win my way, waaah! We must win! You do not define your menu. We are being killed and have been in this trap to do it for all our lives.

Timing the advantageous isolation is the better part of the trick to winning, again for the targeted white man with limited means and political power, which glosses over the little things in life to be won and enjoyed without prejudice. Your almighty group winning depends on what happens next, next, next, still waiting, and you dumbasses are no experts on what will happen any more than MGTOWS. MGTOWS are experts on their living experiences and living their lives. They occupy their own bodies, not you. They don’t owe you. You also like planting the seeds of debt slavery. You just call it evil and sin, starring opposite more substantial debt slavery you ultimately accept and even work with as a lap dog seeking praise.

From jarheadljh: “But, MGTOW ISN’T survival. MGTOW is gene-death. As far as survival adaptations go, that’s right up there with antlers that are too big for a deer to lift it’s head to eat.”

Way to conform, virtuous herd animal. What signaling you have!

Gene death? Are we to be ruled by our genes! Why not our loins too?! Isn’t that science-y and evolution-y?

No, G-d saves! It is the higher things that save not the lower things, unless it serves your manipulative Truth, one of the expediently fashioned many.

No one can definitively predict the future or the best strategy for a particular objective. But get this, we don’t have the same particular objective to begin with! Organisms like you and me are distinct! Genes are not sentient, not gods to be served, and are not the individuals to which they respectively belong. If we are merely our genes, then education is impossible, and so is indoctrination and proselyting, but clearly you subhumans believe in indoctrination and proselyting.

I know you believe buying freedom comic books and praising the three-headed (((G-d))) is all you need to be guaranteed a winner. I hope you wonderful advocates of G-d’s love will cling to you sycophantic, paper-tiger faith and consummate your extermination from my gene pool. What graphics and ad copy you trade online!

Rational genes are about emotions as much as intelligence. That is the future for European whites or there is no future for European whites. European whites are not the best pure savages. White men will get back to their core competencies of being rational, dangerous, and self-importantly constructive, or they have no right to exist at all. My way was always the right way in the long run, but my life is a short run. I could not have been more wrong than to attribute humanity and human decency to you dumbasses left, right, and alt-right. Fuck you.

Gene death. lol Many are called, and con men co-opt the processes and phenomena of nature to attribute symbolism and meaning that is pure fabrication. You dumbasses shop for the best narrative to salve your weakness and cultivate greater weakness in dependent comrades. How are you, Hegelian scum, not the Left? You argue from domesticated fear and genetically mental weakness. Fuck you. Even Libtardfa is better than you, and they, like you, are killing those who are necessary for their group success. Culture is created and maintained by a process of individual violence and cooperation. It requires dissent because we are evolutionary threads in an evolutionary process. At least Libtardfa will fight and feel their own testosterone during social conflict. They have a experiential familiarity with the truth of their animal masculinity, a gateway into knowing their being. For it they live closer than Christcucks, Voxcucks, all the narrative cucks to the truth of our lives in this world, and they are hopelessly lost.

I will tell you men something a bit more profound than Seraph’s best line from the movie Matrix Reloaded. You do not truly know yourself until you fight someone. This ain’t heaven. MGTOW is the correct strategy for many white men right now except for the hyperbole. This collective shit is the problem not the solution. We don’t need to restore power of the base herd: we need to be rid of the base herd. We need to get out of the Left’s way of destroying itself as it seeks to destroy all domestic otherness. We need to get out of the Hegelian Right’s way too. Orthodox and alternative cucks are the same difference. Let them destroy themselves. If, dear MGTOWS and other wise men who withdraw into the social or real woods, you find yourself alive and functional when in the aftermath it is time to be fruitful and multiply, you hit that shit like a Big G.


Luck is what we all need. All that is certain is a culling is calling. All that is certain is that life is not fair, and that Daddy Vox knows what’s best for you. I hate to say this: the Manosphere has jumped the shark. The professional government trolls and Deep State operatives are, I believe, working through the dissident Blogosphere. The correct historic exemplar to inform us about domestic affairs is the Spanish Inquisition and the 80-year Dutch War for Independence. There are other important dimensions to put in the light of historic example. The migratory upheaval with the collapse of the Bronze Age is one. The lockstep suicide of the Jim Jones faithful by grape Kool Aid is another. For better human beings a cult narrative is actually dehumanizing. Good riddance. No one reproduced better than Genghis Khan, and we know what his best things in life are. I’m sure Genghis was some sort of Christian because only a righteous man could be so blessed.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 June 2019

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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12 Responses to Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Funny you mention Genghis Khan being Christian. His earliest and strongest supporters were a Christian clan of Mongols, and they provided him with influential wives.

  2. Craig says:

    Vox pretty much demonstrated in that post he doesn’t know jack fucking shit about the SMP in the current year, much less back when his Alpha Game Plan blog was still up. All this talk of gamma and secret kings was pure projection.

  3. Craig says:

    I’m not sure what Vox is hoping to accomplish with this stunt he is pulling. Maybe he just wants to see how far his so-called alpha cred goes? Alpha can’t stay alpha forever. There is always someone out there who is hungrier and more willing to do what needs to be done.

  4. Craig says:

    Vox says, “All MGTOW are whiney quitters.” says the motherfucker who ex-pat to Italy because he couldn’t hack it here in the US.

    • ^^^this^^^

      Interestingly, Cappy Cap just did a podcast about giving up on women as the sane choice in the United States and similar, and he previously ripped on MGTOWs, the ones who “couldn’t get laid”. Guys who don’t do the PUA field work (I don’t mean to the point of sex closing mastery but merely reducing sexual repulsion and getting IOIs like never before and having first conversations where for a while the potential for sex is not ruled out), who don’t go into the trenches and see the same shit female behavior like clockwork, have no fucking idea about women. I’m a fan of Aaron, but he is no expert on women.

      He and Eric von Vox certainly are better with making $$$ than I am. Their results with women can’t be worse than mine and are presumably much better. But doing and understanding are two different things. Women have the power and the doing in heterosexual relationships now.

      I would have been very successful if only so and soes were not such vicious blue pill peddlers in my youth. I believe men with eyes wide open (not wide shut, movie reference) will get the upper hand and never look back for 100 or 500 years. The concrete instruction to come, if survived, will be palpable motivation for generations and mythos motivation for generations after that. I pray for a very fast time table and very good fortune, not that I will be the lucky bastard with incredible freedom to utilize resources. Fate, a fickle mistress she is.

      I think Vox is, like Roosh, a great marketeer. I think that is what he is doing. I am hoping to and aspiring to become a great marketeer myself. The social rules are women’s rules until SHTF. Popularity is resource availability, sad but true. Lie to the masses. They demand it.

      • Craig says:

        Oh I’ve been giving Cappy grief for every one of his blatantly hypocritical “virginTOW” posts. He just never publishes my comments because I put too much hate in my words. Sticks and stones and words brings them all down eventually.

  5. Craig says:

    I guess it was inevitable that tradcucks would align themselves with feminists. But I’m glad they are finally outing themselves. I feel like we are living in the times of The Women’s Christian Temperance Suffragists Union all over again. I feel better that there were a fair amount of MGTOW respondents pushing back to Vox’s video on youtube. It gives a me a sense of hope that the reset is coming.

  6. Craig says:

    Vox’s best retort is saying, “MGTOW is all liars.” I really do question his so-called 2SD intellect. Like most self proclaimed elitists, he insulates himself from the real world so much, all he has is his echo chamber of lickspittle sycophants. I want to feel sorry for him, but I can’t. I just can’t.

    • Craig, I’m not emotionally attached to massive blame handily condensed onto one person or another in the alt-right. Please rein in your commenting. That’s enough inflammatory vilification for this comment thread.

      Are you a government agent provocator? Am I supposed to snap for you, or have you actually lost your basis in reality? The cardinal rule is to not punch right. Critical analysis is not cult ideology. I need not go into detail to criticized pundits that have no intellectual value whatsoever. How many people in this world swear they are correct about social rectitude for others and are completely wrong? That’s right, too damn many, and plenty who are nothing if not contemptible. Vox P. and Cappy provide me some value, are much better men than most, and are in many respects admirable.

      I criticized a specific message from Vox P, but I did not condemn every message he has ever made or could ever make. I need like-minded people, and it so happens that Vox P. is relatively close to my perspective, close enough to bridge with argument. I have no common ground with most pundits and most opinionated people. I have no interest in emotional attachment to how horrible the world is. Inner game teaches the capacity to socially connect and disconnect for personal advantages to include mental health. Maybe you should do some field work and see? We all face the imposition of the ego-cleansing “Emotional Rubicon,” whichever way we choose.

  7. Craig says:

    “Are you a government agent provocator? Am I supposed to snap for you, or have you actually lost your basis in reality? ”
    No, and no. I’m just a slightly unhinged nobody who reads your blog in this obscure corner of the web who coincidently reads in the similar circles as you. I have a copy of Roosh’s Bang. I stopped reading at the point of him saying, “I have to spend about three to four hours in a bar or club just to get 10 approaches.” I don’t have that kind of disposable time or income, most normal working men don’t either. Plus, Yes Means Yes laws killed PUA back in 2016 and #metoo put the final nail in the coffin of relations between the sexes back in 2017. And these self professed gurus like Clarey and Vox still spout the same tradcuck bullshit like nothing happened. Sure they might have something interesting to say once in awhile, but ultimately they are frauds. I said piece. I won’t bother you again, doug.

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