Americans Exterminate Their Sanity and Cheer

Welcome to your news feed. We filter the news for each other. Less bloat, more value. The information diet is key. The sweet propaganda is designed to destroy you. Chronic stress is slow death. Challenging the order’s monopoly of thuggery is quick. Stop caring about salvation of the unsalvagable.

And so I was listening to a controlled-opposition right-wing talker. All he can do is make fun of libtards, running the table for the last 50 plus years, and enjoy his 9 or 18 rounds of golf each week. The status quo is good enough for him, as is cuckservative narrative clothing for a domineering subconscious herd instinct.

Can you believe that a cuckservative would mock E. Jean Carroll as nuts?

As if you didn’t know, she is the newest accuser of President Trump’s invalidity. The compassionate white public is supposed to bend over more helpfully still by caring more about ‘doing the right thing’.

What you may have missed for all the stupidity in charge is the truth. I make four points:

  1. Narrative hucksters do lots of ‘ehmm’ and ‘aeh’ when they don’t have a canned narrative to work with, the Obuma speech pattern libtards found so presidential vis-à-vis Dubya Bush.
  2. Anderson Cooper stopped the interview because he cares about manipulating old-normal public compassion for his malicious agenda.
  3. One of the very last vestiges of Western sanity, the mind of E. Jean Carroll, was just destroyed by Anderson Cooper et al.
  4. The brainwashed masses have been trained too well.

Carroll: “The word ‘rape’ carries so many sexual connotations, this was not s—, this was not sexual. It just, it. It hurt. You know.”

Cooper: “I think most people think, rape—aeh—I mean, as a violent assault.”


Cooper: “Let’s take a short break—”

Carroll: “Think of the fantasies.”

Cooper: “Umm-huh. We’r—j—just gonna take a shor— quick break. If you could stick around, we’ll talk more on the other side.”

* The only think Carroll said with energized conviction, and the conceptual element that triggered Cooper’s censorship.

If we ever needed proof that the libtard MSM is concerned with grabbing power through mind games rather than exposing truth for public consideration, this is it. What the general public thinks is the key to libtard power. To get public opinion more to his liking, abusers such as Cooper tell us what we think as theatrical instruction.

The public thinking rape is sexy, like power is sexy, like Hollywood and MSM television has portrayed animalistic sex and violence as the bee’s knees, is not the proper belief in the context of politics and attacking Donald Trump. Donald Trump and in fact white Western patriarchs of yore are decidedly NOT to be thought of as sexy. Obviously, women want to be ‘raped’ by the man who can ‘own’ her, and by definition the man that ‘owns’ her can’t rape his own property and does have the premium wild alpha sperm that all women crave.

This older woman demonstrated an audacious autonomy to know her own instincts and to know the nature of the great libtard unwashed, even the great cuckservative unwashed. All those sheep dogs want to kill for the fun of animal manhood jollies and for the officially sanctioned competitive advantage with the home pussy. Talk show pundits of the Hegelian right will call her crazy because they are narrative hucksters too. One hand washes the other.

Rape is sexual and rape by a powerful man who can’t be punished for it is the epitome of sexy because it is the epitome of sexual success. Think of how costly it is to court some used bitch, commit your very health and vitality to her, and face her ugly side in the court of an enemy that would rather see you dead. The state chooses winner and losers, who breeds and who recedes. Women want not a winner but The Winner. I remind you of the Sexy Son Theory. What woman does not want her genes to be spread far and wide by Chad Winner Jr. You think Genghis Khan actually had to force himself on women once the bodies of the men she knew were so much fertilizer? Do lionesses mate with lions that kill their cubs sired by the previous pride ownership?

The libtard public is gaining power to set policy. As I reported previously, they stopped Google in 2018 from creating a Chinese search engine to control the Chinese. The conflict in the Google machine continues. The employees are policing the employer!: “Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search,” dated 04 March 2019 by Ryan Gallagher. Today, with AOC cheerleading, 500+ employees of furniture maker Wayfair seem to be dictating what orders the Boston-based company can take and what may be done with the proceeds!

They. Don’t. Care. About. Non-Animal. Reality.

They are animals that care about rank status in the herd, and the herd is defined by one omnipotent narrative. That is what happens when subhumans are embraced as fully human equals. Their brain stems are connected into an organic cybernetic beast hell bent on enforcing their narrative power for the sake of the narrative itself. Stewardship is not a concept of the autonomic brain stem. Wild animals take the supply of resources as a given that can’t be managed. Only relative rank can be managed in a zero-sum game of life and death. Needless to say, their anti-stewardship is killing us, but then their masters are for us no different as policy makers.

Why should they be? One birthed the other.

Today’s history lesson is the creation of the Mamluk Empire. The corruption of dependency came due in the person of Al-Muazzam Turanshah. The pets of the Democrats, the Establishment, the Left, are in chronological order of first major application: women (c. 1910s), blacks (c. 1950s), Mexicans (c. 1960s), Muslims (c. 2010s). Note the functional escalation from the Yin of white women to the Yang of Team Muslim. Both state-sponsored women and Muslims ply terrorism to gain compliance, but they are very different in how they terrorize and capitalize. The trend of Yin to Yang includes a trend from parasitic dependency to antithetical incompatibility.

Men compete for women. Cooperation can be a competitive advantage, and the Left threw it way. Conquering men earn sex. It is natural. It is not immoral. It just is, and the vagina knows IT IS.

E. Jean Carroll is the sullied product of old-normal America. The overwhelming bleeting of the stupid masses left and right is enough to make any American with a shred of human decency isolated and mentally unhinged. The social environment is made to order by subhumans. Success breed social norms. Base humans cannot be dehumanized. The decline is about human breeding not human degradation. Jean Carroll has been holding onto a glimmer of sanity, an anchor in reality. She is a woman, and I question how and if a women can in fact be psychologically abused or have mental issues. Her interview with homoglobo persona Anderson Cooper, aired 25 June 2019, makes me think that in rare instances a woman can be pushed over the edge mentally.

If she is crazy as American women go, why is that not her mark of excellence? If she is driven mad by the madness of clown world, why is that not a testament to her human worth? What exactly do we expect of a liberated women? What options does Carroll have? What options do you have?

Jean Carroll and other old, non-elite white women are exhausted pets of the Democrat Party, as is black America. They served their purpose. So did Nancy Pelosi. They got the ball rolling. The coup de grâce belongs to foreign men. The winnings will belong to foreign men. E. Jean Carroll would like to be relevant again. She’s not, but neither am I nor are you. A last vestige of white-man decency died overnight. Nancy Pelosi will squawk incessantly and effectively for a spell more. We now return you to your scheduled patriotic, imperial orthodoxy.

Rape Is NOT Sexy
Men Lack Cooperation
Narrative Is Reality

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 June 2019

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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