Officially Culturally Dead

White America is officially moribund and irrelevant. I blogged about this some time ago. Today, we have reached a milestone. Black America no longer respects the power of White America as a standard or an adversary. We are no longer relevant to the power struggle in this so-called country the United States of America.

Today, Black America turns its ire against Jewish America, and they retain the self-directed warrior spirit. I mean a fucking machete. That’s down with the struggle. One guy with a gun and you’re toast. Today, it seems that Jews are turning away from their whitey Deconstructionism to see the 10% whitey Afrobulls that are pissed, what’s new, but at them! I never saw that one coming. Why would they come to such a conclusion?

The first half of that answer is because they see whitey as finished. Their law-of-the-jungle eyes are not incorrect at the law-of-the-jungle view any more than women are incorrect in their animal wiles. There is a battle for this land and the sovereignty over it, and the Western white man is IR-REL-E-VANT.

Terry Nichols rots in jail. The man who would teach Black America to be oreo rots in jail. A Jap sniper gets his retirement. La Khunt and O’Shoulders live the life. Millions of ‘I voted’ stickers will be made in 2020 at taxpayers’ expense. A million times will a white man say ‘thank you, for your service’ to the overhead men who deny him access to vagina or a life of human dignity.

Conflict is wrong of course. Turn those butt cheeks of your perfunctory sons, White America. Beggars are not choosers. Nay, domesticated animals always, always pay their masters in full. The free rides for the early whitey defectors are long gone. You never had a choice like a generation or two before you did. Pay the fuck up. Trump will not be president for ever, and it doesn’t much matter that he is now. Time favors the Left in their myopic goal.

The cost of avoiding conflict at all costs is more than you can afford, White America. You weren’t grandfathered into this useful idiot subsidy program, a loss leader, and the bill is past due, in perpetuity. No worries. They don’t want your labor output. lol

Feel it in your hide and in your bones. You are paying today as surely as I am. Put a smile on it. That’s what all the liberated white women do. Some kill themselves and their children during the joyous holiday season, with all that joy in their emancipated, careerist lives ‘n all. Can a woman’s narrative pretenses go too far for her to bear? Are her instinctive thespian skills not infinite past 30?

I’m just clowning world around. It’s all good. This is only a lost, childless man’s catharsis. A meaningful analysis would have to consider the chances of the invading foreign element. Putin, help!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 December 2019

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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