State of the Joonion

I need to vent for no reasonable reason. My life would be a tragedy if it were not for the deadened depths of irrelevance. These are my thoughts on the state of the US Empire:

  1. The US Empire is moribund. The white man culture that made it work is gone. I can hardly find an agreeable opinion online at the ‘best’ of sites. White men are down bred into domesticated nothingness. I can’t socialize my way out of a wet paper bag.
  2. The US Empire is predominantly an elitist Jewish tool. The emergence of Jewish domination is plain. I don’t mean influence, I mean control. The US Empire may be terminal as desired, but it is still unstoppable and useful. I don’t see a booming American economy for me or for white men. What I do see is President Trump, Ivanka, and Jared (((Kushner))) exporting Western decadence and emasculation to the Middle East after a convenient coup that put Muhammad bin Salmon in power as the Crown Prince right after the newly minted President Trump made a bee line for Saudi Arabia. A puppet government since forever remade. I suspect the last geopolitical mission for the US Empire is to take down any powerful nation or people not Israel. I think that means China and the Middle East.
  3. Communist China and California are fucked by the policies ostensibly regarding coronavirus. We can’t take the reports of the coronavirus seriously and be sure coronavirus is a plague, but it is a pretext to detain and subjugate at a whole new level around the world. That is the real mission of the WHO. If I recall correctly, George Soros has ties with Communist China. They are afforded US Government and corporate intellectual property by what would be illegal means for the rest of us, e.g. Los Alamos National Laboratory and (((Diane Swinestein’s))) Chinese chauffeur. Their police-state laboratory does not go unnoticed any more than the premeditated and analyzed Charlottesville Riots of 12 August 2017. The Los Vegas Shooting of 01 October 2017 is a complete mystery only the spooks know. The Chinese crackdown may be planned, which would make it offensive, or it could be unplanned and therefore defensive. We will know with hindsight by the end of the year. The commies are up to their eyeballs in globalist financing leverages. If the trade war took a dent out of California’s economy, imagine what the complete shutdown of trade with China will do. If you ever wonder what holds up the economy of California run by shitheads, it’s the flow of Chinese goods and investments into California. I predict a surge in deaths in California by year’s end  caused by violence and starvation and other diseases more than coronovirus. An economy runs on humans not manipulative accountants, and the human foundation is destroyed. This economic starvation will expose the truth of subhuman and subpar governance in California. A collapse of regimes in China and California is not impossible in 2020. Taiwan is in the cross-hairs. If the US Empire collapses first, they lose the revolutionary war still fought by patience. If the Chi-coms collapse first, the Taiwanese win a massive amount of land and elevated status.
  4. The US homeland is dominated by Jewish America. I don’t think all Jews are elitists like they popularly style themselves among themselves, but they sure do make a natural administrative class of the NWO. As we have seen, black Americans seem to be turning their natural savage anger away from moribund white American to Jewish America. There is a growing tectonic pressure for a pogrom. We can all feel it. Jews won’t stop. They are the original jihadists: Islam is a reinterpretation of Judaism made for masculine savages. A certain murder and rape by the Sword of Islam is legendary. Opposite Trump as the Republican nomination for president in 2020 are two white male Jews who would gladly subjugate Americans en mass to a record low if not outright destroy the current American system. Bernie supporters are downright paramilitary thugs who, perhaps ironically, vandalized political offices of the other leading Jew. I see in hindsight that electing JFK to the presidency was a hostile milestone of aliens, for he was a Catholic. The cultural cohesion has slipped to the point that an Islamic-minded mulatto down with the struggle without the genetic bona fides became a maximum terms president, and now the Democrats are likely to be lead by either of two Jews, very likely a Bolshevik revolutionary that the Establishment fears and otherwise an elitist financier the elites do not fear. I fear all of the above, but I welcome these developments because anything to derail this status quo decline ASAP suites me. Frog. Water. Pot. Stove. I am losing precious time in a miserable fashion.
  5. American white Christian cuckservatives are politically irrelevant and don’t realize it. They are certain in their faith, a Jewish contrivance, but so were the Spanish conquistadors. The Dark Ages is proof that no one sucks better than white men who suck. What a fucked up race of mine. The truth is not Christianity but domestication. No matter what, they can’t live without the government with the brand name United States of America. An imaginary God is just the power behind the throne that allows cuckservatives to think they have a choice is their secular allegiance. They can’t say the socialist pledge of allegiance publicly and promptly enough. They can’t suffer for their Judaeo-Christian values too much, unless they are anti-white socialists who think they are fighting for their own future, those God damn down bred bastards. What white America needs to survive is the proud bigotry of any wild animal. Every America but white America has it.
  6. The smarter American women sense the end of their power. I hear comments by women in media that suggest their fear of political developments. From Lisa Kimmel, 27 May 2018: “To be clear: I’m supportive of #MeToo so long as justice is pursued through due process; but as I’ve witnessed first-hand, that’s not always what’s happening. If we don’t correct the current course, I firmly believe the movement will ultimately hurt – not help – women in the long run.” They want to milk the current order as long as possible. Do not serve them. Do not serve anyone without firstly and lastly serving yourself. That is the basis of sound cooperation and civilized greatness.
  7. The end of the de jure American Republic will follow two historical paradigms. The first paradigm is well-known but only superficially. What the fall of the Roman Republic shows us is that flyover country is militarily irrelevant. The police and other government officials are relatively few in number, but that disadvantage is offset by multiculturalism and domestication. The police are militarized, better trained, and better equipped than Joe Six-Pack. Likewise, the US military is better than the police. If there is a civil war, a first American Civil War if we’re honest, it will be between factions of the US military, the way Rome descended into civil war. Congress will probably be kept for symbolism until socially insipid. The second paradigm is the Spanish Inquisition. Today’s species is called Political Correctness. There will be not only violence, not only execution of dissidents and other fodder, but sadistic torture for bureaucratic jollies.

Here’s a rational woman, as far as I would suppose one can be. This won’t be entertaining. 

I wanted to find some female monologue with a tinge of fear but failed. I think you will catch a few examples if you want to see it. I think the fear will get palpable.

Let’s just enjoy ourselves such as we can.

If this blog is banned any time soon, you’ll know why. We are all illegals now. The fundamentals of human life are animal. The Law of the Jungle will never be denied. Make it your friend if you can. If you can read this, you can prepare mentally. That’s something. It may not be enough, but it is more than what 99% of the population can do. They are utterly domesticated. A few seconds can make all the difference, and correct intellectual and emotional certainty will dispel hesitation when hostile intent comes for you. Evade is the best choice, and it will remain the only choice until it just doesn’t matter. Let these dumbasses kill each other. The white American gene pool can only be cleansed by fire now. Whether anything will remain that can live without our peculiar institution is another question. The ancient Greeks and Romans are no more. Goodbye, America. You were a joke my whole life.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 February 2020

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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