I Want To Be Caustic

What a long, painful journey to realize around fifty-years-old that the masses are mental invalids who deserve absolute failure but have the means of the world’s empire at their fingertips. How pompous they are.

Who should I hate more: The Marxists deplorables who know they can’t win without government subsidy, or the Christcucks who work assiduously to include the greatest of human garbage as fellow childzren of Gawwduh?

This is the essence of black pill per commenter Paragon in November 2011, almost nine years ago: “There are no personal solutions to systemic problems.”

The black pill is liberating. It recognizes the social contract with an enemy agency is null and void. It allows a true human to jettison false honor and chase his actual potential in this world. Allegiance to the trademark USA is for domesticated animals pretending to be worthy of the forebears that took this land and made it prosperous and relatively free in the civilized sense for themselves and the people of their way of life.

Does it suck that limited resources cause reproductive conflict? Yes. Nevertheless, that’s how it is. Spirituality and other fantasy authority systems are for two-legged cattle. Not only have I never seen your Gawduh, neither have you!

Now for some logical analysis for us humans. I want you to see the mental filth you should NEVER esteem as a political brother. Here are two comments from yesterday that are really a single blathering comment by one HungarianPatriot, just another discombobulated herd animal with emotional attachment issues and no sense of history, organic cycles, and natural standards.

Comment 1:

Here’s this Ruth fuck again black pilling, encouraging people to just give up.

“Why bother… Hisssss”

Comment 2:

Look I’m not Trump’s biggest fan, I don’t think he’s Kalki, or the Second Coming or whatever. But a lot of motherfuckers don’t seem to understand how much is on the line here. If they can brazenly steal this IT’S. OVER. Very dark days ahead for the USA. For all intents and purposes Trump is the Tzar right now, thank God he’s not a wimp like Nicholas. Maybe he has a chance.

Sanpaku-eyed freaks like AOC already calling for lists of names to be compiled. Seriously, go read Solzhenitsyn if you haven’t already.

I don’t even live in the States and I care cuz I don’t want to see millions tortured to death in camps.

“I manifest myself on Earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to restablish dharma”

So fuck black pilling.

I know it’s somehow not obvious to most of you, but it’s painfully obvious to me that HungarianPatriot is a coward surrounded and defeated by an enemy that has destroyed his way of life. The mortal braggart knows it, for he wrote the text I highlighted in yellow. He has such a fucking grasp of history except women’s suffrage, central banking, gun law, emasculation, child sexualization, police supremacy, Assange, Snowden.

If? If? If they can? How many goddamn times does it take to be injured with steadily increasing viciousness by the patriotic system before one realizes it is beyond salvage and that it’s death will grant thee life? How many goddamn decades of decline under this worsening law and order before one accepts that it is a police state? It seems that erudite fringe white luminaries have been warning us for the past 100 years: Lothrop Stoddard (1883–1950), Carleton Putnam (1901–1998), Revilo Oliver (1908–1994), and Wilmot Robertson (1915–2005).

And what does this manly manlet HungarianPatriot do? He goes for the soft target, the target sanctioned by the establishment that kills him. For what? Being the messenger of what he has subconsciously rejected a thousand times out of cowardice. The illegitimate message: Pointing to the very black-pill enemy that the cuck fears and acknowledges that he fears. THE STATE and the masses.

As I wrote in my post “My Franchise Is Black Pill Patriarchy” dated 24 October 2020: “There are no secrets kept from those who acknowledge their fears.”

Do NOT carry this subhuman filth through the coming cull. We need humans who will defend the franchise of being human from those who are not. Bleeding the same is not thinking the same or adequately. Subhumans both too human and too subhuman on the evolutionary continuum don’t even recognize the teams because they can’t. Fine.

Help a righteous asshole hellbent on drowning, and he will drown you first as the villain of his holier-than-thou narrative. I want to live life my way. We get the government we deserve. I have radically reduced my we to put me in the center. Why wouldn’t you for you? How is that baaaahhhduh?

Why should I not wish to liquidate those who make my way of life impossible before they finish liquidating me? A human does not take sides in the scripted Hegelian dialectic. A human recognizes nonnegotiable threats of ceaseless decades and aspires to neutralize them. There is no hope without enough misery to eliminate millions. Gawd won’t answer the cries of domesticated sheep, but believe what you will. Empires have fallen before. It’s routine.

Sorry. We did not keep the high Western culture pure. I have team standards called my nonnegotiable standards. They were dictated to me by immutable laws of nature. Burn if ye won’t learn. Yes, HungarianPatriot, millions of people like you will die at the hands of liberated Marxists. You are vulnerable, but narrate harder. Your premises are obviously sound.

My value requires adequate reciprocity. My restraint from imposing negative value requires adequate advantage to me. The line was crossed 100 years ago, when Communist Party USA was established, when a standing U.S. military was established, when lots of things lots of times. How is self-respect nihilism, and how is nihilism hopelessness? Read a dictionary much? The one true ingredient of human rights will not be denied. Blood of the enemy is freer than free since time immemorial, but let’s you go by your rules without me.

Black-pill freedom forever, a.k.a. natural rights from mights,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 November 2020

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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