Tears Are Tactical, Still

I just spent too much time reading Laura Kipnis, “Transgression, An Elegy” with no payoff of schadenfraude. I found the essay via Will S., “Salty libertine tears”, 13 February 2021. In the inaugural comment, Will S. tells us:

I should warn, it is fairly explicit in its language, and revolting in much of what it describes, but if you enjoy seeing people like her pay the price for what they did, it’s as fun as watching TERFs rail against Ts.

The Doug is disappointed.

I read the whole essay. It is a typical female exposition except for the high IQ dressing that never delivers on the promise of a profound perspective. Her high IQ is employed only to demonstrate throughout the piece that its author has dedicated her life to being a professional ball buster in the illustrious bosom of pervert luminaries hell bent on the deconstruction of my patrimony, with total success. And what a sense of purpose that must provide!

The essay is not a logical work per se. The express logical content is only the idea that the Left has gone from iconoclast to the establishment itself, from transgressing the rules of the establishment to destroying others as transgressors of its inchoate order of convulsive jeopardy. The essay is really an emotive work, a drawn out malaise about what it means to be a veteran feminist who has ‘won’.

In plain English, our old-guard feminist is a victim. You are to deeply feel it, forever. The melancholy is striking, as if she is too worn out to cry after a lifetime of heroism. I can honestly say “Transgression, An Elegy” is better than John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath. I don’t even know what an elegy is, but what logic to select a pithy 5-letter word of such feeling.

Will S. entitled his post “Salty libertine tears”. The post to which he refers he describes as ‘explicit’ and ‘revolting’, a real mental boundaries crosser of a transgression, and, oh, yah, its fun schadenfreude if you like to go to that real dark place organized feminists use as a recreational area and white dinosaur Christcucks visit only on political reconnaissance missions that are sometimes exhilarating. Maybe they sense that their balls are nearby, somewhere in that heap on the cross-training obstacle course they got there.

It is so easy for nitwits to see what they already know and be wrong again. Am I to pick a side? I wanted to know something about the context of the Kipnis essay. In my search I found Laura Kipnis, “Women Are Furious. Now What?”. In that essay it seems that Kipnis quotes Rebecca Traister, perhaps from Good and Mad, and adds some actual insight of her own:

“Women’s anger spurs creativity and drives innovation in politics and social change, and it always has,” she writes. Stop crying when you’re angry (tears can be tactical, but they also telegraph feminine weakness), and stop trying to make your bitchy self palatable—as Traister confesses to sometimes doing, about which she can be quite droll. (“So I was funny! And playful, cheeky, ironic, knowing!”) The small problem: “Many of us who may have covered our fury in humor have occasionally found ourselves exploding.”

Laura Kipnis tells us not only that ‘tears are tactical’, but that the feminists have won so utterly that circa 2018 women’s anger was tactical. Anger is the luxury of authority. That is progress. Women are Yin. Yin destroys. That’s what it does. There is a reason why men traditionally subjugate women. Maybe that reason has been staring you in the face since March 2020.

I am all for schadenfreude if it offers value. There is no value in this false schadenfreude. Christcucks are Christcucks. Like a doe in the headlights, they never see the road and tell us the way.

We are getting our arses kicked. Broads always want more. Kipnis has invoked the victim card she wanted to invoke. Won’t some strong Christian menz come save the strong wymonz? That thought is deadly when firmly planted, still. The blue pill is chivalry, you may recall. The post “Salty libertine tears” reeks of Sir Lancelot just pining for that one last chance to be the guard dog hero.

If you read either of the aforementioned essays by Laura Kipnis, you will see, assuming you can, that feminism has been a methodical militant campaign manned by native malcontents and organized by brutal intelligence. With “Transgression, An Elegy” Kipnis has put on a clinic—again. The Will S.’s of this world just stare into the enemy headlights, see Jesus, and wait piously in the kill zone. Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember the Tom Leykis rule!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 February 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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